Baby guinea pigs dumped in Point Pleasant Park

Little critters saved by eagle-eyed dog walker.


Watch where you step, Point Pleasant Park-goers!

A lesson learned to Jennifer Ferguson, who was walking her dogs through the park on June 20 when she noticed a man crouched by the side of the road. He appeared to be letting what she thought were his rabbits have a romp in the grass. 

When she later saw the same man leave with an empty cage, she went back into the park and found four infant guinea pigs abandoned to die.

“I was just so shocked,” says Ferguson. “He had disposed of their dishes, shavings in the garbage can right there.”

She called the police to file a report, and Animal Services soon arrived, scooped the little guys up and brought them to the city pound.

Halifax spokesperson Jennifer Stairs confirms Homeward Bound took possession of the babies and most likely will put them up for adoption.

Under the province’s Animal protection Act, the Nova Scotia SPCA has the authority to investigate complaints of animal cruelty, and help secure arrests, convictions and punishment of all person violating that Act. The organization tells The Coast that summer (AKA breeding season) is a busy time of year for horrible people dumping baby animals.

Ferguson says another park-goer who helped her save the guinea pigs mentioned witnessing a man dump a garbage bag in the water a few weeks earlier. She pulled the moving bag back onto dry land and found it contained four pitbull puppies.

“Apparently it seems to be a dumping ground for unwanted pets,” says Ferguson, of Point Pleasant.

Jennifer Stairs says the guinea pigs are the only call about dumped animals HRM has received within the south end park.

Having taken down the man’s car make, model and license plate, Ferguson is hopeful police will be able to find him. In the meantime, she’s happy the little buddies ended up at Homeward Bound.

“I know how good they are there. I used to walk dogs there. They would have taken real good care for them.”

If you do witness any cases of animal cruelty, contact the Nova Scotia SPCA at 1-888-703-7722 or email

If your pet is missing—or should you not be sufficiently depressed already—be sure to check out Halifax’s found pets site and all of its heartbreaking pics of sad dogs and cats picked up by Animal Services.

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