A map of Halifax's most notable smells

Take a whiff of our olfactory tour.


How does this city smell? With its nose! - VIA BEBIANALMEIDA

More than jobs will be lost when Ben’s well-known Halifax bakery closes this fall.

The 104-year-old Pepperell Street bakery is shutting down in November so owners Canada Bread can shift operations to eager-to-please New Brunswick. Over 100 employees will be out of work, and the property will be put up for sale.

It’s a major blow for workers and the loss of one more production centre in Halifax. Gone with the bakery will also be the warm, cozy smell of baking bread that greets anyone strolling down Quinpool.

Many a nose gobbles up that fresh-baked perfume without even realizing a bread factory squats on the other side of that wavy, concrete piece of brutalist public art.

Naturally, that made us turn to Twitter to try and distill some of the city’s other more prominent odours. There's the sour ferment of the Oland’s brewery, fresh-cut grass on Citadel Hill and of course, the vinegary slosh of harbour breezes sliding down your throat.

Take our smelly tour below, and be sure to add any funky fragrances we missed in the comments section. We’ll update this map periodically, for future generations to inhale.

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