Trans Continental Magnetism

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You are not even in this city; you came; you saw; and you conquered the shit out of me.

We spoke for over three years, before I ever saw your face; and it was the best birthday present ever.

You have left on your journey; and I am here still; life is the same as it was before the seemingly hallucinatory 5 days we spent together... I paint, and fish, and do the activities that keep me occupied and content.

But I am different from this experience, you have opened my eyes to an awareness of an awareness; that I have always had, but was never aware of having.

Now I must maintain this clarity, and not let anyone disturb it.

You brought to my attention my lack of self love; and it shifted mountainous bricks and shapes inside of me; with only a feather lite comment; and now I think and see differently about that.

I wish all women were as classy and intelligent as you; but then you wouldn't be you; and you'd just be the rest of them; then I wouldn't be me either, in the grand fractal scheme of things.

I'm learning French, just in case you do decide to move to Montreal like we talked about.

I miss your taste, I miss your scent, I miss your touch, I miss your presence and your voice.

Your shower towel will never be washed. —Drifting In The Void



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