things I like

I like the small things in life. Running amok, sailing into the mystic, and Art Garfunkel. I like nonsensical dancing, most colors, staring at people and grapefruit juice. I like the game minesweeper. I like stopping to smell most flowers, punching the air, Pink Floyd, surf punk and pictures of sheep. I like talking about youtube videos that are about unicycles, heroic animals and pottery. I like when wild animals kill people. I like THC, LSD, MDMA and watching 24hr news. I like all large scale natural disasters, onion rings and lemon lime soda. I like believing in my self, even though i know I'm stupid. I like tits. Small, medium, large, extra large, floppy, firm, fucked up nipples. I don't discriminate. When it comes to tits at least. Every other form of discrimination I like on a case to case bases. I like taking off work boots, fishing with a friend, and lying about my name. I like listening to talk radio, and real deep base filled burps. Rock! I like some types of rock, like lime stone. I like people that are better than me, because I learn from them. I like people that i think I'm better than, because they make me feel better about myself. Paradoxically i dislike being around most people. I like all nice dogs. Who doesn't? You'd have to be a real asshole not to like a friendly dog. Ice cream? You know I like ice cream. Cupful of baking soda?... Of coarse, keeps the fridge fresh. I like whales and trying to communicate with plants. I like seeing multiple murders ....of crows. —tornado of fire


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