Mr. Confident Curlz


You MUST know how much of a dreamboat you are. A STRANGE one, to be sure, but nonetheless a person whose presence makes me feel certain......feelings.....very strongly....especially in instances of physical contact. LIKE FIRE! WHOOO MAN! You exude a self-assuredness that I'm not even sure you know you exude (but how could you not?). I struggle to express this without straight up objectifying you: YOU ARE VERY SEXY the way you bike around and jump/climb up on top of stuff and change the rules. Damn. I am extremely attracted to you, and I am at least a little bit embarrassed by how attracted to you I am. Why? Because I feel like EVERYONE must be attracted to you.

I honestly didn't know whether to submit this as a BITCH or a LOVE. There are almost equal elements of both, really. I hate that I love you! Do I? No... I just don't like the awkward, bumbling way that I try to seem cool and nonchalant when I'm around you. Because I can't imagine that I'm the only one who has fallen for you. Everyone thinks you're soooo great and stylish and funny and cool and a good leader and whoop-dee-fuckin'-doo. There are elements of your behaviour that irritate me to no end, including your bossy streak that I lash out against, or begrudgingly comply with, depending on the circumstances. But all of my frustration and annoyance is quickly and repeatedly quashed by my ENORMOUS CRUSH ON YOU.

You wanna maybe just like...cuddle and make out? It doesn't even have to be that sexual. But it also COULD be, and I imagine that would go VERY well.

Is it at all possible that you also feel this way? Is it at all possible that the electric buzz I feel when I'm close to you isn't only on my end? Could that be...chemistry, maybe? I think we could have MAD chemistry.


—A Nice Lady

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