Flack Attack: What a messy desk says about you

Plus, are your pets suffering in silence?


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We get a lot of press releases during our day. Some of them are useful, others not so much. Presented without judgment or context, this past month’s weirdest releases.

Bending Over Backwards Is For Gymnasts—PsychTests’ Study Reveals Why Being Too Nice Is A Disadvantage
“What would Mr. Rogers do if the people who lived next door were partying into the wee hours of the morning? Or left their dog outside, barking endlessly?  Chances are that he would be a nice person and accommodate them. There is also a good chance, according to researchers at PsychTests, that his continuously acquiescing nature will exacerbate the issue and, in fact, potentially make him unhappy.”

For Immediate Release: Snowshoe hikes popular winter activity
“‘There’s just something about snowshoeing that brings people out,’ says Janet Barlow, Communications Coordinator with Hike Nova Scotia.”

The self-titled second album from that zany Al Grantham
“Jimmy from the block, former porn stars, videogame addiction, identity confusion, yard sales, middle-class suburban delusion, box-stores, blind love, bravery, drunk romance, drunk injustice, the ruling elite, right, wrong, wrong rights and right wrongs. Al Grantham has some stories to tell.”

“The general public's understanding of ancient America is a battle of paradigms. Paradigms are the concepts carried in everybody's mind. One trait of paradigms is that once they are placed in a head they cannot be easily removed! The general public knows in their head the paradigm that Columbus was the first European to discover a pristine wilderness in America…The educators tell the school kids that the "Vikings came to L'anse Aux Meadows, but they only stayed a few years and left without making an impact on America." Because they teach over 3 million school kids per year, the educators are winning the paradigm battle.”

Here come the household robots!
“With health care costs rising and the seniors population increasing, efforts are being made all over the world to develop safe, efficient robot companions to help seniors live independantly”

Afraid To Admit That You Don’t Understand Social Media?
‘Imagine walking into a networking party at a hotel. People are roaming around, engaging with folks they know and being introduced to those they don’t know. They’re talking about the economy, the weather, the price of milk. You get into a nice chat with someone and he asks what you do for a living. If it were me, I’d say, “I’ve got a national PR company that specializes in publicity.” The person might say, “Wow, I’ve got a friend interested in that. Let me introduce you!”’

Turkish Airlines Asks Canadians "Who's Your VIP?”
“This will be Turkish Airlines' first Canadian contest since beginning service into Canada in 2009.”

What a Messy Desk Says About You
“Overaccessorizing. It's generally fine to show some personality with your workspace decorations, but leave your teddy bear collection and gigantic cat posters at home.”

buy green banana peeling patent techology
“We glad to get your information posted on google website , we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products with the hope that we may work together in future.”

Middle to Millionaire
“Winning at the game of life and achieving financial freedom is not as easy as winning at the board game version. We’re talking about real life. And guess what? There are no time-outs or shortcuts.”

Canadian Energy Drink Company's Growth On Fire, No Dragons Required
“In 2013, Bomb Energy Drink received Government approval to sell the drink in cans, a highly requested format”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Heart-Shaped Pizza at Boston Pizza
“This Valentine’s Day, all you need is love – and pizza”

Why Bad Mouthing Your Spouse On Twitter & Facebook During Divorce Is A Bad Idea - Divorce Attorney Available
“Divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman, a partner at Berkman, Bottger, Newman & Rodd in New York City, advises clients not to post anything on Facebook that they would not want the other side to read or see.”

ICA and Ipsos Reid Announce Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada
[Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Walmart, Visa, Tim Hortons, Samsung, President’s Choice]
"What is a brand?" asked Mr. Levy. "Brands have influence and in many cases, that influence has changed our world.”’

European Cities Charming Canadian Travellers
"European cities have always had a strong appeal among Canadians who appreciate how easy it is to travel between countries.”

Is your pet suffering in silence?
‘”Just as in people, dental disease can be very painful," says Dr. Huffman. "However, pets may not show obvious signs of discomfort because these are gradual changes and most cats and dogs are also very good at hiding their pain.”’

Remember Jeb Bush? Remember how he failed us for 8 years as Governor of Florida?
“Now, he wants to run for president. Don’t worry, we’re groaning too.”

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