Love in Vain

What's up with today?!? Is it so frosty out there and are we all so insecure and neurotic that real-connection, that which is initiated on an emotional, or dare I say it 'spiritual' level is rendered impossible?!?

Well, seeing as the one I love is emotionally-retarded, I guess its going to be a long and lonely haul, yet, I guess there's worse things in life... still, it's a bumper.

If you're reading this, Ms. World, with your guitar, I officially GIVE UP. Yes, I'm nuttier than a fruit-cake but, you should SERIOUSLY look at yourself too. All that glitz and glamour has twisted your mind and all your yes-pals won't dare say it.

I would've loved you if you were a librarian or a janitor too.

Now, you're going to grow old, and one day you'll see that I was right... go on, press your company and lover now, and you'll see they fall short.

As Mr. Williams so sang "Someday you'll call my name and I won't answer"

Adios —I'll always love you but, in this life, I can't stand you


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