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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The year in business: 2015's openings and closings

A look back at this year's arrivals and departures on the retail scene

Posted By on Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Lemon Tree opened on Queen Street - PHOTO BY MELISSA BUOTE
  • Lemon Tree opened on Queen Street
  • Photo by Melissa Buote

Good on ya, Halifax. A look back at 2015’s notable retail and restaurant openings and closings reveals some really good news: our hellos doubled our goodbyes this year. Ninety-nine brand new storefronts and eateries brightened our neighbourhoods since last winter and helped lessen the blow of the 49 dearly departed local businesses. That doesn’t even include the movers and shakers that saw renovations, expansions and new locations. (Sorry, there just wasn’t room for all them.)

High-fives and back-pats all around! And if we missed something major, let us know in the comments below.


Brenton Restaurant, 5677 Brenton Place
Fantasie Music Instruments, 5512 Spring Garden Road
FYidoctors, 5523 Spring Garden Road
Hong Yun Chinese, 5677 Brenton Place
In Spring, 5518 Spring Garden Road
Lemon Tree, 1532 Queen Street
Neighbour Witch General Store, 1526 Queen Street
Project Fit, 1456 Brenton Street
Primal Kitchen , 1463 Brenton Street
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 5525 Spring Garden Road
Shanti Yoga, 5508 Spring Garden Road
WaxOn, 5475 Spring Garden

The Cellar, 5677 Brenton Street
The Clothes Horse, 1532 Queen Street
Fiasco, 1463 Brenton Street
Maritime Frame-It, 5512 Spring Garden Road
MidPoint Cafe, 5425 Spring Garden Road
Mills , 5640 Spring Garden Road
Nestle Tollhouse Cafe, 5475 Spring Garden Road
Ottoman Cafe, 5411 Spring Garden Road
Rogues Roost , 5435 Spring Garden Road
Saege , 5883 Spring Garden Road
Something Elsie’s , 1528 Queen Street


Bubba Ray’s, 1717 Bedford Highway
Cintimani, Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford Highway
The Compass Rose Health and Wellness, Suite 200-36 Brookshire Court
Flowers of Spring, 1149 Bedford Highway
Freeman’s Pizza, 552 Sackville Drive
Purdy’s Pub, 552 Sackville Drive
Made in the Maritimes, Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford Highway
The Makinso, 1129 Bedford Highway
Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, 753 Sackville Drive
Spa-Dee-Da, 1175 Bedford Highway
Thai Ivory, Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford Highway

Goji’s Bedford, 620 Nine Mile Drive
Purdy’s Pub, 552 Sackville Drive

Long Alley Bicycles opened on Quinpool Road
  • Long Alley Bicycles opened on Quinpool Road


Burrito Jax, 287 Lacewood Drive
Courtside Sneakers, 6247 Quinpool Road
Golding Lighting, 6238 Quinpool Road
Forged in Vinyl, 6351 Quinpool Road
Fruition, 6389 Coburg Road
Happynest Antiques and Home Store, 6448 Quinpool Road
La Piazza Resto Cafe, 6430 Chebucto Road
Long Alley Bicycles, 6164A Quinpool Road
Ray’s Lebanese, 120 Susie Lake Crescent
Scallywags Barbershop, 6513 Chebucto Road
Yanjing Chinese Restaurant, 6430 Quinpool Road

Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill, 287 Lacewood Drive
Garden of Eat’n, 6293 Quinpool Road
King’s Palace, 6140 Quinpool Road
King Wah, 6430 Quinpool Road

The Old Apothecary opened on Barrington Street - PHOTO BY MEGAN TANSEY WHITTON
  • The Old Apothecary opened on Barrington Street
  • photo by Megan Tansey Whitton


OPENED: Captured Escape Rooms,1649 Barrington Street
Canook Trading, 1669 Barrington Street
The Chameleon, 1587 Barrington Street
The Old Apothecary, 1549 Barrington Street
Pars Persian, 1261 Barrington Street
Temple Bar, 1537 Barrington Street
Urban Outfitters, 1650 Barrington Street

Ace at Bearly’s, 1269 Barrington Street
Halifax Feast,1505 Barrington Street
J&R Grimsmo, 1533 Barrington Street
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, 1715 Barrington Street
Night Magic, 1711 Barrington Street


Burrito Jax, 121 Ilsley Ave
Blossom Shops, 958 Cole Harbour Road
Get Air Trampoline Park, 612 Windmill Road
Goodies Thrift Store, 202 Brownlow Avenue
Heng Fung Chinese Restaurant, 179 Wyse Road
Paradise Syrian Cuisine, 171 Wyse Road
Pita Pit, 15 Cuddy Lane
Smoke’s Weinerie, 393 Pleasant Street
Spindrift, 21 Frazee Avenue
Truckside, 600 Windmill Road
Twiggz, Mic Mac Mall 21 Mic Mac Boulevard

Absolutely Delish, 635 Portland Hills Drive
Brewdebaker’s Tap & Grill, 612 Windmill Road
Eats Urban Lunch, 250 Baker Drive

Portland Street Creperie opened on Portland Street - VIA FACEBOOK
  • Portland Street Creperie opened on Portland Street
  • via Facebook


Battery Park Beer Bar, 62 Ochterloney Street
Custom Curves, 135 Portland Street
Dartmouth Yoga Centre, 122 Portland Street
Food Noise, 158A Portland Street
Humble Pie Kitchen & Lemon Dogs Lemonade, 77 King Street
il Trullo, 67 King’s Wharf Place
King’s Pier, 13 King’s Wharf Place
King Street Cafe, 65 King Street
New Scotland Emporium, 41 Portland Street
North Brewing Company, 62 Ochterloney Street
Portland Street Creperie, 55 Portland Street
ReFound Furniture, 5 Thistle Street
Sailor Bup’s Barbershop, 7 Pleasant Street
Seventy3, 73 Alderney Drive
Souper Duper, 156 Ochterloney Street

Nectar Restaurant & Wine Bar, 62 Ochterloney Drive

Black Book Collective opened on Kaye Street, but is now on Cunard - PHOTO BY LENNY MULLINS
  • Black Book Collective opened on Kaye Street, but is now on Cunard
  • photo by Lenny Mullins


24 Carrots, 3200 Kempt Road
Blackbook Collective, 5571 Cunard Street
Crossfit Ironstone, 2631 King Street
Chi Bistro, 5687 Charles Street
Dime Salon, 5525 Cornwallis Street
Good Robot Brewing Co., 2736 Robie Street
The Floatation Centre, 2631 King Street
Halifax Buy and Sell, 3081 Gottingen Street
Hali Cuts and Spa,3180 Isleville Street
Hometown Furniture, 6054 Almon Street
Hue Design, 5558 Sullivan Street
The Local, 2037 Gottingen Street
Rockhead Beer + Wine, 2651 Windsor Street
Seven Bays Bouldering, 2019 Gottingen Street
Studio East, 6021 Cunard Street
Unfiltered Brewing Co., 6041 North Street

The Carrot, 2063 Gottingen Street
Chrysalis Spa, 5521 Young Street
Formally Yours, 6029 Cunard Street
Honeybee Bridal, 2130 Gottingen Street
Nauss Bicycle Shop, 2533 Agricola Street
Pat’s Kitchen, 5530 Kaye Street
Quantum Frontier, 3132 Robie Street
Steve-O-Reno’s Drive-Thru, 2854 Robie Street
Tess, 5687 Charles Street


Alexa Pope, 1477 Lower Water Street
Basha Lebanese, 5361 Inglis Street
Beaver Sailor Diner, 1820 Hollis Street
Cass Burr Designs, 1574 Argyle Street
Dave’s Lobster, Queen’s Wharf
Dandelion Cafe, 5228 Blowers Street
East Coast Lifestyle, 1009 Marginal Road
Heartwood, Queen’s Wharf
Indian Maple,1873 Granville Street
Johnny K’s Donair, 5246 Blowers Street
Lot Six, 1685 Argyle Street
Noreaster Barber, 1574 Argyle Street
Pearl & Daisy, 1869 Upper Water Street
Shawarma Stop, 1588 Argyle Street
Stillwell Beer Garden, 1617 Lower Water Street
Tony’s Donair, 1735 Grafton Street

Blowers Street Paper Chase Cafe, 5228 Blowers Street
Boutique Joliette, 1870 Hollis Street
Canadian Bacon Cookhouse , Queen’s Wharf
Cass Burr Designs , 1574 Argyle Street
Grand Taj , 5175 South Street
Indian Maple , 1873 Granville Street
Lighthouz , 120 Troop Avenue
One More To Go Chinese , 1820 Hollis Street
Pizza Pizza, 1735 Grafton Street
Salvation Army , 5280 Green Street
Soled Out Sneakers, 1587 Dresden Row
Sushi Jet , 5171 Salter Street
Unicorn Trading Company, 1477 Lower Water Street
Vinnie’s Pasta Bar, 5361 Inglis Street

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nauss' last ride

After 46 years as Agricola Street’s bike fix, Nauss Bicycle Shop closes its doors next week.

Posted By on Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 1:03 PM

Nauss Bicycle Shop’s second-generation fixer, Dave Nauss. - DYLAN CHEW
  • Nauss Bicycle Shop’s second-generation fixer, Dave Nauss.

Dave Nauss is in Canadian Tire. He picks up some rust inhibitor in automotive and makes his way to paint. He needs some varnish to finish a project for his daughter. He scans the many cans and under his breath whispers, “Oh god. I didn’t realize there’d be so many kinds.” Help materializes. Len Russo has been the go-to guy for paint advice here for 15 years.

“You’ve helped me so many times,” he says to Dave, “please let me help you.” Dave allows it. Len asks how things are going at the shop and Dave gives Len the bad news.

“Oh no!” cries Len, distressed. “It can’t be!” He throws himself at Dave. “I’m going to chain myself to the door!”

This is the reaction of everyone who has heard the news, first delivered via Facebook in mid November: Nauss Bicycle Shop is closing. There has been a Nauss working on bicycles in this town for time out of mind. Dave’s dad, Jack, worked years at Calhoun’s before opening his own shop in 1968. Dave has been bike fixing for 43 years. He is 63.

Back at the shop Dave is in a version of his uniform: Two black T-shirts and loose blue trousers with oil-stained pockets. He has a bike suspended on hooks and he’s replacing the brakes. He limps. “No meniscus in my knee,” he says. “Did something stupid last year.” Being a firefighter wears a body down. “Carried more gear than I should’ve and jumped off tailgates. Anybody picked up the end of a wet couch, I would too. I got these hearing aids from sitting alongside that diesel for 35 years.”

The building is sold. There is one last piece of paper to sign so Dave won’t talk about what is going in the space. It didn’t have to be now, but now is a good time. “I don’t want it to be a job anymore,” Dave says. “I’ve had to get up in the morning too many years.” His wife Sharon is happy about this. Between the decades of firefighting and bike-fixing, Dave has been out of the house, all the time. “It’s going to be as big a thing for Sharon as for me,” he says. “But I’m going to stay out of her way. She’s been an angel: I evolved as a man very slowly. At least I put my underwear in the hamper now.”

Many parts and tools in the shop are going to Roger Nelson and Jenna Molenaar at Halifax Cycles on Almon Street. Some new bikes are going to the IWK and Dave is keen to get some bikes to a group collecting them for Syrian refugees.

He’s taking a few favourite tools home. “This frame tool,” he says, pointing at a big thing, “that was Dad’s.” Dave Nauss is a sentimental man who loved his father. For no particular reason he says, “Dad was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

This is it; there will be no bike-fixing in the basement. “I had someone come up to me and ask if they could bring their bike up to the house.” Dave mock-scowls over the top of his glasses. “No,” he says, “no.” December 15 is supposed to be the last day but Dave doesn’t have to be out by any particular date. Go on by. Step in onto the worn wood floor. Look around. Stick your head into the cavernous back room stuffed to the gills with parts and tools from every decade of cycling. You will not see the likes of this place again. Say a little something to Dave. Maybe shake hands, if only to feel the rough hand of a soft-hearted man who for so long has kept bicyclists on the streets of Halifax. You will not meet the likes of Dave Nauss again.

Nauss Bicycle Shop
2533 Agricola Street

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Halifax Pylon pride

#HFXPylonClub puts a positive spin on shitty construction issues

Posted By on Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 1:06 PM

Market Street mess
  • Market Street mess

When life gave Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique (1658 Market Street) lemons, it made a batch of kick-ass lemonade, and then invited all of its friends to come drink it. That figurative lemonade is the HFX Pylon Club, a creative response to the recurring issue that the stationery and letterpress shop has faced during the construction of its soon-to-be neighbour, the Nova Centre—the annoying and inconvenient closure of Market Street.

“The only thing left to do was put a positive spin on it,” says Samantha Shannon, Inkwell employee and artist behind Better Left Said hand-lettering and illustration. She and Inkwell owner Andrea Rahal officially kicked off the club last weekend, handing out special pins to shoppers who showed construction solidarity at their tax-free event, and quickly had 13 other businesses (like The Wooden Monkey, Biscuit General Store and The Old Apothecary) join in on the fun.

  • #HFXPylonClub

The club encourages shoppers to see past the fenced off, dug up pylon-littered blocks, like Market, promising deals and discounts (like 10 percent off at Inkwell) to shoppers who show a pin, or share the logo, tagged with #HFXPylonClub. Since launching the Club, the re-opening date for the block has been pushed up to the end of next weekend, but Shannon says it’s important that people support the initiative through Christmas. “There are still battles to come, but it’s refreshing to see the support from the community,” she says. “There’s not really an expiry date on this until the building opens.” Find all of the HFX Pylon Club deals at downtownhalifax.ca/pylonclub.

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