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To the blind woman on Gottingen Street Monday night: 

You were trying to cross at the light at Cornwallis and the beeper was broken so you couldn't tell if you could go or not. I watched you tentatively step out into the street just as my light was about to turn green. I tried to get your attention but you couldn't hear me so I gave you a little honk which just scared the hell out of you and you stepped backwards and almost fell over the curb. I am so sorry for scaring you! You looked terrified and must have thought I was just some asshole. I swear I was just trying to help and make sure you wouldn't get hit by a car. It's hard enough to navigate Halifax crosswalks without being blind.

Should I have just let you cross at a red? Should I have gotten out of my car and helped you cross the street or would that be rude to assume that you needed help? What's the right thing to do here? —I think I’m the bitch

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