An open letter to all women

I was out with some buddies last night on spring garden road and a couple of them were cat calling a few girls as they walked by. I was completely embarrassed. These aren't the meat heads that I think about when I hear women complaining about asshole dudes they encounter in public. In general, these are really decent guys (the other night being an exception). But that night when they had a bit to drink they totally turned into a couple of disgusting morons and I was ashamed to be seen with them. So, I am sorry that you girls had to put up with that and I am sorry that it is something you probably put up with a lot more than we realize as men. I am sorry that you can't always feel safe in this city when you are walking alone at night, especially since every month a new woman seems to go missing and is later found dead. It is terrifying to me and I am not even the target, I cringe to think about what it must feel like for you. You are my equal and in many ways you are much stronger than me. This behaviour is disgraceful and disgusting and it needs to stop yesterday. But this is not a bitch, it is a love. I want to recognize your strength and courage. This message is anonymous so anyone who wants to write a comment about how I am just trying to get laid should think again. I think it's time that we recognize that this type of thing is a problem. I have played devils advocate long enough. I am grateful to know a lot of smart, strong, funny women whom I consider great friends -- and if I saw any of them being treated like this I would be angry. Fella's, next time a woman tells you what it is that they go through, just listen. They aren't looking for your pity, they are just looking for your understanding because they consider you a friend and they want you as an ally. Be one. —Jimminy Cricket

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