Grabbing a Coffee Makes Me Weak in the Knees



I visited the popular coffee shop where you work last week and quite literally gasped when I first caught sight of you. I nearly fainted, and my poor heart skipped several beats. Since then, I've found it hard to think of almost anything else.  Your beauty is addictive and all but impossible to ignore.  “Think no more of it, I told myself. You'll only make yourself miserable.”  A woman as drop-dead gorgeous and vanilla-syrup sweet as she seems must have a fellah, I thought.  Even if she doesn't, she must have faaaar better prospects than me hoping to woo her.  Best to put her out of your mind.  So, I tried.  Then, having convinced myself the first time was just a fluke, I came in this morning, and I was almost relieved not to see you.  However, my relief was short-lived, as I soon caught sight of you and tried (pathetically) to engage you in conversation. Despite my best efforts to act cool and detached, I must have seemed anything but, and you  must think me a blubbering idiot.  My sincerest apologies.  I have never seen a more beautiful or sweeter lady in my life, and I got tongue-tied.  See, I am terribly shy, and out of the conviction that I am likely unworthy of your attentions, I chickened out of even asking your name. Should I try again?

While I hope you will read this, I have no guarantees you will; nor am I under any illusion that this will change things in my favour.  I merely wanted to express my feelings (keeping silent has been killing me): you have conquered my heart and taken it prisoner.  And although I may not be rich, super smart or overly handsome, I am adoring and sincere and, were I fortunate enough to interest you, I would do any and everything in my power to make you happy. —Lumberjack with Dirty Spoons

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