Thursday, September 19, 2013

Red, white and you: it's the wine issue

Drink to this

Posted on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 4:00 AM

Wino forever
  • Wino forever

It's harvest season, people, which means our annual wine issue is ripe for the picking. This year we've popped the cork on alternative tips for pairing, Grape Escapes Nova Scotia Wine Tours, Moira Peters' portable tasting parties with Unwined, plus we raise a glass Jost's new vision (JOLO!) and much more.

Click HERE for the full feature package.

And HERE for the Fall Wine Festival listings.

And remember to drink plenty, but responsibly.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rachel needs her waffles, damnit

"My name is Rachel and I am currently, and more often than not, in dire need of a large plate of waffles, Belgian or otherwise."

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Fredericton-born, Halifax-based Rachel has a craving for waffles that's so serious, she's taken to Kijiji to call out for help.

I am writing this from the comfy quarters of my single bed, snuggled up with my cat, daydreaming hopefully and drooling slightly. What I am asking is that a kind soul outstretch a hand, grasping a whisk, fully prepared to beat eggs and pour batter in the valiant effort to make my dream a reality....Know your act of brilliance will not go unrewarded. I like to tell stories and am equipped with an overwhelming well to draw from both real and imaginary. Also know that I willl [sic] consider you a dear friend from the day of the waffle creation on, I would never forget such a favour.

With no waffle iron, no ingredients and no dishes, she's looking for a selfless volunteer to assist her in achieving breakfast greatness.

Rachel's not looking to purchase an iron of her own, she's seeking an invite to your morning meal, that is if you're making waffles. She prefers hers with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup...but you can discuss that further while you're at the grocery store with her.

We too enjoy breakfast foods on a Ron Swanson level, so we feel you Rachel. Here's hoping you find all you're looking for, and more.

And, if anyone's fulfilling this waffle-lover's dream...I also cannot afford a waffle iron, can I join y'all?

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Friday, September 13, 2013

New tonic in town

Jitterbug Sodas releases the country's first made-from-scratch tonic water

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Saturday night looks like this
  • Saturday night looks like this

If you’ve ever tasted tonic water by itself, you’ll know why it’s not often consumed on its own. Add it to gin or vodka, however, and you’ve got something magical. Well, that’s what Jitterbug Sodas hopes. No longer will Haligonians be forced to drink the usual tonic available if they want to enjoy the fizzy glass of heaven that is a well-made G and T.

Enter Deco Tonic, Jitterbug Sodas' new, hand-crafted, all-natural tonic—the first of its kind in Canada. It officially debut this Saturday, September 14th at Bishop’s Cellar (1477 Lower Water Street) from 3-5pm.

Rowena Power, the creator of Jitterbug Sodas, was moved to create the new drink after exasperated customers came to her complaining that they were being put off gin and tonics completely because the poor quality of most tonics insults the liquor itself. When asked if she could create a natural tonic in a similar way to her handmade soda, she gave it a shot, tweaked it to perfection and Deco Tonic was born!

Where normal tonic can be tasteless, bitter and loaded with sugar, Jitterbug’s creation is made only from natural ingredients like cinchona bark from Ecuador, citrus juice and zest and organic cane sugar. Designed to complement quality gin and vodka instead of insult them, Deco Tonic promises a nice, well-rounded flavour with just a touch of natural bitterness to it to bring it all into balance.

Power also says that her tonic can be sipped on its own or with soda water for those who are avoiding alcohol for whatever reason. Considering that she was first inspired to make her own sodas after being disappointed with the lack of choice she had drink-wise while pregnant, this makes perfect sense. Also, it’s welcome news for those of us who just aren’t big drinkers, but seek interesting beverage choices.

Jitterbug Sodas is at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market (1209 Marginal Road) every Saturday and offers new flavours weekly; this week’s flavours include Raspberry Black Peppermint, Rhubarb Ginger and Blueberry Grunt Cream Soda.

The Deco Tonic launch itself will feature free samples of the tonic alone or paired with your choice of either vodka or Juniper Green organic gin.

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