Special Feeling you seek is Right Here, Right NOW.


No matter what you might be going through, remember that, hidden in every second of your experience, lies that special feeling and sensation, that Peace Beyond Mind, that ancient people called 'Heaven', 'Salvation' or 'Paradise'. It is that warm calm that seems to radiate from your bones, unstoppable once activated. Do not be scared or discouraged by what you see or hear around you. Bravely seek within for that state of feeling-realization, at all times and as often as you can, making it your first priority( watch what happens!) that connects you to Life itself, and feel the liberation inside your solar-plexus when all 'problems' dissolve. You can smile richly and warmly Right Now. Simply see that, that insanely complex world of 'problems' and 'issues' occupying the wilderness of your mind, is illusory. All you have to do is anchor your attention in the Present and all that nonsense melts away. Feel your clothes against your skin. Are there any smells or sounds around you? You will begin to feel this incredibly liberating and satisfying Life Essence that I am on about. I really hope you all make it to The Land Where The Sun Shines Forever Within. Whatever is presently troubling you, no matter how horrible it may seem, bravely find that moment within and Accept it, Surrender to it and watch it change. Evil must pass once it is embraced with Love. Dont believe or disbelieve what I am saying, trying it for yourself and see what I am talking about. —The Part-Time Alcoholic busker with the beat-up black aocustic guitar, someone who cares.


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