Duty of care

waiting for a prescription to be filled at a central downtown pharmacy and I noticed a guy with a sort of manic, fidgety gait about him buying sharps at the counter. something about him - his unsteady posture, the ice cream sundae in his hand, the fact that he was buying in bulk - seemed a little off to me and I suspected those sharps weren't destined to be used for insulin.

I started to live-tweet it out of boredom, like oh look at wacky, sketchy halifax, but something in the behaviour of the pharmacy staff made me reconsider. normally I'm the kind of asshole that loves to judge all over people's shady business but I was really impressed with how they served him discretely, nonchalantly, and with courteous respect. They even gave him a sharps bucket so he'd have a place to dispose of the needles afterwards. this guy was out to make some questionable decisions but they were taking care of him the best way they could, which is pretty cool. IV drug use is some shady, dangerous stuff but I'm glad that there are people users can go to who will treat them fairly and kindly.

so props to the staff, for being respectful and kind. it's easy to gawk at strangers and make snap judgements about their lives, but they made compassion look effortless. —The hippocratic oaf

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