eep <3

I think I just realized I've fallen in love. I didn't think it was possible to happen that fast. So instead of scaring you off I'm sending out a love because I'm WAY too scared to tell you, even though you sort of might have attempted to already? How did you do this to me?

Magnetism, or maybe we were lovers in a past life? I don't know.

You're probably going to absolutely break my heart eventually and I don't even care, take it and do with it what you will, because apparently it's yours now regardless of what I have to think about the matter.

All I want right now is to jump into your arms, sit on your lap facing you to talk.. generally anything within touching distance to you so I could steal the quick and complete immediate gratification this provides me. But alas,I don't even know if we have known each other long enough for me to even feel comfortable doing such things with enough abandon to fully enjoy doing them without being self-conscious about what you're thinking about what I'm doing, so I won't.

Ahh, I'm over thinking everything and I'm thinking the chances of you being the one who likes me more is impossible, but I hope you feel the same. Because it's awesome.. although equal parts terrifying. —not sure if I want you to see this

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