WAXON makes a smooth transition into Halifax

Toronto's wax bar brings affordable, stylish and a convenient hair removal to Spring Garden


Some of WAXON's product line, looking fine
  • Some of WAXON's product line, looking fine

Lexi Miles wants to make your waxing appointments less of a pain. Working as a busy management consultant who spent most of her Monday-to-Fridays on the road she repeatedly found herself rushing to make last-minute appointments, enduring many not-so-great waxing experiences in the name of convenience and necessity. But while working in the US, she stumbled upon a wax bar—similar to the blow dry bars she was seeing pop up in Toronto—and decided to bring quick, easy, clean, affordable hair removal home.

“There wasn't that spot for a convenient wax appointment, somewhere you could book online and fit the appointment into your day rather than having to arrange your entire day around it,” says Miles. “The options are go to the spa and pay a lot of money, or go somewhere that's not really the best.” She opened the first location of WAXON in Toronto in 2012—as of December there are four of them in TO, as well as a successful line of WAXON products — and this March her hot business to Halifax. To 5475 Spring Garden Road (the former Charm Diamond Centres), to be exact.

“I love Halifax so much,” says Miles, who studied at Dalhousie and did her co-op work terms with Maritime Beauty Supply. “We wanted to go there always, and the timing was perfect with the location.” WAXON specializes on hair removal for men and women—from brows to backs to Brazilans— using allergy-friendly hard waxes, chosen based on the customer’s needs.

“We look high end trendy and fun, but we're completely affordable,” says Miles, adding that customers can book online, by phone or just walk-in. “Waxing is on your to-do list, it’s a pain, and we 're tying to make it convenient and fun so you don't hate gong to the appointment.”

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