Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beach yums: Kooks Canteen

The Rose & Rooster's owners take over Lawrencetown Beach's canteen

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Long days at Lawrencetown Beach just got even better, Rose & Rooster Bakery (6502 Highway 207, Grand Desert) is taking over the long abandoned greasy canteen space and opening a spin-off, Kooks Canteen.

“The hot dog machine and deep fryers are still there, but we won't be using those,” laughs Sarah Zollinger. She says homemade granola bars, muffins, cookies and sandwiches and some frozen treats will be among the healthy snacks available, along with Sissiboo espresso that Rose & Rooster is known for pouring. Plus water, of course, to help stave off beach brain AKA dehydration. “Providing good customer service is really important to us,” she says. “And the beach will hopefully be an extension of that.”

Barring red tape, Kooks will be open within the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye here for updates.


Red tape? I think not. We've gotten word that Kooks is officially open and feeding/hydrating/caffeinating Lawrencetown-goers. Happy long weekend! Let's hit the beach!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anchored Coffee: the toast of Quinpool

Dartmouth's roaster will soon be Halifax's toaster

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There aren’t many snacks more comforting that toast and butter, and doesn’t Anchored Coffee know it. In a rare occurrence of Halifax getting in on a food trend while it's still a food trend, Anchored's Zane Kelsall, and co-owner Dean Petty, are teaming up with their pals at Pro Skateboards and Snowboards (6451 Quinpool Road) to comfort you with artisanal toast and then some, via Anchored Espresso Bar & Toastery.

Starting August 1 on Pro's first floor you’ll find piping-hot mugs of Anchored’s own roasts, and toast. But not the sad heels you’re used to burning the edges of. For about $3 a pop you'll get homemade bread courtesy of The Canteen (browned to perfection, of course) topped will cinnamon sugar, honey butter or a rotating type of “infused butter of the moment”, says Kelsall teasing of flavours like maple bacon and sriracha. “Then we got thinking, we’re in a skate shop...what do skateboarders eat? And corner store junk food is what we came up with.”

That’s where baker Catherine Roberge comes into the picture with homemade takes on Pop Tarts, Twinkies, Joe Louis’, Swiss Rolls and other individually-wrapped treats you always wished you’d find in your lunchbox, which will be baked fresh at the Halifax location of Two if by Sea. "We're going to have a lot of fun," says Kelsall. "It won't detract from what we're doing at TIBS, but in a way it feels i'm opening my first coffee shop." The Toastery will be open 8am-4:30pm, to ensure you can get your fix before Pro even opens. Breakfast is totally going to suck until then.

Also, speaking of toast you should all really listen to THIS, where This American Life gets the inspiring tale behind the owner of one of San Francisco's most popular toast spots. Among many amazing things, she says: "Nobody can be mad at toast, I mean it’s cinnamon toast everybody’s stoked." Truth.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Drink up at The Juice Press

Fresh pressed fruit juices, smoothie bowls and cleanses hit Bishop's Landing this weekend

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After getting hooked on cold press juices while living in California, Spenser Allaway sent her sisters a subtle hint. She boxed them up a juicer of their own and shipped it home to Halifax. “I have an immune deficiency, so it’s been vital for restoring my health,” says Allaway, who’s sisters Tiffany and Kensey immediately joined her on the juicing bandwagon. “We’ve all been doing it for a little under a year.”

This mutual liquid love, and some family creativity have brought The Juice Press (Bishop's Landing, 1475 Lower Water Street) to fruition; the Allaway sisters’ store opens this Friday, July 25, offering both daily creations and a set menu of fresh pressed juices, three different sets of cleanses as well as a selection of smoothie bowls, all made with fresh produce, no preservatives and no added sugar. “I’m from Halifax, it’s a very active city,” says Allaway. “This is perfect for athletes and people with active lifestyles who don’t have time. It’s just an easy way to access nutrients.”

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Yes, we're throwing a Food Truck Party

And you're all invited to gorge yourselves with us

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Like you, we've really been enjoying watching Halifax's street food scene explode with creative flavours, colourful trucks and roving entrepreneurs over the past couple of years. We've also enjoyed adding more delicious things to our Must-Try list, and then trying all of them. Repeatedly.

Because there's no better time than summer to eat outdoors, we've decided to throw a party to celebrate the city's mobile eateries—from those who paved the way to the newest of newbies— gathering as many of them as we can into one spot so that for one evening you won't have to worry about tracking down your dinner, because we've done it for you. And then we can all picnic together.

Here's how it goes. On Thursday, July 31 all of the trucks, trailers and carts you'll find listed below will get together at the Museum of Natural History (1747 Summer Street) from 4-8pm for the Halifax Food Truck Party and for your dining pleasure. There is a $2 cover charge, because what else is free in life (other than The Best Weekly Newspaper Ever AKA The Coast)? But for real, $2 gets you into the food bonanza, where there'll be summer jams from CKDU, Linus test rides with Cyclesmith, access to the museum and so many dining options. You can't even get a bus to Bedford for $2. Bring your own blankets, chairs, cutlery and appetite.

Here are the awesome eats to be had:

Hypercones Shaved Hawaiian Ice
Poppa Smoke’s Hoagies
Cheese Gypsy
The Food Wolf
Halifax Press Restaurant
The Firefly Feast
Ol’ School Donuts
Tin Pan Alley
Lemon Dogs
MORTISCYCLE, The Edible Sideshow
Eats Mobile Inc.
My Three Cousins
Halifax Footlongs

That said, the list is growing daily so you can keep tabs on additions here or by following #foodtruckparty. Also, if you're a vendor interesting in vending you should reach out to

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

MODA Urban Dining moves on

While the owners head back to their home in Bermuda, MODA's location makes room for a new restaurant

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There's no place like home, that is if you really love your home like Matthew and Melissa Pridham do. The owners of downtown Halifax's MODA Urban Dining (1518 Dresden Row)—which opened its doors in 2010— originally met in Bermuda, the home they're closing the restaurant to return to.

"Halifax was never meant to be our longterm plan, we knew we always wanted to go home to family," says Melissa, adding that maybe now they'll have time for their honeymoon. "We've been going full speed for the past five years, so we hope to take a little bit of a break."

MODA will close its doors for good after serving up final meals on July 30, making room for the building's next tenant to renovate. Pridham says an upscale Asian restaurant is set to open in the location this fall.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Robie Street Station brings all-day breakfast

The former jane's on the common location will soon be home to globally-inspired breaky and a sister cafe, Robie Street Express

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Kaleigh Burns and Heman Lee are breakfast champions.

The Toronto pair are the latest to land on Halifax's food scene, and they're currently hacking away at 2394 Robie Street—behind the mysterious brown papered windows at the former jane's on the common—reimagining the space that will bring us all-day breakfast this September, courtesy of Robie Street Station.

"We've had a lot of really good food in our life and we're trying to bring it to Halifax," says Burns. "You'll see some Vietnamese inspiration, some Mexican inspiration, but overall, at the end of the day it's still breakfast. It's your home, hearty stuff with a bit of a twist. It's the most important meal of the day so we'll be serving it all day."

She and Lee may be newbies to Halifax, but not Nova Scotia. Four years ago they up and moved to New Glasgow to help some college buddies of theirs open BaKED, a now popular cafe in Pictou County. "When the dust settled it was kind of like, OK we've got to go figure out what we're going to do now," says Burns. After some travelling and working, and time back in Toronto, they settled on returning to the east coast.

Not only will Robie Street Station serve a globally-influenced breaky with a relaxed, diner-esque vibe, Burns and Lee will also take over the next door nook (formerly jane's next door) for a sister cafe, Robie Street Express, which will focus on coffee and baked goods to go.

“At the end of the day we just want to get people good food, good drinks,” says Burns. “And we want to get it to them on their time.”

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Another helping of The Middle Spoon

Bedford gets dessert and drinks in the Sunnyside Mall

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Dear Sunnyside Mall, you’re on to something. This spring/summer has seen a nice string of locally-owned businesses opening in the strip, and downtown delicacy The Middle Spoon (1559 Barrington Street) is the latest to the party. Yes, your chocolate cravings and cocktail desires will soon be answered, Bedford.

Taking over 2,000 square feet that was once a Tim Hortons, the Spoon’s Ciaran Doherty says the aim is to be dishing out house-made cakes and pies by early fall. “We were looking at a couple of different locations wanted to be far enough from downtown that the novelty of that location didn’t go away,” he says. “We just we compared everything next to each other, plus the landlord’s mindset, and all the pieces kind of worked nicely together.” While the second Spoon will be very similar to its sister bar, it won’t have a secret speakeasy component like Noble because some things just can’t be recreated.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getaway Farms takes over Highland Drive Storehouse

Jessi Gillis focuses on her catering biz as her longtime supplier steps up to the plate

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Jessi GillisHighland Drive Storehouse (5544 Kaye Street) changed the neighbourhood when it opened on the Hydrostone Market’s main strip back in spring 2012, and now it’s changing hands.

This week brought the news that Getaway Farms would be taking over for Gillis but keeping the Storehouse’s name, staff and vision as is. “They have always aligned with our philosophies and looking at next steps for my staff it seemed like the next natural step,” says Gillis, who approached Getaway with the idea this spring. “It felt like a really natural thing...they are famers, we’ve always bought all our beef from them, their butcher trained our butcher.” Gillis will transition out of the butcher shop this summer, but will continue with the catering side of the business (under another, undecided name) working between Halifax and the valley, with the longterm aim of opening her own restaurant.

“For the time being we're just going to learn from the staff and their clientele,” says Getaway’s Chris de Waal about coming weeks. “The whole spirit of a neighbourhood butcher is that it serves the neighbourhood. We want to progess slowly and with respect to Jessi and the existing staff and customers. The sky is the limit we have this farm behind us that allows us to do a lot of neat things.”

A proper send-off for Gillis is in the works for August 2, but she says her step away from the Storehouse is far from a goodbye. “I'm still going to have to shop there,” she laughs. “I'll still be seeing the same staff and I’ll still be recognizing all the things that the store was to me, except as a customer.”

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Firefly Feast lights up

Gottigen Street gets more mobile food

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A shiny little red trailer is the latest addition to Halifax’s mobile food brigade, and we have Kim Burke to thank for it. The Firefly Feast will soon be serving up morning and midday eats to Gottingen, the street that made her (and her cooking) Halifamous years ago as the Marquee’s Pizza Lady.

Tempting late night concert-goers with a slice barely scratches the surface of Burke’s experience in the food world— from street eats to Cordon Bleu chefs, pouring drinks at the North End Pub to pouring coffee at Kandahar’s Tim Hortons, she’s seen it all. But it was her first stint in Afghanistan that really pushed her to realize what she wanted: a food truck. “I needed a shake up in my life and I got a shake up. I came back and I thought ‘What’s the thing that made me the happiest in my whole entire life?’ Selling food on the street,” says Burke, who “got a hankering for it” back in 1990 while serving burgers and fries from a rental truck in Ottawa.

Her Firefly Feast will set up shop in the coming weeks right across from the Halifax North Memorial Library (2285 Gottingen Street), dishing out its staple firefries (a mix of russet and sweet potatoes and crispy onions, finished with Balinese Fleur de Sel and spicy ketchup or garlic aioli) as well as a rotating menu of sandwiches (like, hoisin pulled pork or jerk chicken with pineapple slaw) from 9am-2pm. You’ll also find these goodies at the next North by Night Market ( July 11).

Follow @fireflyfeast for updates on a Gottingen launch date and other locations.

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