Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Brewery said they weren't going to pull Hanging Oak beer, but now they are

Who could have predicted such an image would be poorly received?

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  • Tusket Falls Brewing Company

A lot is happening in the local beer can discourse as of late. As a result, Tusket Falls Brewing Company has pulled its Hanging Oak red IPA.

In the past few days, the image of four Tusket Brewing beer cans has been making the rounds on social media, including the controversial Hanging Oak. The label depicts the synonymous oak with a noose hanging from one of its branches.

People were quick to point out that the image of the noose invoked lynching—a violent practice which historically targeted (and continues to target) Black people.

One less-than-convincing argument in defence of the illustration is “white people have been hanged too.” Others say the tree has historical meaning in Tusket Falls: butchers would hang animal carcasses there.

However, as Norma Lee MacLeod noted on an episode of Maritime Noon, “If it was a tree that was used for hanging meat, wouldn’t there be a meat hook, not a noose?” During that interview, brewery owner Jeff Raynard said he was keeping the can, unconcerned with what he felt was a small number of people getting offended. He appears to have changed his tune, as a recent statement on Facebook says the brewery is yanking the label:

"We sincerely apologize to everyone that may be offended by the name and imagery on our can. It was never our intention for it to be insensitive or to evoke feelings of racism. We have decided to discontinue this label."

So, it appears marketing a beer with an image of a noose—which one would reasonably associate with murder or suicide—was a bad idea. Who knew?

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Vandal wants you to eat this Tide Pod doughnut

This is who we are now. This is what the human race has become.

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Vandal Doughnuts has given us what so many have asked for (...?): a Tide Pod you can eat without poisoning yourself.

The Agricola Street bakery shared an image of the treat on Instagram earlier today, warning followers that it's "the only Tide Pod you should eat, kids."

Thank god for that, because apparently people are UTTER BUFFOONS. 

Jesus Christ. - VIA TWITTER
  • Jesus Christ.
  • via Twitter

It’s unclear why the fuck kids are eating laundry pods these days. What was once a simple way to wash your clothes without measuring liquid detergent is now being consumed by people all over the internet. Is it because they’re pretty? Because they have no calories? I mean, what the fuck.

If you didn’t already know, the “Tide Pod challenge” is a relatively new phenomenon. People have been joking and meme-ing about eating the things for a while, but now they’re actually doing so. And no, we’re not talking about four-year-olds. We’re talking about teenagers and even young adults. Put simply, it’s the new “cinnamon challenge” (which was apparently dangerous too).

“Long after the Tide Pods meme expires, they will still qualify as something of forbidden fruit,” Alex Abad-Santos writes in this piece for Vox.

Vandal isn’t the only business that’s capitalizing on the laundry pod craze. There’s Tide Pod pizza at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, plus this from Hurts Donuts in Springfield, Missouri. Vandal’s doughnut is objectively better, though, because the shape is more accurate. If you’ve tried it (the doughnut, not the actual pod—don’t do that), let us know what you think.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jamaica Vibes opens this weekend

Caribbean dreams come true in Cole Harbour

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If there's one thing that'll help us get through the winter and its associated plummeting temperatures and moods, it's good vibes. And thanks to Dwayne Green, Cole Harbour is getting a heaping serving of those this weekend.

Newbie restaurant, Jamaica Vibes celebrates its "pre-opening" Saturday, January 20 in the former home of Cole's Neighbourhood Restaurant (972 Cole Harbour Road) bringing the spirit, and flavour, of the Caribbean island with it. The menu boasts authentic Jamaican dishes like jerk chicken, ox tail, curried conch and ackee and salt fish, plus various rice dishes and patties. Can you taste the Red Stripe already? Peruse the entire menu via Facebook.

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Chips are The Villain’s Theatre’s bag

The Villain’s Theatre’s raises funds and celebrates the spuds snack with its Black Tie Chip Night.

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Black Tie Chip Night
Fri, Jan 19, 8-10pm
Atlantic Beer Institute, 1496 Lower Water Street

You might think you love chips, but The Villain's Theatre's artistic producer Colleen MacIsaac and artistic director, Dan Brayr, can probably out-do you. The self-described "chip connoisseurs" have learned a thing or two about the salty snack from the theatre company's famed chip nights: "The Friday night of [each show's] run started as a gala," Bray explains. "But we started bringing in potato chips and people were just really into it."

Now, at a fundraiser on January 19, the duo are ripping open a new bag with a tasting session where you can nosh on flights of carefully-selected chips in the name of local theatre. Here, they share a few favourite flavours.

Is there an ideal drink you'd pair with a chip?

Colleen MacIsaac: "Spicy Doritos with a white beer."
Dan Bray: "Miss Vickie's balsamic with a dry, white wine."

What about dip?

CM: "This is an issue of contention. It's almost destroyed this theatre company."
DB: "I think the potato chip is perfect as it is. With a corn chip, you know, maybe some salsa, sure. I'm more of a purist, I guess."
CM: "I feel like when it comes to just plain, salted chips, there's no point unless there's dip."
DB: "I don't need any fancy add-ons. It's like drinking cherry coke instead of regular coke. But, I also do like cherry coke, so..."

Are some chips better for different occasions?

CM: "One thing to consider is the crunch volume. Recently, we were hanging out watching a movie that was really quiet and intense and we're eating kettle chips and all you could hear was 'crunch crunch'."
DB: "For a date: Those root vegetable chips because it'll make you feel like you're on an airplane and that's pretty fancy."
CM: "I'm a big proponent of the party mix. People will be like 'Oh, what's this bowl of pretzels doing here?' And then they realize it used to be party mix. And then someone comes along who likes pretzels—I like pretzels. I'll go eat those pretzels." 

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Friday, January 12, 2018

As the 2 Crows fly: Six anniversary beer releases

The 2 Crows Brewing Company has its one-year anniversary this month.

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click image Forever Young, feat. a label design by Midnight Oil. - VIA FACEBOOK
  • Forever Young, feat. a label design by Midnight Oil.
  • via Facebook

The 2 Crows Brewing Co. hit Brunswick Street on January 28 last year, and it’s been going strong ever since. “It’s been a whirlwind for sure,” says co-owner and brewer Jeremy Taylor

Going forward, Taylor wants to release some of 2 Crows’ core beers to Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and PEI. Halifax can look forward to more releases and collaborations as well.

“We’re hoping to still focus on maintaining the quality of the core beers—and even evolving them to be better and better—while still having fun and innovating and coming up with new things.”

The folks at 2 Crows are marking its one-year anniversary with some events TBA. They’re also celebrating by releasing a bunch of new beer, of course. Taylor filled us in on all the details below.

Forever Young (8.5 percent, 29 IBU)
Foedre-aged Brett saison with rose
Release: Saturday, January 13
“This beer is a rustic saison, fermented in a foedre with our house yeast culture and an experimental brettanomyces strain. It was conditioned for about three months on locally foraged rosehips, and finally conditioned with a small amount of rosewater.”

Panhandle Slim (4.9 percent, 17 IBU)
Foedre-aged multigrain farmhouse grisette
Release: Anniversary Weekend
“Brewed with barley, oats, spelt, wheat, and rye, fermented with a blend of saison and brettanomyces yeasts and conditioned for about four months in a foedre that previously held cognac. Super dry, earthy, lightly funky, and refreshing.”

Magic Touch (6.8 percent, 22 IBU)
Foedre-aged golden ale with Brett C
Release: Anniversary weekend
“Brewed with pilsner and wheat malt, and fermented in foedre with a brett strain that gives subtle pineapple and wine-like flavours. The beer was dry hopped after conditioning for three months with Hallertau Blanc and Centennial, and the result is super white-winey, with big crushed gooseberry notes.”

Small batch beers (400 cans each, available only at the brewery)

Bingo Bango (4.1 percent, one IBU)
Release: Saturday, January 27
Blackberry and bay leaf Brett gose, can-conditioned.

House Funk (7.7 percent, 29 IBU)
Release: Saturday, January 27
Brett saison, can-conditioned.

Dynamo (5.1 percent, 28 IBU)
Release: Saturday, January 27
Rustic saison with grapefruit, can-conditioned.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Six beers to keep you warm this winter

Old seasonal favourites and new booze from local craft brewers.

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Hopper's Bazaar by Lunn's Mill Beer Co. with Ladies Beer League (6.7 percent, 14 IBU)
When the Ladies Beer League teamed up with Lunn's Mill, they wanted to make something unique. The league shot out ideas until one stuck, says board member Kelly Costello. "Finally someone said, 'Well, why don't we use garam masala?' And then we're like, 'OK, that sounds great—but what kind of beer are we gonna put that in?'" The result was a Belgian dubbel: a dark style of beer which often has spicy characteristics. Costello wrote up an ingredient list and sent it to Lunn's brewer Sean Ebert. Once the recipe was set, Costello and three other members of the league board headed to Lawrencetown before Christmas to participate in the brewing process. This collaboration launched at The Wooden Monkey last week and you'll be able to find it for a limited time at Good Robot and the Lunn's Mill taproom.

Vanilla Porter by Nine Locks Brewing Co.
(5 percent, 25 IBU)

"Vanilla" is sometimes used to describe something plain or boring. This beer, however, is anything but. The porter is a warm hug including chocolate malts and a toffee finish along with its vanilla taste. If you want to get your hands on it this winter, you'll have to act fast: "Madagascar, which produces the majority of the world's vanilla beans was hit by a major cyclone this year, driving prices to record heights and making quality vanilla beans difficult to buy," explains head brewer Jake Saunders. "We haven't reduced the amount of vanilla going into our beer, so we'll see if our supplies hold up for the rest of the season."

Russian Imperial Stout by Propeller Brewing Co.
(8 percent, 60 IBU)
If a bitter beer is what you crave while you curl up on these bitter cold nights, this one's for you. The dark, hoppy brew hits the tongue with roasted malt and dark fruit notes. Propeller will later be releasing a special, barrel-aged version of the Russian Imperial Stout, so stay tuned.

Saison de Pinot by North Brewing Co. with Benjamin Bridge (7.1 percent, 18 IBU)
"This is the second year we've done a saison with Benjamin Bridge," says Rozina Darvesh, North's co-owner. Last year, North used pinot noir must—the pressed juice still containing the grape skins, seeds and stems. This year's bottle-conditioned creation was made with 220 litres of Pinot Meunier must. A little funky, the Saison de Pinot has hints of honeydew, orange, strawberries and rose hips.

Bourbon barrel-aged Wintervention by Garrison Brewing Co. (11.5 percent, 40 IBU)
A twist on the original Wintervention Chocolate Imperial Stout, this boozy beer was aged in bourbon barrels for 11 months. It's made with Munich and chocolate malts like the other Wintervention, but the nature of the aging kicks the flavour—and the alcohol content—up a notch. Be sure to drink this one slowly.

Feronia by Tatamagouche Brewing Co.
(5.1 percent, 25 IBU)
This American Brett is more than just a pretty label. Named for an ancient Roman goddess associated with nature and wildlife, Feronia is aged on organic plums and bottle-conditioned. "Another fun fact on the name that isn't included on the label is that there was a boat named Feronia built in our area," says brewery manager Christiane Jost.

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Bedford's The Jumping Bean is now The Nook Espresso Bar

Another location for the community-focused north end cafe

Posted By on Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 3:27 PM

The Nook's Halifax location - SUBMITTED
  • The Nook's Halifax location

This week popular Bedford cafe The Jumping Bean (936 Bedford Highway) got a new lease on life when it re-launched as The Nook Espresso Bar Bedford, a sibling location of the Halifax cafe of the same name. Nicole Myles Brook and Brian Brook—who’ve been running the Bedford location of the Newfoundland chain since summer 2016—helped Halifax’s The Nook Espresso Bar + Lounge (2118 Gottingen Street) avoid closure back in May when they took over its management and ownership.

“As we were working on the rehabilitation of The Nook we were further examining the model we had from our Bedford cafe,” says Myles Brook. “After long consult with Jumping Bean corporate we decided the best path for everyone is to further build out The Nook. They’ve been really supportive of the change.”

As of January 9, the cafe has switched over its name and menu to mirror the offerings of the north end location. They’ll also extend hours into the evening to allow for events and entertainment and hope to bring “social lubricants” into the mix eventually. “We’re really trying to best serve our community and respond to feedback. We want to be more than just a place to get a cup of coffee, we want to be in the community,” says Myles Brook. “We’ve had an amazing experience in Bedford This really just serves to further the investment we’ve put in there.”

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Riot Snack Bar has closed

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Cry not—you can still get Riot-esque burgers at Vandal Doughnuts - ALEXA CUDE
  • Cry not—you can still get Riot-esque burgers at Vandal Doughnuts
  • Alexa Cude

Nearly two years after opening its doors on Quinpool, Riot Snack Bar (6293 Quinpool Road) has announced that it's officially closed up shop, permanently.

Nicole Tufts and Sonia Gillies-da Mota's restaurant recently expanded its fleet to include Vandal Doughnuts, which replaced the dearly departed Ace Burger Co. (6293 Quinpool Road) in Gus' Pub. According to Riot's Instagram announcement—Vandal will remain open and frying despite this closure.

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