16 times we’ve all been Andrew Younger

This week, in Nova Scotia.


Dartmouth East MLA Andrew Younger, before this whole...thing. - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • Dartmouth East MLA Andrew Younger, before this whole...thing.

1. When you first get elected to the Legislature.

2. When you give absolutely zero fucks and ban fracking in NS.

3. When that personal relationship with a staffer at work gets awkward.

4. When you both probably just want the matter to go away but the police still have to lay charges against that staffer for assaulting you.

5. When the premier’s office gets involved and tells you to make sure the matter goes away.

6. When you offer to resign, but instead your party wants you to sign a document forcing you to take a leave of absence.

7. When you come back months later and overturn a quarry permit like a boss.

8. When parliamentary privilege means you don't have to testify.

9. When you’re confused about the date you learned about your parliamentary privilege.

10. When reporters keep asking questions about your personal life.

11. When Stephen McNeil says there’s going to be a sudden, late-night press conference.

12. When your boss tells the media you offered misinformation and gave an unsatisfactory explanation for your reasons not to appear in court.

13. When you get thrown under the bus.

14. When you’re in Nova Scotia and this has dominated the news all week.

15. When you walk by all your old Liberal friends at Province House.

16. When this week is over.

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