Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Morris East scores a hat trick

If you can wait til 2018, there's pizza

Posted By on Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 2:46 PM

  • Meghan Tansey Whitton

Having something to look forward to is always a good thing, especially in the bluesy winter months, but it might be a little early to start the countdown for this one. Morris East recently announced that it would be making its duo (5212 Morris Street and 620 Nine Mile Drive) a trio. Owner Jennie Dobbs says the newest addition to the pizza-loving family won’t make its debut until spring 2018, though, as its home will be on the main floor of Quinpool development The Keep (6009 Quinpool Road).

“We’re really excited to be on Quinpool Road, it has such a great collection of local, indie businesses,” she says. “Every neighbourhood has different needs. Bedford can be quite family-oriented and downtown is great for two people to dine, but it’s not really big enough for big groups and families. I think Quinpool will be able to accommodate some of the younger families in the area.” Plus there’ll be a wine bar in the mix. With neighbours Freeman’s and Bramoso, maybe Quinpool could be the new pizza corner?

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The top seven snacks of 2016

The stuff dreams are made of.

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Sundae is the best dae at the Dairy Bar - THE COAST
  • Sundae is the best dae at the Dairy Bar
  • The Coast

Michelada and dumplings El Chino

My favourite new hangout has a really nice and varied drink menu but I cannot, will not, shift my focus from its spicy beer cocktail. It is my medicine. And because you cannot take medicine on an empty stomach, dumplings.

Sundae (any) Manual's Dairy Bar

Two seconds in the sun and these little beauties are a total mess. But Manual's wobbling Jenga-like desserts (Ginger Spice, 90s Breakfast, Lemon Chamomile) are more than worth sticky hands. The soft serve was the best, the garnish next-level—summer, come back!

Grapefruit QQ Chatime

The tapioca pearl/coconut jelly combo is the clincher in this cold, grapefruit green tea concoction. Word to the wise: Resist the urge to chug and ask for zero percent sugar.

Half-and-half chicken Backoos Korean To Go

Possibly the tastiest discovery of the year, Backoos caters to lovers of crispy Korean fried chicken with three options—original, its saucy comrade sweet and spicy, or soy and garlic. The half-and-half gets you an entire chicken's worth of the first two.

Hokkaido ramen Tako Sushi & Ramen

It's not new, but my addiction to this soup really peaked in 2016. Hook up the hokkaido IV, basically, and to cure the worst days, throw in an extra egg.

Noodle bowl Potions & Provisions

Who craves salad anyway? Apparently, thanks to Annie Brace-Lavoie, this loser. For the brief time she and cocktail whiz Jenner Cormier graced the farmers' markets, their veggie-loaded take-away dishes (like the sweet potato noodle bowl) provided a colourful crunch to many a market trip.

Bubble waffle sundae Go 2 Eat

Over-the-top ice cream again. This now-unearthed sweet secret is hidden away in the basement, dishing out Cantonese and Taiwanese desserts and small snacks. But the mighty Goliath on the menu is piled-high with toppings (fruit, candy, cereal), a sundae in a doughy eggette waffle.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Smith's Bakery salutes Gus' Pub through gingerbread

You probably shouldn't eat it, though.

Posted By on Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 1:20 PM

click image Lindsey Vidito is the artist behind this gingerbread creation. - VIA INSTAGRAM
  • Lindsey Vidito is the artist behind this gingerbread creation.
  • Via Instagram

If crafting the perfect gingerbread house takes skill, Lindsey Vidito has lots of it. Enough to make a gingerbread pub, anyway.

Vidito, a staff member at Smith’s Bakery and Cafe (2525 Agricola Street), says she’s been showing her talents during the holiday season for the past couple of years.

Last Christmas, Vidito’s gingerbread channeled the four identical houses on Agricola. Before that, she built an edible Smith’s Bakery. Her latest creation is the likeness of Gus’ Pub, a neighbouring business and popular watering hole in the city.

“I think we’re going to start doing more iconic buildings for Christmas, so I was like, well, we should start with Gus’ — 'cause it’s kind of an Agricola and North Street-famous thing,” says Vidito.

Vidito is a one-person team, and this building took her about six hours to put together.

“I work in the cafe also, so it’s just kind of when I have free time,” she says.

Vidito adds that this is the first year one of her gingerbread houses has gotten this much attention — in part, thanks to a re-post on the halifaxnoise Instagram. Folks who have been stopping in are taking a lot of pictures.

Icing, fondant, turkish delight “snowballs” (snow cubes?) are all part of the spread. But as sweet as it looks, Vidito wouldn’t recommend biting into the thing. It’s been sitting out for a little while. On top of that, she had to use some cardboard in addition to the treats to make sure the pieces are structurally sound.

“I don’t think anyone would wanna eat it,” laughs Vidito. “I might take some Jujubes off it.”

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Food Wolf for sale

The much-loved food truck is looking for new owners.

Posted By on Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 12:50 PM

The Food Wolf draws a crowd at July's Food Truck Party. - LINDSAY ANN CORY
  • The Food Wolf draws a crowd at July's Food Truck Party.
  • Lindsay Ann Cory

The next time you stop by the Food Wolf, someone new may be dishing out your K-dogs.

Co-owners Natalie Chavarie and Virgil Muir have decided to sell the popular food truck, which first hit HRM’s streets in 2013.

“It was a really personal decision to work through,” says Chavarie.

For her, the incentive for selling comes down to time. While the Food Wolf requires 100 percent of her time, Chavarie is only willing and able to give about 25 percent. She works full-time in addition to her role with the Wolf.

“A lot of food trucks operate with two people and it works,” says Chavarie. “But when you only have one-point-a-quarter…it makes it really hard to keep going.”

Over the last three years, Chavarie and Muir collaborated with a variety of local businesses—North Brewing, Timber Lounge and the Mayflower Curling Club, to name a few.

Now, the co-owners are looking for the right person to take the wheel. They’re open to anyone who is serious about taking on the business, but Chavarie imagines the best fit might be someone who already owns a restaurant in the city.

“My gut feeling would be someone who needs a creative outlet for an existing business and wants to expand,” she explains. “The food truck is really perfect as a complementary business.”

Although Chavarie’s days at the Food Wolf are coming to a close, she hopes it will open a door for someone else.

“It was really special to have the opportunity to make cool things happen in Halifax,” she says.

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