Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Madness: Chips vs Pop starts TODAY

Day One: Ginger beer vs. Brio and Doritos vs. Popchips

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'Tis the season, mothersnackers. From now until whenever this thing is over, your Coast-style March Madness bracket is in full swing. This year's iteration of March Madness—chips versus pop—may have been dreamed up during the 3pm peak office snacking hour, and it may prompt a whole lot of unplanned trips to Joe Thomeh's, but one thing I can 100% guarantee, it'll be an all out brawl. Last year's March Madness was an outright shitshow, will this year be as shocking?

We carefully curated a list of the best chips and pops on the planet, and there will be no arguing on this point. We mercilessly ranked them according to deliciousness—again, any complaints will fall on deaf ears—and now we are forcing you to choose.

Take a look at our bracket below and let the rage begin:


Today's first two hot matchups are the respective top and bottom of the flavour heaps. Representing for pop: ginger beer and Brio and on the chip side of things, Doritos and Popchips.

Let's break it down. Ginger beer is the best. If your juvenile tastebuds find it a widdle too spicy-wicy then please grab your soother and leave, you adult baby. Brio tastes like weird medicine. I suppose if you put a lot of booze in it, it could be acceptable. But then again, add booze to ginger beer and Brio has once again found its sickly medicinal ass handed to it. A dark and stormy is always going to be a lot better than a Brio and whatever-it-doesn't-matter-it's-all-going-to-taste-like-Brio. I will admit I've willingly chosen a Brio before, thinking it was cool and I looked really mature drinking it. But that's something every dumb 20 year-old does. Are you a dumb 20 year-old?

Like I said, it's your choice (just don't choose the wrong thing):

Chip-side, it's more or less the same situation. Doritos are the best. The top seed. We haven't broken them up into flavour subcategories because this is just a silly poll, please chill. Personally, I think Zesty is life and everything else can suck a capital D. But I hear some people like Cool Ranch. Are they the type of people I'd invite to a dinner party? Of course not. Also worth noting is that Taco Bell has embraced Doritos and when you talk about good taste, you're talking about Taco Bell.

Popchips are lame and we all know it. No one has eaten a Popchip and thought it was better than a real chip. You eat them out of guilt and guilt is a feeling that shouldn't go anywhere near your food. The flavours are depressing, the bag isn't even made of real chip bag material and THEY ARE HALF THE FAT OF REGULAR CHIPS! Go away, Popchips. I'm angry just thinking about you now.

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just what the doctor ordered, The Old Apothecary

Meet Laura MacLeod, she's opening a new bakery on Barrington

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Laura MacLeod, butter lover and baker
  • Laura MacLeod, butter lover and baker

After nearly two years of papered-over windows, Laura MacLeod is bringing the former Renaissance Clothing (1549 Barrington Street) space back to life with The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe, a bakery and hangout that’ll tip its hat to the building’s history. Currently in the renovation and decoration phase (think pop art French Provincial furniture), MacLeod aims to be ready to feed you buttery goodness by late April.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
I was doing interior design for 17 years and getting a little tired of it, a little tired of fighting over what colour the sofa was going to be. I was always cooking, loved throwing dinner parties and that kind of thing and then my son got really interested in cooking. He started working in a restaurant and we just started talking about food all the time, and then he decided to go to culinary school. He went to the Pacific Institute for Culinary Arts [in Vancouver] and talking to him on Skype and finding out what he was doing I was like, yeah I want to go there too. He graduated last December and I started in January and graduated a year after him. I went there thinking culinary but really enjoyed the pace of the bakery end of things. You have to be a little more organized, it’s less fly by the seat of your pants, you can’t fix a recipe by tossing in a little bit of salt. You really have to be mindful of what you’re doing, but it’s really relaxing at the same time.

At what point did you decide you wanted to open this place?
It was around October that I was like, I’m going to go back to Halifax and I’m going to open a bakery. All of my family is here, it made sense to come home. I’d been away for 13 years and it was time. I’ve always loved Barrington, I grew up in the 80s and my friends and I used to hang out on Barrington and Spring Garden Road. This was the place to go. I knew that this was where I wanted to be.

What inspired the concept of The Old Apothecary?
The Old Apothecary was built as a drug store, originally. So it’s The Old Apothecary because that’s what it was! I wanted to pay a little tribute to the history of the building and that kind of evolved, I didn’t want it to be dated to the point that it looked like an antique store. I wanted to make it bright and welcoming, and one of those places you want to hang out. I'm going to have details from the early 1900s— the logo is Art Nouveau so its the right typeset for that period—but I want it to be a cool, modern place.

So menu-wise, can you give us a teaser?
I’m going to have five breads out of the gate—a regular sour bread, so we have white bread, but then an apple rosemary walnut bread and French-style baguette of course. All the chefs at the school were French-trained so they’ll tell you when you get it wrong! I’m going to do croissants. Pain au chocolate. Like I said it’s going to be all butter all the time. French macaron in five or six flavours, that’ll change seasonally. Eclairs. Lemon tarts. Salted caramel brownies. I’m going to do too bake-offs, one in the morning —so there’ll be fresh bread first thing—but then I’ll do a 2:30pm or 3pm bake-off so that when you’re going home you can grab some warm bread.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Have you killed the K-Cup yet?

If not, it's time to reconsider

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John Sylvan—the inventor of the K-Cup—feels bad about what he's done, sometimes. And Halifax might have had a hand in that occasional guilt.

Sylvan's admission comes from a very Halifax-heavy piece in The Atlantic, which looks into exactly how bad the billion dollar coffee pods are for our planet. The Atlantic folks also had Egg Studios' Mike Hachey weigh in on the issue, and the #KillTheKCup campaign that Egg and Halifax's The Social Bean hatched earlier this year.

Remember this little (and by little, we mean truly epic and horrifying) ditty?

Kill The K Cup from Charles Wahl on Vimeo.

If you haven't already watched the above, do it. And if you haven't killed your K-Cup habit yet, did you know that they're partially recyclable here in Halifax? The problem is, even if you scoop those babies out into the compost and dispose of them accordingly the coffee pods tend to fall through the sorter like a bottle cap would and end up getting tossed.

Read this, feel Hali-proud and reconsider your coffee options.

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