What does this grungy snowbank look like to you?

Dog’s head? Jabba the Hutt? The potential for spring?


You are wrong if you don't see a dog here.
  • You are wrong if you don't see a dog here.

It snowed again.

Impossibly, Halifax received 40 centimetres from a “15-20 centimetre” snowfall on Saturday night. Airplanes fell from the sky; Instagram photos were whiter than normal; the hope for spring—already a withered husk of a dream—shriveled yet further. It’s over, you guys. It’s always snow from here on out. Winter now surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds our province together. #LOL

Can an entire city get cabin fever? Can’t say how you’re feeling, but lately everyone here at The Coast has been a little punchy. Take this lovely photo from reader Clifford that shows the bafflingly routine example of a sidewalk clearer who vanished into thin air, leaving behind a wall of grimy snow.

“Thank you...I guess?” Clifford writes to The Coast. Addlepated as we are, Cliff’s municipal malfunction was outshone by just how much that goddamn snowbank looks like a dog’s face.


You see it, don’t you?

Sadly, this small source of amusement has birthed intense office warfare. One one side, you have those ridiculous people who say they see a pig, or the foolish few who said a “sleeping leopard on a rock.” On the other side are the people who are correct. That is clearly a fuzzy Lhasa Apso face and there’s no denying it. It’s not a lamb, not Jabba the Hutt and not the flying demon from The NeverEnding Story.

It’s a dog. It’s clearly a dog.

More snow is predicted for Wednesday.


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