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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Visit this authentic and thriving neighbourhood, with great food and offerings from boutiques and beer to pinball and Pilates.

Posted on Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 1:54 PM


Sustainability is a State of Mind
We've seen the slow food movement take off, we've removed plastic from our kids' lunches, and we don't want chemicals in our beauty products–but have we stopped to think about how our clothing is made? Shop in alignment with your values at Sattva Boutique–where sustainability is stitched into the fabric of their atmosphere.

Sattva brings four pillars to how they source their clothing: sustainability for the planet, ethical fair trade production, local accessibility and social interest. This local shopping alternative shows the little steps that we can take to incorporate more mindfulness into our wardrobes.

Their professional and skilful stylists educate shoppers in an approachable way, while helping to achieve that staple look and feel connected to our pieces again. Sattva's modern classics transcend seasons, are timeless, ageless and work with us when our bodies and lives change. Sattva's quality pieces are with us for the long haul.
Sattva Boutique, 2453 Agricola Street

Accessible Nutrition 
The fresh food at Springhouse continues to inspire us to eat healthy more often, thanks to the largest plant-based menu in Halifax. The restaurant on Gottingen is bright, light and filled with plants. Come in to grab a smoothie or wrap for take-out, or stay and enjoy a three-course meal.

We love the loaded mashed potato appetizer, noodle bowl and maple almond cheesecake for dessert. Pick up some groceries for your own home cooking like cashew parmesan and coconut bacon, and join for one of their nutrition and cooking classes to learn some new skills.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Springhouse on the daily without breaking the bank or compromising that "treat yourself" feel. You can even order delivery on Uber Eats.

With Springhouse's incredible taste, affordable meals and friendly staff, it's safe to say that we know what'll be on your menu for today...and tomorrow.
Springhouse Inc., 2290 Gottingen Street

When was the last time you had a shopping experience that was geared to enhancing your authentic personality and beauty? Boutique Zekara's goal is to create a look and feel that truly expresses who you are.

After 20 years in the fashion industry, owning this boutique and the Saint John's location was a dream of Donna's–she loves meeting clients through the business and helping them to be unforgettable. Her constant stream of brands and products brings a new edge to Halifax's fashion scene. She and her terrific team even offer a make-up and skincare studio featuring the Lifeance natural skincare line as well as Merle Norman Cosmetics.

For the Zekara team, it's all about building relationships with their clients and being able to provide them with key fashionable items to build or complete their wardrobes.

The treasure hunt at Boutique Zekara never ends–every time you come in, you're sure to find a new game-changing piece.
Boutique Zekara, 2698 Agricola Street

Printing Ideas
Fresh Prints Custom Apparel has been our go-to screen printing shop for the last decade, where you can bring your group or businesses closer together with the art of t-shirt design.

No design is too outrageous. Fresh Prints will take the idea from your brain and plug it onto a shirt in no time. You can get a shirt made for any major occasion, like coordinating your sports team with the right logo, or setting up local events with matching festival tees. If you're feeling the spontaneous need for a quality tee, their retail boutique houses locally designed apparel such as North Beast and Scotian Original, so you can just grab and go.

Fresh Prints isn't just involved with their business–they sponsor and support other local businesses events such as Nocturne, Christmas Daddies, and Halifax Pop Explosion. Leading with community at their forefront, Fresh Prints brings a little more heart to Halifax.
Fresh Prints Custom Apparel, 2411 Agricola Street

Home-cooked Deli
The smell, the taste, the family feel—with one bite, you'll be transported back to your mother's kitchen. Hali Deli is a place where food meets nostalgia, and where you'll feel right at home.

With comfort and ease at the forefront of the deli, the hardest decision you'll have to make is between all of their delectable dishes. Inspired by the simplicity of food from Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Russia and Hungary, the food is anything but plain. The tangy flavours mixed with sweet in their cabbage rolls, the warm matzo ball soup or signature smoked meat eggs Benny are enough to get you hooked.

Have a seat, and enjoy meals made from scratch. It's like eating at home (only the food is better!). Coming into the deli is being a part of north end Halifax history, and if it's not part of your routine yet, it will be now.   
Hali Deli, 2389 Agricola Street

A Twist on Comfort
Are you a creature of habit? Why not go out on a limb and let Hopyard Beer Bar shake up your life? Don't worry, they're not asking you to risk too much–they'll just offer you an extensive regional beer list that rotates daily. Since they've built foundations with breweries in all four Maritime provinces, you'll get some first tastes of the freshest brews.

From a culinary standpoint, Hopyard will tickle your taste buds with their playful spin on Southern BBQ, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Tokyo Street Food and 90 other evolving menu options. Take your time and let that food baby settle while you flip through their extensive collection of vinyl. With the help of Taz Records, Hopyard is always bringing new artists to your ears.

With the comfort of familiarity and a dash of rotation, you don't have to worry about choosing a new location for you and your friends; Hopyard does the work for you.
Hopyard Beer Bar, 2103 Gottingen Street

Local Love
The cool weather is here and that means reconnecting with our favourite bar. We can't help but gravitate towards The Local for trivia on Mondays, jazz nights on Wednesdays, Garrison Breweries Live Thursdays or the Sunday family-friendly matinee. Nothing says autumn like grabbing a pint of a local brew with an afternoon of pool, ping pong, shuffleboard or a hang in the warm flower-filled atrium.

Let the relaxing atmosphere invite you over for their signature pizza and daytime fun with friends, and then come back downstairs to The Seahorse Tavern to let loose and unwind from your long week. Their stage is home to our classic Halifax bands and DJs, and you know they'll throw a new artist into the mix. We can always count on them to have the next big lineup we were looking for.

Get your dance on during any regular night or stop by for one of their theme nights. Who could say no to Retro Night's '80s-style neon colours and big, messy hair? The best memories are made right at The Seahorse.
The Local / The Seahorse Tavern, 2037 Gottingen Street

Working With Your Body 
Our schedules are busy, and our bodies are stressed; so why have our workouts been stressing us out even more? The Pilates Barre Halifax gets your body the workout it needs, while moving towards lowering your stress levels.

Meet the "self-care" of workouts that will get you in shape without feeling depleted afterwards. You'll feel like you're putting in the work, but with an added softness.

Their bright, open and airy vibe, combined with the soft pink palette, will instantly relax you and remind you why you came to work out in the first place: to find peace and strength.

The incredible instructors are certified and experienced and include chiropractors, massage therapists, as well as educators in the Pilates world. You'll know you're in good hands with leaders who are invested in your wellbeing, who make sure you get an individualized experience in an intimate 12-person group setting. The Pilates Barre is the place for people who want to turn their go-go-go into flow-flow-flow.
The Pilates Barre Halifax, 5649 Hennessey Street

Game on
What does Propeller Brewing Company mean to you? Your first thought might go to that unmistakable taste that you can only get from their handcrafted beverages. Without a doubt, anyone who has visited Propeller's Tasting Room knows that it stretches beyond a best-selling microbrew–it's all about that ambiance.  

Propeller is where you can sit and unwind with friends or on your own. There's no judgement if you just want to indulge in a night of gaming action in their new basement arcade, open Thursday-Sunday from 4pm until close. Propeller loves providing that comfortable space for all, which is why Wednesday nights are reserved for ladies/non-cis men to get their pinball on.

With rotating games like Jurassic Park pinball, Big Buck Hunter Safari edition or Narc, you won't want to leave. And with Propeller's Friday and Saturday hours extended to midnight for pints and take-home brew options, you'll never have to!
Propeller Brewing Company, 2015 Gottingen Street

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Style meets substance on Spring Garden Road and its surrounding blocks. The area’s awesome local businesses, like the ones featured here, make every visit rewarding.

Posted on Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 2:14 PM


The Italian Experience

Work up an appetite on your summer stroll through the Public Gardens and wander over to the other side...of the Atlantic. Your nose isn't fooling you—that's a little slice of Italy tempting you with dinner over at Mappatura Bistro.

Take a seat on the new patio, close your eyes and imagine the cobblestone beneath your chair. We recommend starting off with one of Mappatura's daily featured spritzes, which is similar to an Aperol spritz but with a variety of amaros. You'll be swept away with that first sip of bitter-sweet bubbly tickling your tongue.

Their friendly staff know a thing or two about choreographing a genuine Italian experience. Come back when you can stretch the meal to last a lively Italian-styled afternoon (because who wouldn't want to take a two-hour lunch?). When your boss asks, blame it on the delicious calamari overload—guaranteed they'll be joining you for some famous carbonara, house-made pastas and oysters the next time around.
Mappatura Bistro, 5883 Spring Garden Road

Shopping With Heart

You'll go into Sweet Pea Boutique in search of that perfect dress, but you'll leave with a little more than material goodies. Sweet Pea transcends the traditional shopping experience; owner Johanna Galipeau initiates these intimate moments with clients that make them feel special from the minute they walk in.

The reasonable prices are just a bonus to Sweet Pea's joyful smiles and personable service. Galipeau's boutique leads us through the fashion industry with heart—what really makes the store stand out is that it carries a small quantity of each style.

Whether you're after that perfect jumpsuit or beachy dress to throw over after a day of fun in the sun, no two outfits are alike. Say goodbye to seeing someone wearing that same outfit to a party—these looks are curated especially for you, so that you can express your unique flare through fashion.

Your style will scream "high-end big city boutique," but your wallet will be hometown happy.
Sweet Pea Boutique, 1542 Queen Street

Atlantic Community

If you've ever wondered where your neighbours are spending their mornings, we guarantee they've grabbed their coffee and are down at Atlantic News to find their favourite read. Atlantic News has been a staple in the community for 45 years, bringing locals their exclusive morning papers like The Globe and Mail or the Sunday New York Times.

The employees love starting their days through meaningful conversations with new and long-term customers about politics and literature. All worldviews are welcome at Atlantic News, and did we mention they're dog-friendly too?

Even though it'll always be a magazine store, Atlantic News likes to stay ahead of the curve and follow the readers' interests. Its stock is specially curated to carry one-of-a-kind products like the famous art cards and newly expanded eccentric book selection: You can find the beautiful poetry of Donald Trump or the life coach advice of Putin. Now that's something you don't hear every day.
Atlantic News, 5560 Morris Street

Hop Into Adventure

Watch all of your worries hop away when you eat and drink like a true local at The Fickle Frog Pub. Grab one of its 26 beer options and take a sip of a Halifax staple. With the Frog's daily pint specials, you can come back and try a new brew every day.

The Fickle Frog makes it worth your while to get out of your comfort zone. You can trust that it's always a good surprise when you dive into their Burger of the Week combinations—they'll have you jumping out of your seat.

The Fickle Frog doesn't just live for the weekends, it hosts plenty of activities for you weekday adventure-seekers. Sing your heart out at Tuesday Karaoke, laugh until you cry with The Pickled Frog Comedy Show on Mondays or stop in for a live local band on most nights.

Don't just take our word for it: You'll have to hop down to the pub and experience the fun at the Frog for yourself.
The Fickle Frog, 5675 Spring Garden Road


Swap your traditional workout for Aerial Silks and transform your fitness experience at inesS. It's not just about landing the trick—it's about having fun and leaving the space feeling confident in your body.

Let your kids in on the fun and sign them up for inesS' Circus Camp. They'll create wonderful memories, make new friends and gain circus skills. They'll be jumping for joy, and you'll do a flip or two when you see how much fun they're having!

Classes and personal training are accessible for all bodies and fitness levels, including barre, pilates reformer, aerial yoga and more. Whether you're brave enough to fly 20 feet in the sky, or if you'd rather keep your feet planted, there's a place for you at inesS. 

Catch inesS' talented staff in flying action in Entangled at the Fringe Festival this August. You'll take one look at the fun they're having and be inspired to join the aerial community.
1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203

Lunch is Served

Forgot your lunch? In a rush? Let Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods handle it. Pete's ready-made options, and custom-made salads and sandwiches, are take-out easy, mixed with the wholesome comfort of a homecooked meal. Get out of your chair, stretch your legs and fire up the rest of your day with something nutritious and delicious.

Pete's Frootique accommodates dietary lifestyles from vegan to gluten-free. Its Gluten Free Eatery proves that "gluten-free" doesn't have to be "flavour-free." The gf kitchen cooks up tasty and unique options that are safe from any cross-contamination.

This Spring Garden market is perfect for those students living downtown. With Pete's Frootique's 10 percent off deal for students on Saturdays, you can afford to throw in a few extra avocadoes and brain-fuelling snacks for later.
Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods 1515 Dresden Row

Inhaling Education, Exhaling Misconceptions

There are many misunderstandings in the cannabis world. People are craving knowledge, clarity and a comfortable place to ask their questions, from "What's the difference between CBD and THC?" to "What do all the small percentages on the packages mean?"

Breathing Green Solutions, Nova Scotia's first licensed cannabis producers and growers of SKOSHA brand of recreational cannabis, have opened an education centre where clients can come in with their list of questions, and leave feeling empowered about their cannabis choices.

The SKOSHA centre will serve as a dynamic space that combines education with a curated selection of retail cannabis accessories provided by the east coast chain Mary Janes. Guests who are 19-plus can explore the learning space while enjoying a cup of locally roasted Anchored Coffee.

The education centre is the first of its kind in the Atlantic provinces and features a wealth of cannabis education including infographics, books and magazines. Its friendly and knowledgeable staff provide customers with a comfortable cannabis learning experience.
The SKOSHA Education Centre, 5553 Clyde Street

The Place to Be

Spring Garden Road is home to 280 metres of fun—and that's just the main drag. There are over 150 shops for tourists to discover for the first time and for locals to become reacquainted with. When was the last time you went exploring down Spring Garden?

Every window along the way is filled with decadent treats that'll make you stop in your tracks. Whether your foodie palette is tempted by worldly tastes, or you've been itching for a new clothing piece to add to the mix, the area delivers with its international restaurants and unique clothing and gift shops.

Spring Garden isn't just a host for good eats and shops—the area is filled with new experiences all year round.

Between the Children's Festival in August, Bark in the Park in September and the signature Shopping Under the Stars event in November and December, Spring Garden is, and always has been, the place to be.
Spring Garden Area Business Association, 5670 Spring Garden Road, Suite 609

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Thursday, July 11, 2019


Halifax’s downtown is the business capital of Atlantic Canada, a place of bank towers and bustle. But savvy visitors can find boutique experiences here too, the sort of shops, services and tastes that make Halifax unique.

Posted on Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 1:00 AM


A Local Treasure
Having recently celebrated its eighth birthday, Inkwell Modern Handmade is recognized as a fixture of downtown. Inkwell makes gifting a meaningful piece of home easy and personal. The shop is known for filling in our blanks with poetic text and quirky designs to celebrate any occasion. Tug at your significant other's heart strings or call on your wedding party in a memorable way—you'll find the right words among Inkwell's 200-plus handmade artists.

Inkwell's expanding selection of Canadian-made goods includes local food and pottery items, from tea and gourmet chocolates to fun containers for your farm-fresh finds like berries and eggs. You'll also recognize your favourite Nova Scotian artists in the mix, including local treasure Emma FitzGerald.

If you've been waiting for your chance to take a spin on Inkwell's century-old letterpress, Saturday, July 20 is your chance! In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Landing, you can print your own complimentary moon-themed souvenir for yourself or your lunar-loving pal.
Inkwell Modern Handmade,  2011 Brunswick Street

Freshen Up Your Eyecare Routine
Wearing frames is about more than achieving that refined look, but it doesn't hurt to look a little stylish while prioritizing your eyecare.

Ocean Optometry has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge frames, and with its investments in eyecare technology like Digital Retinal Photographs and Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging, you can know they're doing the same with your vision health.

Just like your personal style, your eyes are one-of-a-kind and deserve excellent assessments. Ocean Optometry's tailored approach to identifying your individual needs transcends a couple of "box checks" on a list. Its in-depth Q&As allows the shop to get to know you, all while providing you with premium updates that can help you stay on top of your eyecare.

Their frictionless experience in a relaxed atmosphere, combined with the luxury of booking online and enjoying complimentary parking downtown, makes for a great reason to freshen up your routine and take a dip in the ocean.
Ocean Optometry, 5240 Blowers Street

A Dessert to Remember
Are you waffle lovers ready to think outside the box and let your taste buds burst with a new dessert experience at Cafe Taiyaki 52?

This isn't a typo for teriyaki—taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert found right in downtown Halifax. This hybrid version of a Western waffle or pancake is baked golden brown, fluffed with carefully chosen ingredients and packed with sweet flavourful fillings.

You can indulge in the adorable cafe's spin on the signature sweet eats, like their bite-size Mini Gangs, or cool off with the Jaw Dropper, soft-serve mango or matcha ice cream swirled into a fish-shaped cone.

This bright, positive and uniquely lovely cafe is ready to show Halifax a dessert like no other. Give in to the temptation and stop by Taiyaki 52 for a Java Blend coffee and dessert, or take the fishy fun home to your family for an after-supper treat. There's nothing like dessert to foster sweet memorable moments together.
Cafe Taiyaki 52, 2009 Brunswick Street

Live Music at Your Fingertips
Grab your foodie friends and "sip and share" a bottle of rosé paired with a dozen oysters this patio season at The Carleton. Its happy hour offers enough mix 'n' match small plates to satisfy everyone's post-work summer cravings.

Newly renovated, The Carleton radiates historic charm in the heart of the city. Widely known as one of Atlantic Canada's premiere live music venues, you can almost always expect to hear tunes when you walk through their doors. The Dinner at The Carleton series marries the two things we all love most—delicious food and great tunes (local, national and international).

The Carleton's fresh, locally inspired, and elevated comfort food is brought to life by chef Michael Dolente, silver medallist in Canada's Culinary Championship 2018 for Nova Scotia. His friendly chef-brewmaster Craft Draught Showdown, which happens every two months, is just one example of why The Carleton is one of the most intriguing and popular downtown destinations.
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle Street

Pour Me a Glass of History
Explore the past with Compass Distillers and its new off-the-beaten-path partnership with the Halifax Citadel.

Compass is an award-winning grain-to-glass distillery, which means everything is made from scratch, on site and from agricultural products sourced from Nova Scotia. With this recent launch, Compass Distillers' spirits are even more exclusive and help to tell the story of our region through food and drink.

The different levels of experiences range from a stand-out tasting of the three drinks, to the upper tiers that are crafted for you history and spirit buffs alike. Take a tour of the Citadel with one of the highlanders and sneak a peek behind the scenes at the barreling room. Along with the specialty spirits—Noon Gun Gin, Fort George Genever and Daily Ration Run—the highest tier lets you pull a sample from the barrel-aged whiskey before everyone else.

What better way to heighten your knowledge of the area than drinking up a glass of history?
Book tours 48 hours in advance at halifaxcitadel.ca

Bet on Flavourful Food
You can taste the tradition behind family-owned and operated May Garden. The restaurant specializes in Canadian Chinese food but also crafts authentic Chinese for Cantonese-style dish lovers. With 40 years of experience, May has learned a thing or two about which HRM food cravings need to be satisfied.

May Garden has added four other locations to the original in Lower Sackville, including its newest, conveniently located inside Casino Nova Scotia. After you've tested your luck and are ready to spend your earnings (or indulge your losses), May Garden will be waiting.

The Casino location combines a modern and bright vibe with a bar and a patio overlooking the harbour. Along with its eclectic regular menu and weekend dim sum special, you can bring your freshly caught lobster and cook it traditional Cantonese style. (If you don't want to leave the house, the menu is available on UberEats.)

With these portions and flavourful dishes, you always win big at May Garden.
May Garden, 1983 Upper Water Street

Enveloped in Naan
Take in the authentic Indian food that has been passed from generation to generation at Shivani's Kitchen.

Shivani's recipes are inspired by her mother's and grandmother's dishes and transformed to be made completely her own.

Traditionally when you want to enjoy Indian food, you need to do so in a time-consuming fashion. At Shivani's, you only have to wait five minutes before you're indulging in a portable sample platter of butter chicken or curry dishes, without compromising the taste you know and love.

Shivani's traditional oven bakes the freshest naan bread in the HRM, which is used to wrap her unique stuffed naan rolls—they can be filled with anything from bacon and egg to marinated Tandoor chicken.

Shivani reinvents the meaning of "to-go food," so the next time you're walking around downtown and have a sudden craving for Indian food, you can take it all with you on your summer stroll by the sea.
Shivani's Kitchen, 1209 Marginal Road

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Thursday, June 27, 2019


Posted on Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 1:00 AM


Spontaneous Sipping
Let your day take you off-course and right to Off Track Brewing, Bedford's only brewery. It's where you can release all of your troubles and come as you are. Their relaxed environment welcomes people in from all walks of life.

These new brewers have already grown to house 15 taps, and within the next few weeks they'll be able to double their production with their new tanks. You may have already tasted Crash Course IPA, Damn Skippy PB Stout or Coconut Kolsch—and if you have, you know that these guys love to experiment with flavours. We can expect several new unique beers by the end of June, including a wheat beer made with haskap berries and cherries for a refreshing patio beer.

Bring over some food from around the neighbourhood and take a load off with a crowd-pleasing pint or an eccentric brew. We can't wait to see what tricks they have up their fermenters.
Off Track Brewing, 275 Rocky Lake Drive

Coming in Clutch
From Amazon to Uber, there's nothing you can't access online at the touch of a button. So why shouldn't you be able to find a used car this way?

Clutch.ca takes away all of the hassle of having to visit a dealership; with a quick scroll and click, you can be test driving your dream car by lunch. The local Clutch Concierges will drive it right to your home or office so that you can test it up to 200 kilometres around the HRM—no pushy sales tactics or commitment included. The power is truly in the consumer's hand.

Without the added dealership costs, Clutch's savings are their customers' savings. That goes for buying a Clutch Certified vehicle, or if you're looking to sell your car. Clutch will appraise it and take it off your hands for a price that you can feel good about.

The car hunt has never been so stress free, and with their seven-day money-back guarantee, you'll be sure that this is the car for you.
Clutch.ca, 20 Duke Street

Pleasing People with Every Bite
When you walk inside 3A Restaurant you'll find a stylish interior, cozy atmosphere and an ever-changing menu that is sure to keep you on your toes.

The story behind the 3A name celebrates the three owners who moved from Cape Breton to Halifax to make a dream come true. Charlie, head chef and co-owner, has devoted eight years to cooking. You can taste his passion in every meal they serve.

Their homemade menu items are constantly changing, rotating from classic fish and chips or steak all the way to Asian fusion dishes made with pork broth, Thai tastes with their Thai chicken burger and new Indian-style dishes like the maple curry chicken penne.

As a fully licensed bar with beer, wine and creative cocktails, 3A offers an exclusive "fine dining" experience while catering to every budget. These innovative dishes are ones you've never seen crafted before.
3A Restaurant, 264 Bedford Highway

Wallet-Happy Wearhouse
Celebrating a quarter-century of great deals this year, Bedford Appliance Warehouse still knows how to make our dollar go that extra mile. With high-end appliances at low-end prices, you can comfortably blueprint all of those summer home updates you've had planned, without worrying about compromising the quality for price.

Whether you're looking to modernize your home kitchen or upgrade the cottage appliances, they can pair your budget to the style that you're looking for. These attractive packages are perfect for when you're in the market for more than once piece. Go the contemporary route with their sleek stainless-steel collections or stick with the traditional, they've got plenty of options no matter the home aesthetic.

You can finally enjoy your summer vacation without those appliance headaches. With reliable brands like Whirlpool, Kitchen-Aid, Frigidaire and Electrolux, your dream kitchen, fully-stocked Airbnb or summer home-away-from-home is waiting for you at Bedford Appliance Warehouse.
Bedford Appliance Warehouse, 1743 Bedford Highway

Photo-Quality Aesthetic, Real-World Taste
A "real world" of tastes is what you experience when you take that first bite of this Instagrammable bagel. With Izzy's Bagels there's no fine print, all of the natural ingredients are laid out for us to see (and to taste).

Flour, water, year, sugar and a sprinkle of salt—that's it!

A little goes a long way, and when the recipe is simple, the flavours have a chance to come out and play.

Izzy's experiments with natural flavours to bring the most eccentric and fantasized-about bagels to life. You can always count on their rainbow Pride Week special, or red-and-white-coloured dough to show our nation some love on Canada Day.

Their equally unique whipped cream cheeses will have you floating away, dreaming about your bagel long after breakfast is done. And Izzy's doesn't hold out on the good stuff—they slather it on. Trust us, the messier the face, the better it tastes!
Izzy's Bagels, 1180 Bedford Highway

Spicing Up Your Everyday Meals
Who says you shouldn't grocery shop on an empty stomach? Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods will rev up your appetite and then instantly satisfy those cravings with their ready-made dining options. Let your taste buds take control—they may just guide you through the aisles and tempt you with something new to throw into the "tonight's dinner" mix.

Pete's Frootique delivers all of the decadent flavours that come with eating out, mixed in with the wholesome comfort of a homecooked meal. This Bedford landmark is filled with new fresh and local delights to try, and with a 10 percent off deal for seniors on Wednesdays and students on Saturdays, you can afford to throw a little something extra into your basket.

Take advantage of your lunch break to shop around with some friends, and then power up with a healthy Best of Halifax-winning salad or smoothie. You'll get back to work feeling renewed and ready to take on anything that comes your way.
Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods, 1595 Bedford Highway

Bringing the "Experience" Back to Shopping
Sunnyside Mall changes your idea of what a mall should be and treats its customers to a comfortable shopping experience.

Say goodbye to fast food, because the mall's "foodie food court" serves made-in-house goodies from around the world that staff prepare on the spot.

You can find all of the mainstream stores that you know and love, while also supporting the local scene with a mix of independent boutiques to suit everyone's shopping preferences.

It's not often that you'll see an outdoor patio available at a mall, and Sunnyside houses four unique options. Grab your Second Cup coffee beside fresh flowers, step onto a top-notch Italian terrace at Il Mercato, enjoy more patio space at Finbar's Irish Pub or sip on that handcrafted summer cocktail at The Middle Spoon.

Along with their events in partnership with Make-A-Wish and Autism NS, you'll know that Sunnyside is passionate about bringing customers the complete community feel when they walk through the doors.
Sunnyside Mall, 1595 Bedford Highway

Bedford's Days
As Bedford's population rises, amenities and new local services aren't far behind. Watching as plans turn into actionable growth has been a treat for councillor Tim Outhit. He says there have been some extraordinary additions to the restaurant and pub scene, many of which will be showcased Saturday night at Sunnyside Mall, at the Rouge et Blanc sampling party during Bedford Days.

With the increase in local eateries and shops, traffic through Bedford is busier than ever. Though Outhit discloses that the plan for the commuter rail to relieve some of the congestion isn't coming, the district will be reinvestigating improvements to the Bedford Highway. Along with this project, they'll be looking into Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and a possible ferry service that takes people from Bedford into downtown Halifax.

Maintaining accessibility to and from Bedford is very important to Outhit, especially with finalizing preliminary work on the library. The next step is to find the perfect location, and to continue watching Bedford flourish as a district and community.
Councillor Tim Outhit, HRM District 16 Bedford-Wentworth, 902-229-6385

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Thursday, May 23, 2019


On a visit to Halifax’s charming, personal gem of a neighbourhood, enjoy a unique mix of shops, services and eateries that specialize in the charming, personal touch.

Posted on Thu, May 23, 2019 at 1:00 AM


From the Earth, made for you
When you first walk into Earth Goddess Jewelry, you'll notice the amazing aroma. Next, you'll be instantly calmed by stones and crystals. But none of it would be possible without their staff, who tie the ambiance together to give you the complete shopping experience.

Earth Goddess' new location is bigger and brighter, and allows for even more ethically sourced, naturally based products to be displayed. The locals will tell you that this is the best shop to find a quality gift for an amazing price point (and all made by Canadian artisans!).

Their signature necklaces are either sterling or gold-filled with dropped stone pendants that each come with a property meaning tucked inside the box, so you can carry those strengths with you everywhere you go.

With bridal season coming up, you'll want to stop in and see their award-winning selection of bridal jewellery, or take the time to create a custom piece that's made especially for you on your special day.

Earth Goddess Jewelry, 5866 Demone Street

You're that much closer to becoming a Hitter
You're invited to try a fun, fast-paced and challenging full body cardio workout that is guaranteed to make you feel amazing. 30 Minute Hit is a high intensity boxing and kickboxing circuit training studio. It's a 30-minute workout designed just for women, has no set class times and a trainer is always included.

Stop in for a free trial, which is a full 30-minute workout (and not just a 10-minute sampler). You'll get a chance to experience the awesome 30 Minute Hit workout with no obligation. A qualified trainer will be ready to work with you every step of the way and answer all of your questions! Once you become a Hitter, they will personally instruct and motivate you through the entire circuit every time that you come into train. No matter what your fitness or skill level, you'll sweat, punch, learn and burn your way to results you never thought possible!
Go to 30minutehit.com and sign up for your free trial today!

30 Minute Hit, 5651 Hennessey Street

Loko for Takos
Tangy pineapple, chipotle mayo and beer-battered fish with guacamole are just a few of the flavours that'll have you hooked on the new Tako Loko. Having only been open for two months, this family-owned restaurant is already known for pleasing their customers with authentic Mexican cuisine, especially with their (very) spicy salsa.

Their simple space is beautifully decorated with vibrant yellow and green walls that instantly settle you into an eating mood. The menu is simple too, with seven types of tacos and some classic side options. For something new, Tako Loko launches a weekly special each Sunday. Their current focus is to introduce tofu into their veggie taco to imitate the pulled chicken style in the "Tinga"—they'll even make the salsa separate from the meat!

Fingers crossed they'll have their liquor license by summertime, which means enjoying an El Pastor ttaco with a refreshing glass of Corona to pair. Bring your appetite, you'll want to stay for seconds.

Tako Loko, 3248 Isleville Street

Evolving eye care, bold eyewear
The team at Lang Optometry and Eyewear stops at nothing to bring us the best—that goes for frames and the most advanced technology to make sure that we're staying on top of our eyecare.

In their optometry department, they've introduced the Zeiss OCT instrument that lets Gaétan Lang and Christopher Poh see beneath the surface of the retina. Almost like an MRI of the eye, this machine helps to diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma and other eye disease often before progression has done any obvious damage. Earlier diagnosis means you get referred to the appropriate specialist even earlier than before.

Lang Optometry revolutionizes vision care with their premium European frames. Their Belgian frame THEO is bolder than ever with their new collection, "Colours are smiles," adding even more brightness to make clients' eyes pop. To perfectly compliment the THEO brand, Lang has introduced a new line originating from France, Anne & Valentin Eyewear that focus on a renewal of form and colour.

Major frame designers always find their creative home at Lang Optometry.

Lang Optometry and Eyewear, 5550 Kaye Street

Creative floral and curated plants
If you're looking to send a fabulous, strange, sentimental or tiny custom floral bouquet, no one can craft one like Props Floral Design.

Ashley is a floral goddess with 17 years of experience and says nothing is too big or too small. She can do anything from a comedic custom arrangement—it included feminine hygiene products—to large wedding installations complete with constructed floral trees amongst suspended baby's breath clouds.

Jayme can guide you to pick the perfect house plant, as she loves to nurture relationships through gifts from the natural world. She's currently on the hunt for more edible houseplants to add to their curated selection.

Keep an eye out for upcoming floral and plant workshops, but in the meantime, come in and browse the floral shop and let their shop-dog Kuma sit on your feet and give you snuggles. Dogs, flowers and plants—what more could you need?

Props Floral Design, 5533 Young Street (The Hydrostone Market)

A melange of flavours and dishes
Sit up at the sushi bar and watch the work happen right in front of your eyes. Hamachi Kita Sushi and Asian Flare is some of the best sushi in the city and has been for nearly a decade. They don't stop at sushi—Hamachi offers a concept that combines our favourite dishes with other Asian influence.

Hamachi brings items such as their Thai BBQ chicken, pad Thai and Thai curries to the mix, and have healthy and creative dishes on their feature menu, which includes vegetarian options.

The wide selection means you'll never argue with your friends about where to eat—Hamachi even has a full selection of teriyaki, riceand noodle entrees and appetizers.

With a combination of dishes to choose from, plus the quaint setting of the Hydrostone market, Hamachi Kita is always a contender for date nights, celebrations and dinners out.

Eat in, take out or get it delivered—there are multiple ways to experience Hamachi.

Hamachi Kita Sushi and Asian Flare, 5535-37 Young Street (The Hydrostone Market)

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Guided Tour - Dartmouth

No matter which side of the harbour you’re on, the shops, services and restaurants available in today’s Dartmouth are worth a special trip.

Posted on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 4:00 AM


You're Timeless to Me
John's Lunch is a 50-year-old diner, and they're not trying to hide the fact.

Why would they? John's has been a gathering place for families since the 1970s—kids have grown up on their food, and they've even brought their own kids in for their first French fry.

This legendary diner is known for their quality fresh-beef burgers, real turkey sandwiches and '70s-style thick-crust pizza. Their local clams and award-wining fish and chips have hungry Haligonians flying down straight from the airport after they've been away; John's is always is their first stop back because they know there's no other fish out there that will satisfy their maritime craving.

The quality of their food is the reason John's Lunch has won three Best of Food categories, including Best Seafood. These are timeless recipes, \guarded and passed down through their loyal staff. Maintaining the Dartmouth tradition is what sets them apart, and will keep people coming back another 50 years. John's Lunch, 352 Pleasant Street

Guilt-Free Lebanese Eats
Byblos Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine is the destination for incredible Mediterranean flavours. When you visit Byblos, you will not only enjoy the food but also the relaxing atmosphere. The chef and his team create a family-like welcoming that gives you the opportunity to learn about Mediterranean culture away from Lebanon. You will also enjoy watching the chef freshly cooking your meals right in front of you.

This restaurant ensures that they are fulfilling everyone's taste buds by serving a range of platters that suits both meat eaters and vegans. They are proud to be supporting local businesses, and share the list of their sources online and on their menu. Enjoy your meal in-house or take it home! It is not to be missed.

Look for the coupon in this issue of The Coast for 25 percent off the evening menu. Offer ends April 25.

Byblos Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine 644 Portland Street

All Vibes Welcome
Feel your energy shift the minute you walk through the doors of Into the Mystic—this spiritual shop is where you can come in and reconnect with your inner self. Through their psychic and intuitive services like chakra balancing, feng shui, palm readings and numerology, you'll walk out feeling more aligned than you have in a while.

They offer a salt halotherapy booth to help with breathing, skin and mood issues, as well as a jade infrared mat for circulation and pain issues like fibromyalgia.

The focus of Into the Mystic isn't just to help with your emotional and physical balancing, but also to bring light into the lives around you. Pick a gift for a loved one that has energetic meaning and has visual and emotional healing purposes. This shop houses the largest crystal collection on the east coast with one-of-a-kind imported treasures you will only find here.

Into The Mystic, 1082 Cole Harbour Road

We're Loving Them Apples
Cideries are so big right now, it's a good thing that apples do grow on trees.

Nova Scotia has some of the best apples in North America and Lake City Cider knows that it would be a shame to let our other fresh summer fruits go to waste. They build on the booming craft cider movement by playing with fun flavours and showing us that there is more to cider than the traditional apple.

With eight local taps on site, you'll spot a few unique flavours: Red Head, made with strawberries; Exit 6 Oxford, a blueberry cider; and if you're having trouble sleeping, the Tea & Honey chamomile cider is your ideal bedtime treat. For a limited time in June, you can even sip on their District Pride Rose, the sponsored cider for Halifax Pride.

Lake City Cider is where a love of Dartmouth meets a love of cider. These two worlds collide in an adventurous recipe that we're sure you've never tasted before.

Lake City Cider, 35 Portland Street

The Bar that Starts us off Right
The Watch that Ends the Night is where alternative meets comfort—just let your bartender know what you're craving, and they'll whip up something that's all your own.

Their cocktail presence is strong, but this Best New Bar is known for more than their innovative drinks. Their talented kitchen team brainstorms a rotating menu every other week, and there's constantly something new coming from head Chef Janie. On a bi-monthly basis, she collaborates with a featured NSCC culinary arts graduate to bring a six-course dinner series to life. You just need to sit back and let yourself be serenated by the live tunes of Barometer Rising.

Weekday adventurers are encouraged at The Watch—and they're even rewarded with special promos like a Dartmouth Neighbours discount on Mondays, burger features on Tuesdays and live jazz music on Wednesdays with no cover. Make a reservation, because a night at The Watch is a night you don't want to miss.

The Watch that Ends The Night 15 King's Wharf Place

A Delicious Neighbourhood Takeover
It's every sailor's dream to own a brewery, and retired navy cook Bill Pratt finally gets to live out his. Not only does he keep busy with Cheese Curds and Habaneros, but right across the parking lot you'll find his new Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse. Bill is taking over the neighbourhood with his clever recipes, and let's just say our mouths are watering already.

The slow-smoked brisket and ribs are tender, the beef is juicy, and the craft beer is the perfect balance of hoppy and malty. You can keep with the southern flair and break corn bread with your buds on a Friday night, and you won't regret ordering a pulled pork sandwich or the smoked jackfruit.

Bill continues to craft unique recipes, including ones for vegans and vegetarians. You can expect more plant-based menu items across all three of his restaurants this summer. We know that whatever he comes up with, he'll bring the same quality of creativity and innovation to our plates. 

Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse 612 Windmill Road

Dartmouth Expanded
Watching Dartmouth grow in the last year has been soul-fulfilling and hunger-satisfying. The area's ample restaurants keep surprising us with their unique flavour fusions, and the cideries and bars are constantly crafting something delicious. These new expansions to the HRM have been driving in both locals and tourists to see what all the fuss is about (and we promise, you won't be disappointed when you arrive).

Tim Rissesco, Executive Director with the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, says, "There is so much that you can only experience in downtown Dartmouth! Our compact district is home to some of the best independent shops and restaurants in the country.

"Two thousand nineteen is another year of growth for downtown Dartmouth, with two new fitness facilities—Queensbury Rules Boxing Studio and REBEL Studio and TicTacGo— setting a new standard for escape rooms in the region," he adds.

It's amazing to see how much there is to do on this side of the harbour—these are unique experiences that can't be found anywhere else.  

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, 163 Portland Street

Designs through the decades
In their second year of business, Retrospekt is bringing even more mid-century modern furniture to the HRM. Dating back to the 1950s and '60s, these are one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else. With their new Best of Halifax status, Retrospekt has been able to build more of a local presence. The perk of purchasing more locally is that the owners never know what new product will pop through their doors.

With Retrospekt's rotating inventory, there's sure to be a piece of restored furniture suited for the collector and novice alike. Find excitement in furnishing your first condo or in redecorating your long-term home—there's never any sales pressure when you walk through their doors. They believe in taking the time to find that original piece that suits your style.

Whether it's a new sofa, accent chair, dining set or bedroom set you're looking for, you'll find your perfect match in a piece of furniture that is authentic, versatile and timeless.

Retrospekt, 166 Ochterloney Street

Taking The HRM By "Perfect Storm"
We've been drinking their locally made sodas for years, whether it's straight-up or mixed in with clever cocktails around town. Now, Propeller is taking the soda industry to the next level with their own brand: Windmill Craft Cocktails.

Their first batch back in September mixed locally blended rum and Dartmouth-made ginger beer for a "Perfect Storm" and the HRM went wild for it. This line of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages are expanding to make more of your favourite easy-drinking cocktails.

This week, you can try the new a Vodka Soda with Grapefruit & Lime—it's what all the cool kids are doing. It's clean, light and refreshing with natural flavours, and available in Propeller stores this week and will be in NSLCs later this month.

  After Christmas, they launched a Small Batch Program, where Windmill partners with local bartenders and play off of their cutting-edge cocktail trends for a one-off crafted drink (next one out soon!).  

Propellor Brewing Co., 617 Windmill Road

The Cat's Out Of The Bag
We have to let you in on the best Kept secret in the Dartmouth area, because this charming store is the ideal one-stop shop for all gift-giving occasions. Anyone who unwraps one of Kept's well-designed items is going to be the happiest receiver.

The store will win you over with its cat-themed items, and who could resist the adorable squirrel on their logo? Kept's selection is impeccable, and the staff really go above and beyond to make sure that you find exactly what you came in looking for (and maybe a few items that weren't on your list). With knick-knacks and kitchen gadgets galore, you won't be able to leave with just the essentials.

Grab that perfect Maritime trinket for a friend who is living away from home and needs a little taste of the salty sea. With so many locally made and fair-trade items, you'll never feel guilty when shopping at Kept.

Kept Gifts & Housewares, 75 King Street

Live More, Stress Less
Brighten your day with 10,000 square feet of lighting and cabinetry at Station12 Lighting | Kitchen | Bath. The family operated business has provided us with all of our lighting needs for 15 years. They continue to handle the "behind the scenes" layout work for us and never fail to provide customers—in Dartmouth and beyond—with recommendations and technical aspects so our lighting projects can be done stress-free.

Their fashion-forward showroom keeps up with current trends through an inventory rotation, but still offers clients classic pieces that suit every space. With 40-plus suppliers, and housing Atlantic Canada's largest selection for residential, commercial and hospitality lighting, you're sure to find something in your style and budget.

Their team adds to the "light" environment with their lively personalities and passion for the products, which shines through in each project they work on. They're all certified through the American Lighting Association and their kitchen designers boast years of experience and passion, so you can feel confident knowing that you are dealing with the best. Station12 Lighting Kitchen

560 Windmill Road

Southern Italy next door
In need of a vacation? Il Trullo Ristorante brings the feel of southern Italy right to Downtown Dartmouth for you. Sit amongst the natural structure based off a trullo, the unique conical roof found in southern Italy, and let yourself be transported to its home region of Puglia.

Who needs to hop on a plane when you have the view of the water right here? Il Trullo ties the Mediterranean vibe together with light olive oil-based sauces and incorporating local fish into the menu items. With homemade traditional lasagnas, squid ink risotto and their bestselling ravioli fungi, you're sure to get your Italian fix.

Il Trullo was designed with the idea of incorporating recycled, local and natural materials to make the interior space sustainable. The owners are passionate about sustainability and have trained their staff on their aggressive recycling and composting programs. With compostable take-away containers and paper straws, eating at Il Trullo really does mean going back to our natural elements.

Il Trullo Ristorante, 67 King's Wharf Place

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Guided Tour - North End

Halifax’s historic north end is a great place to live—and the shops and services here contribute to the community feeling.

Posted on Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 3:50 PM

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Blue Collar Experience

Once you step foot into Blue Collar Barbershop, you'll never look back. Their professional cuts look exactly like what you came in looking for. You'll stop in for a cut, but you'll keep coming back for their welcoming vibe.

Located across from the YMCA on the ground floor of the VELO apartments, Blue Collar Barbershop is where all are welcome to come in, hang out, drink some coffee and get a cool barber-styled haircut. They specialize in fades, tapers, beard trims, hot-towel shaves and classic-style haircuts.

They carry a variety of high-quality grooming products, so even when you leave, you can achieve the blue collar style at home. They leave you looking fresh, and they make sure you keep up the style even when you're gone. Book online, call for an appointment at 902-407-5585 or try your luck at walking in. Get there however you please, because you won't want to take the risk of missing out on the best cut in the HRM.

Blue Collar Barbershop
2300 Gottingen Street

Local Love

The cool weather is here and that means reconnecting with our favourite bar. We can't help but gravitate towards The Local for trivia on Mondays, jazz nights on Wednesdays or to listen to some tunes on a Sunday afternoon. Nothing says autumn like grabbing a pint of a local brew with an afternoon of pool, ping pong or shuffleboard.

Let the relaxing atmosphere invite you over for their signature pizza and daytime fun with friends, and then come back downstairs to The Seahorse Tavern to let loose and unwind from your long week. Their stage is home to our classic Halifax bands, and you know they'll throw a new artist into the mix. We can always count on them to have the next big lineup we were looking for.

Get your dance on during any regular night or stop by for one of their theme nights. Who could say no to Retro Night's '80s-style neon colours and big, messy hair? The best memories are made right at The Seahorse.

The Local / The Seahorse Tavern
2037 Gottingen Street

Accessible Artwork

Owning art doesn't have to feel unattainable, or even break the bank. Studio 14 Gifts & Gallery brings Maritime artists to life, and all for a price that suits you.

Studio 14 has been promoting Nova Scotian art for seven years, and provides the community with custom framing and accessible art reproductions that start at $20. You can easily take home the folk-art style of Maud Lewis with small journals, Mi'kmaq artist Allen Syliboy's work showcasing water and whales, or a piece by realist painter Alex Colville.

These Maritime artists have been inspired by their surroundings and have painted images for us to admire for years to come. The three artists represent different time periods and art styles that will suit any home's taste, and their work even comes in calendar form.

From books to journals to Christmas ornaments varying from $10 to $30, Studio 14 has lovely gifts for the art lover in your life.

Studio 14 Gifts & Gallery
2393 Agricola Street

Tapped In

Open any fridge in Halifax and you'll likely spot a case of Propeller Brewing Company's IPA or Pilsener. It's because they know what we like to relax with at home, including their new craft cocktail "Perfect Storm" that you can find in their Gottingen Street retail store.

But take the comfort of having a beer at home, and pair it with the enjoyment of being around other humans at the Propeller Tasting Room. Drop in with friends or chat with the staff and learn more about the full range of beer. There's nothing that brings people together like a crisp pint.

See where the magic happens by booking a brewery tour for team-building events or bachelor(ette) parties, and then come back ready to try all of the flavours with their flights of four. It wouldn't be fall without their spiced Pumpkin Ale on the menu, and the Nocturne Black IPA helps support the Nocturne: Art at Night event. You won't want to miss out on these seasonal flavours!

Propeller Brewing Company
2015 Gottingen Street

Pharma-saving us from colds

Cold and flu season may be ahead of us, but luckily Pharmasave North End makes it their mission to keep you healthy. Don't let the flu disrupt cozy time with your family or prevent you from going out and enjoying your day. Pick up your prescription or find a vitamin recommendation to keep your immune system boosted, and kick that cold to the curb.

Feeling unsure about what you're taking? Pharmasave pharmacists will be there to offer their best advice. Their team is knowledgeable and trustworthy. You'll know you can count on them to take their time to listen to your wants and needs in terms of health. Even when your doctor is busy, there's space for you at Pharmasave.

Your cold may come at an inconvenient time, but that's never a problem for their team. Pharmasave is built on local people helping their local community get healthy, no matter when it hits you.

Flu shots are coming soon! Call your Pharmasave North End pharmacy team to ask about the clinic schedule and book your appointment.

Pharmasave North End
3530 Novalea Drive

Picked Fresh

Take a bite and experience the freshness that only comes from buying food from surrounding land. With produce picked and harvested from farms around Nova Scotia, when you shop at Local Source Market, it's like shopping in your own backyard.

Plan tonight's supper around what's in season. Picture starting your meal off with a cheese platter filled with a wide selection of gourmet cheeses from Nova Scotia and Quebec. Then, become tempted by the smell of this green grocer's made-from-scratch bakery. Even with so many breads to pair, you know you can never go wrong with their famous Molasses Seed Bread.

The cherry on top of your meal prep for the night is Local Source's new Boxing Rock growler fill station. Nothing says Nova Scotia like local craft beer.

Local Source makes planning your evening or your next event easy. They can cater all of this green goodness, and more, to any gathering. Harness your urban locavore!

Local Source Market
2530 Agricola Street

Genuine Gold

Walking through the aisles of any chain store, you'll find bottles of oil awash in fake and adulterated olive oils. Genuine oils are hard to find, but you'll know it when you taste it. Liquid Gold Tasting Bar & All Things Olive is built on a commitment to genuine extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and trust us, you'll be able to tell the difference.

In staking their reputation on genuine, Liquid Gold serves only the world's freshest EVOO from anywhere in the world where olives are grown and crushed—not only Greece, Spain or Italy. Browse and taste the full selection at Liquid Gold's Hydrostone Market store.

Liquid Gold's white and dark balsamic vinegars are produced in northern Italy and make the perfect companion to their EVOO. Tasting your EVOO of choice before purchasing is key, and that's why nothing at Liquid Gold is pre-bottled.

There are two reasons to choose an EVOO: for the taste of it, and for the health benefits of consuming it. You will spot the difference immediately in freshness and in the unmistakable sparkle, feel and true taste of genuine Liquid Gold.

Liquid Gold Tasting Bar & All Things Olive
5525 Young Street

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Hop Over to Hopyard

Beer. Food. Vinyl. What more could we need? Hopyard Beer Bar took the best of the north end, and just added to it. Gottingen was already filled with amazing options for food, drink and music, and we couldn't be happier to see another perfect fit find its home here.

Hopyard offers 10 taps that are rotating every two weeks, so you're always ahead of the game in terms of independent craft breweries. Their food menu is ever changing as well, with the last few being Italian and then Asian-inspired. Up next, you can try a Southern Comfort-themed meal that you won't want to miss.

Hopyard keeps things exciting but is never too out of your comfort zone. It has an inviting vibe where you can come chill alone, or stop by with your group to try a little flair of everything. Sift through 700+ records, pick your favourite tune and relax with whatever makes you comfortable.  

Hopyard Beer Bar
2103 Gottingen Street

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Often, we don't take care of ourselves as much as we could. But Elizabeth Heffelfinger at Halifax Acupuncture can help you do that.

Do you have back, hip and neck pain from too much time at the computer? Is your stressful workload creating anxiety, or digestive problems? Students, are you studying for extended periods of time, resulting in endless worrying and sleepless nights? These issues, and many more, can all be helped with acupuncture treatments from an experienced, fully trained and licensed Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist.

Elizabeth Heffelfinger at Halifax Acupuncture will work one-on-one with you to discover the causes of your issues and to help you reclaim health and balance.

If you've ever wanted to try acupuncture, now is the time to do it. Go to halifaxacupuncture.com, or call/text 902-240-9959 for an appointment. Experience your innate balance and live the best life possible. 

Halifax Acupuncture,
5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 305

Home-cooked Deli

The smell, the taste, the family feel—with one bite, you'll be transported back to your mother's kitchen. Hali Deli is a place where food meets nostalgia, and where you'll feel right at home.

With comfort and ease at the forefront of the deli, the hardest decision you'll have to make is between all of their delectable dishes. Inspired by the simplicity of food from Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Russia and Hungary, the food is anything but plain. The tangy flavours mixed with sweet in their cabbage rolls, the warm matzo ball soup or signature smoked meat eggs benny are enough to get you hooked.

Have a seat, and enjoy meals made from scratch. It's like eating at home (only the food is better!). Coming into the deli is being a part of north end Halifax history, and if it's not part of your routine yet, it will be now.   

Hali Deli
2389 Agricola Street

Fog Up Your Goggles

Heading down Gottingen, you'll spot their signature goggles first. And then you won't be able to resist stopping for their featured menu items displayed. The Foggy Goggle is always serving up something delicious and putting a fresh spin on our favourite dishes. Join in on the laughter and fun radiating from this neighbourhood pub, welcoming you in for your next local meal.

Their friendly and warm atmosphere is one way to get cozy and comfortable, and starting off your day with their brunch menu is another. Available 9am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays, brunch-lovers will rejoice in their vegetarian huevos rancheros, which can be made vegan, and gluten-free options like the banana bread French toast.

Halifax's historic north end is complete in having The Foggy Goggle around, especially when we're craving their late-night eats. Settle into their space with one of 14 beers on tap, spirits and delicious locally sourced food.

The Foggy Goggle
2057 Gottingen Street

Crisp, Cool, Creamy

Cool weather never stopped us from craving a small scoop, and it shouldn't stop you either. Throw on a scarf, make the trek to Cornwallis Street and live a little. Dee Dee's Ice Cream isn't just a seasonal treat, we're making it a staple no matter what the conditions say.

Using local milk and cream, organic cane sugar, and only the real stuff when it comes to fruits and nuts, you're practically eating healthy! Protein? Calcium? That checks out in our book. And could we even resist Dee Dee's seasonal flavours like Pumpkin Spice? It's autumn! Which means pumpkin spice flows through our veins, and should definitely be consumed in ice cream form.

Pumpkin, scarves and toques aside, Dee Dee's carries some amazing flavours like Mexican Chocolate for those who like a kick, or dairy-free sorbets for our vegan friends. Always check in for new flavours or stay on the cozy side with one of their lattes or filling burritos.  

Dee Dee's Ice Cream
5667 Cornwallis Street
The Road to Health

Instead of searching for a quick fix, why not heal the aches you're having? Agricola Holistic Health raises the bar in terms of healthcare, and takes a whole new approach to health in Halifax. Their individualized and holistic approach to healthcare ensures that no matter what your needs are, they'll be met with the best treatment possible for your whole body.

The clinic has been open for close to four and a half years, and is soon rebranding to Agricola Health + Wellness to capture the true essence of what they do for the health of their community.

Each and every person who walks through their doors receives the best service and care, whether that includes massage therapy, physiotherapy and pelvic floor physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine or nutrition services.

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Their team is waiting to work with you to optimize your performance and guide you back to your overall health and wellbeing.  

Agricola Holistic Health / Agricola Health + Wellness
5689 Cunard Street

The First Rule about 30 Minute Club
Are you ready to become a HITTER?

Looking to make the next move on your exciting journey of health, empowerment and happiness? Give 30 Minute Hit a half hour of your time, and you'll enjoy a fun, intense, full body cardio workout.

30 Minute Hit is designed to accommodate the busy lives of modern-day women. This dynamic circuit consists of techniques taken from boxing, kickboxing, self-defence and core stability training. Research says this kind of kickboxing circuit is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts, and who are we to argue with the facts?

Don't worry if you're new to the game, a trainer is there to help you all the way. You'll be sweating it out during two-minute interval circuits, and when you're not hitting the bags, you'll be working on core stability exercises.

Squeeze in that 30 minutes of exercise three times per week, have some fun, and get your health back on track. Book your free trial online today at 30minutehit.com and start your own 30 Minute Hit journey!  

30 Minute Hit Halifax
5651 Hennessey Street, Suite 2

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Guided Tour - Quinpool Road

Another Quinfest has come and gone, and not without some good fun had by all. Quinfest celebrated the diversity on the street, and had a little something for everyone.

Posted on Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 4:00 AM


Karla Nicholson would like to thank everyone who attended this year's Quinpool family fun day. "It was one of the busiest Quinfests we've ever had. The weather was incredible, and everyone had a fun time. We would like to thank the band, Swampdonkeys for doing such a fantastic job."

It's a unique opportunity to give back to the community, and along with the band, Karla would like to thank the loyal customers throughout the year, the sponsors, members, and attendees.

But the businesses are still up and running, even after Quinfest. So, go out and see what all the Quinpool road hype is about.

Dinner of Your Dreams

If you live in Halifax, or have even just stopped in for a visit, then you know that going to the Ardmore Tea Room is a staple. The cozy '50s styled diner is the first place that pops into our heads when brainstorming for a place to grab a meal with friends and family.

They open up at 5am so you never have to worry about going hungry before you start your day, and with prices like these you can afford to go whenever you'd like. We're not complaining, we could eat their eggs benny and slurp on milkshakes all day, every day.

Popping by the Ardmore feels like going to see family. The staff is endlessly friendly, and they always go the extra mile to make sure you are well-fed and leave happy. We'll never pass up an opportunity to grab a seat at this authentic slice of Halifax.  

Ardmore Tea Room, 6499 Quinpool Road

Always Authentically Greek

New isn't always better, and that's definitely the case with this classic Halifax dining spot. Athens Restaurant has been a Greek-food staple in the community for over 25 years, and continues to please whether you're a meat-eater, gluten-free or vegan.

Athens is a family-owned restaurant made for families to come and enjoy their time together. With their kids' menu ready for your picky eaters, you won't have to compromise your meal for the sake of theirs.

Come in for lunch and grab the Greek salad that is topped with perfectly-cooked calamari, and make sure you stay for dessert. The rice pudding is a can't-miss! Opt for the traditional lamb dishes for supper or come in for a Greek spin on breakfast. The Greek Florentine with spinach, tomato, feta and oregano on eggs benny will have you yelling "OPA!"

Between lemon zesty potatoes, and pita with tzatziki for dipping, you won't believe you haven't left the HRM with these authentic Greek tastes.  

Athens Restaurant, 6273 Quinpool Road

A Worldly Cup of Go

Don't blink as you walk down Quinpool or you might miss Halifax's newest, smallest, but most powerful coffee shop, The Atomic Cafe.

Once you discover it though, you'll keep coming back to their cozy corner (nestled inside Pro Skates) where every day you'll find Atomic's friendly barista crafting drinks using the best coffee beans in Halifax. 

The regular menu features Anchor Coffee's espresso-based drinks, but a rotating selection will also feature guest beans from around the world including some you might need to travel to find (SPOILERS: coming soon will be Death Wish Coffee which brings a dark, strong coffee taste to fuel your day, then look out for UK-based Dark Arts, followed by Japanese Minibus beans, each one changing month-to-month so there's always something new to try).

You'll always find your favourite dairy-free options such as almond, soy and oat milk. But don't feel left out if you're not a coffee person, you'll also find an amazing cup of tea brewed there.  

The Atomic Cafe, 6451 Quinpool Road

Doing it Yourself

In a world of DIY, why not go somewhere that takes the risk of "Pinterest fails" away and sets you up for success instead? The Clay Cafe staff is there to do exactly that. All you have to do is bring your creative self along for the ride.

The Clay Cafe isn't just for kids—it's for us kids at heart. Have some fun with clay and paint, and leave with something "adulty" and practical in the end. Mugs, bowls, plates—you name it, you can make it. There are 300 shapes to choose from so you'll always have a unique set (and they're even microwave and dishwasher safe).

The locals know that this is the best place to hang out, and now you're in on the secret too! And psst, students, they're offering you 15 percent off right now. Why buy a generic set of dishes when you can make them yourself?  

Clay Cafe, 6413 Quinpool Road

Small-town Hospitality

Since its inception, Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe has been creating this small-town feeling within their four walls. From knowing their customers by name, to hosting drop-in yoga classes and displaying local artists and makers, this cafe is constantly taking care of their neighbourhood.

Dilly Dally is home to a passionate team including some of the best baristas in the city serving not just the classics, but signature items like the carrot spice latte. This cafe also takes food seriously, featuring market-to-table culinary treats such as their healthy goodness bowl or vegan muffins, all made in-house by Chef Ray and their amazing team of grads from NSCC.

You can come in every single day for your morning latte or come back after a year of travelling­­—they'll still treat you like family. The staff truly know the people who come into the cafe. On this little corner of Halifax, there's a whole lot of community love.  

Dilly Dally Coffee Café, 6100 Quinpool Road

Delicious and Nutritious

What's better than walking around Halifax as it turns to fall? Getting out of the chilly weather and enjoying a warm and filling dish at Heartwood Restaurant.

The window-side seats are prime spots for solo adventures with your book and a peanut- drizzled thai burger, or bring the whole gang in for some veggie nachos with Heartwood-made salsa. Heartwood shows us the true power of veggies and their incredible tastes, and most dining options can be made vegan too!

As if we didn't already look forward to brunch, now Heartwood brings their scrumptious waffles to the table. You wouldn't even know that they're made with hearty spelt-kamut and are naturally sweetened with blueberry sauce. When else can you dig into a dish guilt-free?

At Heartwood, health and taste co-exist, so go ahead and order takeout for later. There's nothing like realizing you have leftover Heartwood bowl for lunch the next day.  

Heartwood Restaurant, 6250 Quinpool Road

Come To Long For A Ride

Have you been searching for the perfect set of wheels? As it turns out, they've been waiting for you, too. Long Alley Bicycles sets you up with the bike of your dreams (within a budget that keeps it real).

These guys specialize in refurbished bicycles but also carry new models as well. Long Alley is Halifax's official dealer of Opus, Masi and Evo for the newer bikes, and as for older ones, well, you'll just have to pop in and see for yourself. The selection is always changing, so you can afford to wait for that "when you know, you know" moment.

If you've already adopted the perfect bike, Long Alley can help you keep your bff well and alive with their set of services. Need a flat tire fix? Their "Tall Cold Pint" will do the trick. Or go all in and enjoy the "Five Course Extravaganza" for a complete rebuild of your bike. They serve it all, plus some enjoyable $5-10 side dishes.  

Long Alley Bicycles, 6164 Quinpool Road

Gourmet On-The-Go

Cozy up by an intimate fire on a Friday night and enjoy the beautiful open-concept space that is the new Morris East location. This neighbourhood restaurant is completely Instagram-worthy, especially with the warming pizza oven decorating the background.

Morris East is all about connecting over pizza, and they're set up to accommodate your next big celebration. Bring your birthday parties and wedding anniversaries over, or just pop in for after-work drinks and choose between their eight craft beers on tap or signature cocktails.

Treat yourself to a gourmet pizza or pasta dish and a fresh salad to pair, and you definitely can't skip out on dessert! Their salted caramel tarts are baked in-house by a local pastry chef and are by far the best dessert in Halifax.

If you're in a rush, you can now eat on-the-go in style with their new Slice Shop. Bring Morris East's famous lumberjack pizza with you, so you never have to miss out on bacon, caramelized onion and maple drizzle goodness.   

Morris East, 1984 Vernon Street

Browsing for Beets, Eats and Vegan Treats

With the cold season approaching, our immune systems need a little kick into high gear. Organic Earth Market has everything we need to keep our bodies healthy inside and out.

From screening every ingredient in their grocery and natural body care products, to constantly picking up more local goods, this little gem of a market does so much for the community in terms of health and wellness.

Organic Earth even offers 10 percent off on Tuesdays for students, making it easy to stay healthy when you're back to hitting the books. Whether you're a student or not, it can still be tricky to maintain your healthy practices. That's what their prepared food section is for. You can find everything from delicious in-house baked vegan treats, to fully packed meals and 100 percent organic produce to get you through your busy day. Who says you can't have your cake and eat your veggies too?  

Organic Earth Market, 6487 Quinpool Road

Saving Soles

Bring your footwear favourites back to life at Quinpool Shoe Repair. With some high-quality dye, new colourful soles and some shine, you'll think they're brand new—and so will everyone else. That's why we've trusted them with our shoe repair needs since 1958.

If you've been in before, get ready for a surprise—they're in a new location right across the street. But the shop is still a little slice of NYC. Look around the walls and say hello to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra as you get your shoes shined.

There's nothing Quinpool Shoe Repair can't do between key cutting, waterproofing by hand, rubber soles for winter and heel and zipper fixes. You can even trust them with your belts and leather purses. Did we mention they have the tools to fix sports equipment and to sharpen your skates? And why not get some colourful new laces while you're at it? Your pieces deserve the best, and they help maintain the things we love so we never have to say goodbye. Quinpool Shoe Repair, 6424 Quinpool Road

Representing Nova Scotian Artists

Secord Gallery is our source for both contemporary fine art and expert custom framing, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of their expansion and establishment of the gallery.

As one of the longest-established galleries and independent custom framing shops in the region, Secord is passionate about the importance of art and the contemporary Nova Scotian artists who create it.

The 25th anniversary series on display features the work of Leya Evelyn and Steve Farmer. Leya is perhaps Nova Scotia's best-known abstract painter, and Steve is well-known as a NSCAD instructor and creator of amazing photographs of exceptional marine and industrial subject matter.

Secord wants to celebrate the remarkable talent found in Nova Scotia with you, and is always eager to discuss the artists, and to assist in your art purchases, including alternative payment methods such as leasing to buy. The gallery also provides experienced and creative framing consultation, an amazing selection of mouldings and expert crafting.  

Secord Gallery, 6301 Quinpool Road

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Guided Tour - Downtown Halifax

Halifax’s centre may be a political and business capital, but it’s also an inviting place for the rest of us, with great boutiques and unforgettable eating to discover.

Posted on Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:00 AM

East coast crafts
The crisp white walls house everything you've needed to say but have never had the words for before now. Whether you're from the East Coast or beyond, the cards at Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique are relatable but with a quirky, you-never-would-have-thought-of-it-yourself, twist.

If you're a Haligonian, you'll recognize Inkwell by its 97-year-old working press which creates their Inkwell Originals. Out of towners: It's a must-see while you're visiting the area, and trust us, you'll be taking home a true Maritime souvenir. Inkwell carries a variety of over 200 independent artisans originating in Nova Scotia along with further corners of Canada as well as around the globe.

Now with their addition of pantry food items, you can pair your card design with a treat for the special occasion or just some authentic Canadian maple syrup for yourself. Inkwell Originals' unique flair is expanding into other sectors of Halifax, and in other cities as far away Ottawa and Vermont. But even with this growing list, they never lose their neighbourhood feel.

Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique, 2011 Brunswick Street

Ocean has so much to see
Friends and frames—isn't that all we ever need? The Ocean Optometry team started with a desire to work alongside their friends, and together they combined their knowledge to bring us the best (and most fashionable) care.

We've entrusted our friends at Ocean Optometry to always tell us what's in style, and recently they've incorporated a new collection from LA-based designer Blake Kuwahara. His frames take heartbreakingly chic to a new level with his subtly obvious edge. You'll want to show off their sleek simplicity the second you walk out their door.

At Ocean Optometry, they teeter the border between art and science with their fashion-forward angle to eye care. But who says you can't be both? In their care, you can have your cake and be able to see it, too.

Now it's easier than ever to book an appointment live directly online—connect at oceanoptometry.ca—and they make visiting them a breeze with new complimentary parking nearby. (Yes, you are reading that correctly: Ocean offers complimentary parking downtown.)

Ocean Optometry, 5240 Blowers Street

Carb overload
Strawberry buns, salted-caramel brownie cheesecake or coconut cream pie eclairs: It's not a satisfying morning until you've picked up your treat from The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe.

The sugar high is just the frosting on the cake that is the decadent baked goods, but the real kick is that everything is made fresh in-house. No need to feel guilty—it's all fresh ingredients in these pastries. Dine in or take it on the go—the products travel well and make for a great walk-to-work snack.

Their savoury is just as tempting as the sweet, especially when we're talking breakfast biscuits topped with homemade mayo and micro greens. Can't you already taste that flaky goodness? The Old Apothecary is a carb-lover's dream come true. With the smell of freshly baked bread filling the air, you won't be able to resist taking some home for the whole family.

The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe, 1549 Barrington Street

The best of country
Where can you go for an equally delicious breakfast or a fine whiskey sour? Only at Ruby's Rhinestone Reception & Lounge can you experience a little country flair in the HRM.

Breakfast at Ruby's means southern buttermilk breakfast biscuits, and lunch is begging you to try their tender fried chicken. Ruby's chefs are always experimenting and refining versions of classic homestyle foods. They take a little bit of history and bring it to 2018, even their atmosphere brings you back to the 1920s, right down to the historic building.

Their bar is built around a massive bank vault where you can put your elbows up and choose between the finest whiskies Halifax has to offer. Whether it's a ladies' night out or your next date night, come hungry or come for the joy of country music. Ruby's has live music every Friday and Saturday, and the best of country every other night.

Ruby's Rhinestone Reception & Lounge, 5187 Salter Street

Taste the quality
Looking at their menu, you'll only read the best natural ingredients. And speaking with the staff, you'll only receive the best service. At Verano Food Purveyors, they take pride in offering the premium on all fronts. With quality this good, you can taste it the minute you walk through the doors.

You can experience a different food journey each time you visit, and still the taste never wavers. Their authentic blend of Venezuelan and Mexican flavours will make your mouth water. Between the arepa with chicken, Cuban sandwich,or handmade soups, you can go in at any time of the day and leave satisfied (and wanting to come back for multiple meals).

Verano's commitment to their customers is "a smile with every bite" and it's hard to decide which makes you smile more: The food or the service. Their staff is some of the best in the HRM, constantly serving downtown wanderers with pleasure and, of course, a smile.

Verano Food Purveyors, 1871 Hollis Street

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Guided Tour - Hydrostone

Posted on Wed, May 16, 2018 at 6:50 PM

Halifax Seed
  • Halifax Seed

Make plans for wealth

Assante Hydrostone is a wealth management company that has been firmly rooted in the Hydrostone area since 2010. Their holistic approach to wealth planning examines a client's investment goals, retirement and estate plans, and even more. Assante's team is experienced and has the specialized knowledge to ensure that their clients have access to all options and ideas, and that nothing is overlooked.

In building strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients, Assante is committed to watching your goals come to life. By creating a personal and complete wealth plan for you, they'll make sure that you are on the right path to your financial success.

Assante Hydrostone is a proud supporter of many local charities, including Street Connection, Make-a-Wish and motionball for Special Olympics. They also sponsor the neighbourhood's annual tree-lighting ceremony—a highlight of the holiday season. Assante Hydrostone is a true cornerstone of the community.  

Assante Hydrostone, 5548 Kaye Street

Halifax's French oasis

Dreaming of a summer immersed in the French language? There's no need to fly off to Paris or Quebec, when an easy trip to the Hydrostone's Alliance Française Halifax helps bring the French to you.

Alliance Française provides the HRM with top-quality French courses to keep your language sharp and ready to use at a moment's notice. Their week-long intensive is perfect if you've been looking to move up a level and really challenge yourself. Come in for six-hour days, and you'll find yourself speaking French in your sleep!

Alliance Française's instructors are passionate about increasing your language proficiency, and that goes for developing or maintaining your kids' language skills as well. With structured weekly classes, watch your children's French improve as they have the opportunity to practice, move up a level and be completely school-ready come the fall term.

Alliance Française Halifax, 5509 Young Street

Coming home to the Hydro

North end neighbourhood real estate expert Edie Hancock is a must go-to if you're looking for property in the area. Not only has she been in real estate for more than 30 years, but she probably knows the Hydrostone area better than anyone.

You can always trust Edie to help you find the exact space that suits you in this ideal location. From furniture stores to restaurants to other shopping amenities, the north end is your next great home! The area is booming with new clients moving in; Fort Needham Park upgrading benches, lighting and adding in a new playground; and lots of upscale high-rise buildings being built.

The Hydrostone is readily accessible to anywhere in HRM, especially with both rotaries now complete—a quick five-minute drive along North Park Street will get you to downtown. Edie has all the tips to keep you satisfied in this up-and-coming area, all while staying connected with other parts of town.

Reach Edie Hancock at 902-456-9988

Planting ideas

With spring in full bloom, us gardeners are looking for the best of the best for our backyards, and we wouldn't have it any other way than to find our seeds at Canada's oldest family-run seed company. Celebrating 152 years this spring, Halifax Seed Company knows a thing or two about our planting needs.

Whether you're a veteran gardener or a newbie trying to make it on your own, the Halifax Seed team is here to support you with all of your gardening projects. Ask your questions, and make sure to take in-depth notes—these staff members offer knowledgeable advice to make sure your crop is successful.

Not an outdoorsy person? Halifax Seed also has a full selection of indoor house plants, succulents and trendy containers to pair with. This urban garden centre has it all, from vegetables, flowers and herbs, to shrubs, berries and more. They just can't get enough of plants, and neither can we.

Halifax Seed Company, 5860 Kane Street

A neighbourhood with Heart

They captured our hearts in 1995 and have been nourishing Halifax ever since. As if we couldn't get enough before, a new location of Heartwood Restaurant has opened its doors to the Hydrostone community and we couldn't be happier. Or hungrier!

Heartwood loves feeding the community, almost as much as we love tasting their delicious creations. They've already settled into the area and contributed daily vegetarian lunches to the pre-primaries at the Shambhala School. Between the original Quinpool Road restaurant, the new Heartwood Hydrostone and their Heartwood By The Sea waterfront location opening up this week, there's no going without. There's a Heartwood in every nook to play a healthy role in feeding and fuelling the hungry locals and tourists.

Their Hydrostone location is every plant-lover's dream, with greenery lining the windows, the luscious trees canopying just outside and their veggie eats satisfying your every craving. Patio season is calling, and you know you'll need a Heartwood Bowl there by your side.

Heartwood Hydrostone, 3061 Gottingen Street

The eyes have it

Lang Optometry & Eyewear bring us comfort and style all wrapped up in one. After meeting with Dr. Gaétan Lang or Dr. Christopher Poh for your appointment, be prepared to find the exact unique look that you've been searching for—we all see differently, shouldn't our frames be different too?

The team at Lang's stop at nothing to bring us the best and the boldest eyewear they can locate. In addition to their already exclusive lines like Bruno Choussignand, Gaétan and his team have found another perfect addition to the family. Originating in Belgium, the brand "Theo" have that fashion-forward, colourful edge that Lang's is known for. By mixing primary colours with a variety of accents, there is a perfect match for every personality and face shape.

Theo, like Lang's, goes beyond the ordinary to show the HRM the beauty of colour possibilities and textures that will make your face pop. Lang Optometry & Eyewear, 5550 Kaye Street

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Guided Tour - Downtown Dartmouth

If you’ve never really visited Dartmouth, you’re missing out. And if you haven’t been there lately, it’s time to go back.

Posted on Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 5:57 PM

Scenes of Downtown Dartmouth, clockwise from above: Taste at The Canteen, grow with Urban Gardens, enjoy the great outdoors. - SUBMITTED
  • Scenes of Downtown Dartmouth, clockwise from above: Taste at The Canteen, grow with Urban Gardens, enjoy the great outdoors.

The ultimate gift-giver

Kept Gifts & Housewares, 75 King Street

Scrambling last minute to get that special someone a gift? Is your mom someone who says she wants nothing but would actually really love something? Kept takes the hassle out of your search by being your one-stop gift shop for the picky present receiver in your life.

Everyone wants to be a good gift-giver, and Kept makes it easy. You can leave it to the last minute and stop in on your way to the birthday party, wedding or special event, because you know they'll have you covered. From the cheeky cards, to the well-designed goodies, right down to the beautiful packaging, they have internationally sourced and locally made products to make your gift-giving effortless. Kept keeps it even easier and offers online shopping in April and May for those who can't make it over the bridge!

You'll walk in for someone else and walk out with a long list of gift-ideas for yourself. Alfter all, their slogan is "Everything you want to give and get."

Live more, stress less

Living Lighting Home Decor / Progressive Cabinets and Millwork, 560 Windmill Road

Brighten your day with 10,000 square feet of lighting at Living Lighting. The family operated business has been providing us with all of our lighting needs for 14 years. They continue to handle the "behind the scenes" layout work for us and never fail to provide customers—in Dartmouth and beyond—with recommendations and technical aspects so we don't have any stress added to our lighting projects.

Their fashion-forward showroom keeps up with current trends through an inventory rotation, but always offers clients classic pieces that fit within every space. With 40+ suppliers, and Atlantic Canada's largest selection for residential, commercial and hospitality lighting, you're sure to find something in your style and budget.

Their team adds to the light environment with their lively personalities and passion for the products, which shines through in each project they work on. They're all certified through the American Lighting Association, so you can feel confident knowing that you are dealing with the best.

The same vibrant environment is found with the five professional kitchen designers in Living Lighting's sister store: Progressive Cabinets. They specialize in local, custom cabinetry design and manufacturing, focusing on residential, multi-unit and commercial spaces. From design to installation, they'll be with you through every step of your project.

Leave your confusion at the door, and their staff will pick it up for you–they're determined to make your choosing experience effortless. They'll help you pick a custom design that fits your lifestyle and budget and one that suits the desired look and feel of your space. Stay within your comfort zone or add a current flare to the design features. Your options are endless.

The team is constantly joking with each other and their clients, making you forget you had a choice to make in the first place. Between these two stores, you'll have all of your lighting and kitchen design needs met with ease, and none of the stress.

Southern Italy next door

Il Trullo Ristorante, 67 King's Wharf Place

In need of a vacation? Il Trullo brings the feel of southern Italy right to Downtown Dartmouth for you. Sit amongst the natural structure based off a trullo, the unique conical roof found in southern Italy, and let yourself be transported to its home region of Puglia.

Who needs to hop on a plane when you have the clean atmosphere with the view of the water right here? Il Trullo ties the Mediterranean vibe together with light olive-oil based sauces and incorporating local fish into the menu items. With homemade traditional lasagnas and squid ink spaghetti, you're sure to get your Italian fix.

Il Trullo doesn't just use the idea of natural structure, they also incorporate recycled materials to make the interior space sustainable. The owners are passionate about sustainability and have trained their staff on their aggressive recycling and composting program. With its compostable take-away containers instead of plastic, eating at Il Trullo really does mean going back to our natural elements.

Flavours of Dartmouth

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, 163 Portland Street

Hop on the ferry and take in the entire Dartmouth experience. Stroll down by the harbour, visit quirky retail shops and explore all of the novelty that can be found in the emerging neighbourhoods. With the Downtown area growing into a compact community, you can find something to do no matter what mood you're in.

Tim Rissesco, Executive Director with the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, says that "Downtown Dartmouth is home to many of the most celebrated independent shops and restaurants around, and the highlight has to be the growing food and drink sector.

"This scene is growing, and we have some of the best patios in the city. We're even getting two new craft breweries and a cidery this year. It's incredibly exciting," he adds. Already home to so many of our favourite go-to spots, the existing businesses welcome any new members to the Dartmouth family and are excited to share the wealth of downtown.

The wait is over

Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie / Habaneros Modern Taco Bar, 380 Pleasant Street and 600 Windmill Road

You may see these guys popping up all over the HRM, but that hasn't compromised their loyalty to fresh food. Both Cheese Curds and Habaneros were founded in Nova Scotia and remain imbedded in the community with their made-in-house recipes. The majority of menu items are made from scratch and with just one bite you can taste the difference.

Founded by retired Navy cook Bill Pratt, Cheese Curds and Habaneros appeal to the picky eaters and the foodies. Whether you're a vegan, live with celiac or love your meats, you'll never go hungry as long as they're around. They're always changing up recipes, but they notice what's a hot seller and brought back the original chicken recipe and Bombay Vegan Curry for that reason. Bill always leaves room for the originals in the midst of novelty.

This family owned restaurant knows what works and they're determined to experiment until they've found the perfect taste—their slogan is "It's Worth the Wait" for a reason.

Designs through the decades

Retrospekt, 166 Ochterloney Street

Step through Retrospekt's door and travel back in time. Their mid-century modern furniture dates back to the 1950s and each piece has its own story to tell. The house is tailored to the furniture, where each room is created with an authentic feel, so you can visualize exactly where each piece belongs in your own home.

Wander through 1,500 square feet of space on two floors where you'll find sculptured floor lamps and Danish desks in the office, plus sexy bars and sideboards in the kitchen. Retrospekt has a little bit of everything for the collector and novice alike. Their furniture is restored and ready to last another 60 years.

Made by renowned designers and furniture makers of the period, these unique pieces are going to be the talking point of all of your social gatherings. Whether you purchase a new sofa, accent chair, bedroom set or wall unit, you'll be owning a piece of furniture that is authentic, versatile and timeless.

A family dream

Seamus David's Pub, 21 Logiealmond Close

Owning her own business is Beverly's dream come true, and it's ours too! Seamus David Pub brings local heart to the Dartmouth Crossing area, and is feeding us home-cooked meals before and after our shopping trips.

Located in an area surrounded by woods makes for a transporting country setting (and an amazing view during the summer patio season). After expanding in October and adding an extra 50 seats, there's plenty of room to host a private gathering, or to bring the entire gang in for their famous home-cooked style shepherd's pie, Guinness Irish stew, and juicy burgers.

Pop by on the weekend to listen to live local talent while you pair your meal with any of the 17 draught choices. Keep an eye out for daily deals served by the best staff around–most of them have been with Beverly from the very start and will treat you like part of the family, too!

Sewing community

Seam Work, 60 Queen Street, Unit A

When the space beside Urban Gardens Limited opened up, owner Adrienne knew that the growing Downtown Dartmouth was exactly where she wanted her business to be. Seam Work is a sewing studio with six working sewing machines and a heart for community teaching.

Adrienne has been a quilter for 20 years and shares her acquired knowledge with everyone who walks through the door. In addition to her open studio time, where sewers can come in and rent a machine for $7 an hour, Adrienne offers classes that stretch from beginner level to advanced, and succeeds at appealing to every skill level of sewer and maker.

Adrienne provides everything from scissors and mats to cutters—makers just have to bring their own fabric and she'll provide the rest. Seam Work is a space where like-minded people can gather together to learn and create, and sit with people who speak their same language.

A twist on the classic

The Watch That Ends The Night, 15 King's Wharf Place

The Watch that Ends the Night walks the line between restaurant and cocktail bar. With over 200 bottles of premium spirits to create their well-executed cocktails and with their contemporary rotating dinner and brunch menus, it's safe to say that this mid-century destination can do both.

Chef Mark Gray strives to use locally sourced ingredients to bring a multicultural flair to his Canadian contemporary vision and is a wiz with a charcuterie board (he even cures his own meats and seafood on site). On the cocktail side, their bartending team is constantly tweaking recipes to find the best versions of the classics. Try their Old Fashioned or Mai Tai on for size. Original cocktail menus change seasonally to keep it fresh and exciting.

What's more, The Watch contends to be the premier wine destination on the Dartmouth side of the harbour. With 75 seats overlooking the water and Halifax skyline, you can enjoy a mix of adventurous and comforting in all departments.

Sprouting near you

Urban Gardens Limited, 60 Queen Street

The Dartmouth community is filled with avid gardeners, and Urban Gardens Limited was created to be the one-stop green shop for all of your horticultural needs. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to hear about your next project and offer you the best advice combined with quality products made from recycled materials.

Their love for tinkering and growing sustainably has inspired a strong background in hydroponics, but rather than specializing in one type of thing, they have their hands in multiple plotting grounds. Urban Gardens offers a wide selection of house plants, mums sprouting seeds, hand and garden tools and both indoor and outdoor gardening supplies.

The retail store keeps it local from start to finish, and has access to greener technology to help take you there. Urban Gardens Limited is passionate about bringing you health from your own backyard, whether it's nutritious and delicious or relaxing and spiritual, they'll help you find wellness through your garden.

The change agents

Tara MacDonald Fit Club, 133 Baker Drive, Suite 103

Summer is on its way, and we know what that means? Hiking, swimming and everything else active! It can be tricky to get back into the swing of things, but Tara at Tara MacDonald Fit Club makes it easy and comfortable to get your workout groove back.

They are a personal training club for men and women, and open to all ages and sizes. No matter where you are in your fitness regime, Tara and her team are devoted to helping you make the decision for change—it's what they do!

Customize your workout to suit you, or make some friends in their offered group fitness classes. TRX, Yoga and Zumba are all a perfect combination to help you sweat, stretch and teach you some new dance moves. Tara MacDonald Fit Club is part of the Baker Drive Health & Wellness Group, which includes their club sponsor Soles in Motion, so you have an entire plaza rooting for you to get your health on.

It's a whole new bar game

St. Louis Bar & Grill, 547 Portland Street, Penhorn Plaza

Everyone needs a friendly neighbourhood sports bar, and if you don't have your go-to place yet, then St. Louis Bar & Grill is cheering your name. Watch the game alone and meet like-minded fans around you, or bring the entire gang for your Sunday night tradition. It's time you found a new bar routine.

Even if you're not a sports fan and are being dragged out by your friends, there's no better place to be stuck than somewhere with famous garlic dill sauce–perfectly creamy to top your wings or fries. Lucky you, they have specials on 7-days-a-week, so no matter what your craving for bar food will be more than satisfied.

Join them for live music on Saturdays or to cheer on your favourite team. The atmosphere and service will leave you buzzing even if you haven't had a beer, and before you know it, you'll be coming every week.

Brunch is just the beginning

The Canteen, 22 Portland Street

Saturdays mornings are meant for brunch, and what better place to start your weekend than at our go-to spot, The Canteen on Portland. This feel-good neighbourhood restaurant is part of the downtown Dartmouth experience. You can't miss it: Just step off the ferry, walk 150 steps from the terminal and you'll spot the vibrant green facade.

This 2017 Best of Halifax awards recipient has won over our hearts (and our stomachs) with classic, locally inspired dishes. Chef Renée Lavallée adds her own twist to familiar dishes such as steak frites, our favourite haddock burger and her award-winning seafood chowder.

The combination of a great selection of craft beers, local wines and top-notch service makes return visits a necessity.

Can't stick around? Their sister restaurant, Little C (located next door), helps you bring The Canteen taste home with you with their take-away dinners, sandwiches, salads and soups.

They're always coming up with something fresh, and we can promise they're cooking up something special for this summer season—stay tuned!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Guided Tour Quinpool Road

Today’s Quinpool has changed from travel artery to thriving high street of the west end. Drop by the QuinFest celebration on Saturday to share the vibe of a neighbourhood on the rise.

Quinpool rewards visitors with great restaurants, interesting shops and hidden gems like Oddfellows Barbershop. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Quinpool rewards visitors with great restaurants, interesting shops and hidden gems like Oddfellows Barbershop.
  • submitted photo

QuinFun at the QuinFest

You can start your day off with a creamy latte, check those groceries off your to-do list, do your banking, then still have time to treat yourself to lunch. Quinpool Road has it all ready for you, and you don't have to go far—it's a straight shot! Don't forget, many businesses are pet friendly, so your four-legged friends can enjoy Quinpool too!

The business community is ever-growing, with our favourite staples expanding, plus new businesses introducing themselves to the neighbourhood. Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association ensures that each new addition always receives a warm welcome into the Quinpool Road family.

QRMDA is celebrating their members with the 10th annual QuinFest: Family Fun Day on Saturday, September 23 from 11am to 3pm. Enjoy free food samples from some restaurants, a bouncy castle and carnival games for all of you kids at heart, and stay for the live entertainment. Whatever fun you like, Quinpool Road has got you covered!
Check out the full QuinFest events lineup at quinfest.com

Little heaven on Organic Earth

Organic Earth Market is your place for fresh, in-season fruits and veggies, where the aisles are filled with healthy snacks that you can't resist, and you're guaranteed to find an open kombucha bottle in your cart by the end of your shopping trip. Organic Earth is your local grocery alternative, and it won't break the budget.

Organic Earth satisfies your pre-shopping hunger with their open smoothie bar, has your vitamins available before flu-season hits and has ready-made food for you to take home when you're in a hurry. You've asked, and this one-stop shop has listened—it's increased its hours to 8am-9pm Mon-Sat, and 10am-6pm on Sundays.

The conveniences are endless, especially with the brand-new local businesses and products added to the mix, so now you'll practically never have to leave. When Organic Earth isn't providing you with an organic alternative, they're updating their outdoor signage. Stay turned for what puns and rhymes they'll come up with next!
Organic Earth Market, 6485 Quinpool Road

Handcrafted just for you

A sparkling trio at Trinity Jewellers. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • A sparkling trio at Trinity Jewellers.
  • Submitted photo

Bring in your inherited jewellery and let them craft a custom ring that you'll be able to cherish forever. Trinity Jewellers is here to re-purpose your family heirloom, and make sure that you never lose a piece of history. Trinity knows that classic jewellery never needs to go out of style.

Trinity Jewellers supports and carries Canadian-made and designed jewellery brands like BIKO, Sara Kelly, Plum & Posey, AM Chagnon, JewelleryByDuc and Foxy Original. Or stay hip with the trend, and pick up another Alex & Ani charm for your collection.

Trinity keeps busy during wedding and engagement season, but this local business will make sure that your ring is one-of-a-kind, just like you, and you'll always feel like a priority when you walk through their doors. This is why they are still the top place to go for any jewellery repair in the HRM.
Trinity Jewellers, 6226 Quinpool Road

I heart Heartwood

The smell of freshly cooked vegetables fills the air the moment you walk in, and you know that you're in for a treat. Heartwood restaurant appeals to the super-green active vegetarian, the cheese lovers and all the way to you meatless-Monday folk. You'll wonder how health could taste this good?

Close your eyes and check out the chef's surprise when you pick the "wild card pizza." This dish is perfect for all of you brave foodies who are willing to try anything. You may end up with a bean burger, tofu, spinach and artichoke mix on top of the kamut crust and homemade caesar dressing. Is your mouth watering yet?

Heartwood is the perfect spot to sit with a smoothie by the window, or to pair your first date with a bottle of local wine. Their combination of fun-loving staff and cozy lighting makes for the perfect ambiance, no matter the occasion.
Heartwood, 6250 Quinpool Road

Permanent impress

Are you itching to get a new tattoo? Have you had one on your mind and just haven't found the right artist for you? Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio has a wide variety of resident tattoo artists who are happy to brainstorm one-on-one with you to suit the style that you're looking for. Or if you're feeling brave, you can go on and try one of their featured guest artists from out of town.

Adept's artists specialize in custom artwork, and know how important it is to get the perfect design ready to permanently ink. If tattoos aren't your thing, pop in for a piercing. The Quinpool location welcomes walk-ins everyday so you can afford to be spontaneous. The studio has been open since 2006 and continues to provide the HRM with state of the art equipment and ink, and large selection of jewellery.
Adept Tattoos & Body Piercing Studio, 6265 Quinpool Road

Social dining in the Six

They are new to the Quinpool area but this neighbourhood restaurant fits right in. Six303 Eatery's ambiance is chic and urban, and if you peek over to the green wall, you may notice some familiar Halifax street names to make you feel connected to your city, and with them.

Six303 is your new brunch spot, or your chance to test your painting skills on PaintNite Tuesdays. This eatery pulls out all the stops to make sure they're sending you home with your belly full of some of the city's best calamari, or their signature Six303 burger, and you can go ahead and book your reservation online. You'll never want to cook for yourself again.

Join them for Wine Tasting Wednesdays and live music with Jon Cyr on Thursdays, and football fans better keep an eye out for their Patriots-themed menu. So what are you waiting for? Six303 is waiting to get social with you.
Six303 Eatery, 6303 Quinpool Road

Top class in glasses

Tired of seeing double? Imagine walking out your door with a unique style that's all your own. That's what you'll get with Gaudet Optical. Gaudet attracts the curious with their distinguished eyewear, and Gaudet's unique clients wear their glasses with confidence. Swap out those gold earrings—glasses are the new statement accessory.

They have a wide selection from over a thousand frames in store, and no frame is the same, because everyone at Gaudet Optical feels that each frame is made for one face. Be curious and try on a pair that you wouldn't normally; the staff is experienced, friendly and they're all rocking many of their own styles of frames and are eager to help you find yours.

Glasses make a person stand out, and are a representation of who that person is. Are you soft...bold...colourful? However you need to express yourself, Gaudet has a frame.
Gaudet Optical, 6465 Quinpool Road

A slice of The Big Apple

We call them "Little New York" because it's the restaurant that never sleeps. Walk by at 1pm or 4am and you'll see the lights on, the hard-working staff making customers laugh, the smell of sweet cheesy goodness in the air. Freeman's Little New York has been satisfying our midnight cravings since 1956, and boy do they have us hooked.

At Freeman's you can pick it all, and at any hour. With them being open 24 hours, you can meet your friends at this popular community breakfast spot, or grab lunch on the go. Just can't get through the week without your dose of Freeman's signature nachos and pizza? Don't worry; they'll still be there. Can't go to them? Well, it's a good thing Freeman's delivers until 5am so that you never have to go without. The Freeman's vibe will transport you right into the heart of New York, and have you eating like a New Yorker too.
Freeman's Little New York, 6092 Quinpool Road

Total passion for local culture

"Flowers For Maud" at Secord Gallery. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • "Flowers For Maud" at Secord Gallery.
  • Submitted photo

Secord Gallery is one of the longest-established galleries and independent custom framing shops in the region. Part of the Quinpool family since 1979, the gallery is a source for both contemporary fine art and expert custom framing. 

Secord is passionate about the importance of art and the contemporary Nova Scotian artists who create it. The gallery represents both well-known and emerging artists, including realist painters Alan Bateman, Paul Hannon and Steven Rhude, and ceramic artists like Alexandra McCurdy and Sally Ravindra. Secord also features sculptors, landscape and figure painters, printmakers, and interpretive and abstract painters who are showcased in Secord's series of exhibitions every year. 

Secord wants to celebrate the remarkable talent found in Nova Scotia with you, and is always eager to discuss the artists, and to assist in your art purchases, including alternative payment methods such as leasing to buy. The gallery also provides experienced and creative framing consultation, an amazing selection of mouldings and careful, expert workmanship.
Secord Gallery, 6301 Quinpool Road

Welcome home to the Athens

Ever wish you were born into a Greek family, if only just for the food? Congratulations, we've found your perfect home! When you come through the doors at Athens Restaurant, the Panopalis family will adopt you for a meal or two. (Don't worry, they won't tell your "real" family.)

Athens is meant for the whole gang. They have something for the vegetarian in your family, or even a separate kid's menu for your picky eater. It's so easy to find something for everyone, and did we mention that everything is made from scratch? Their ingredients are locally sourced when possible, but can we really blame them for using authentic Greek spices?

Their menu has some overwhelmingly delicious options, but it's easy to pick when Athens offers sampler plates, serves breakfast daily and has endless options stretching beyond Greek food. Come hungry, and get your fix right on Quinpool Road.
Athens Restaurant, 6273 Quinpool Road

Find your swole mate

Everything should feel right, from the cushion to the handlebars, to the feeling that you get when you first see it. Take your time, look around and test-ride every bike in the shop if you'd like. Building a bike and finding its perfect match is what Long Alley Bicycles specializes in.

Even if you're in a committed relationship, you can bring your old flame in and the guys at Long Alley will have it looking brand new. They are passionate about what they do, and if they can salvage any part, they will.

Long Alley takes away the stress of bike maintenance, and their services menu makes you feel like you're visiting a restaurant. You can grab a "tall cold pint" with them—a flat tire fix. Or get a "side of poutine"—a drivetrain scrub. What more could you ask for when taking care of the love of your life?

Don't miss their end of season clear-out sale: Thirty percent off bikes and 50 percent savings on select helmets.
Long Alley Bicycles, 6164 Quinpool Road, Unit A

Order up!

Whether you're a Halifax local, or you've visited a time or two, you can't say you know the city until you've had a classic Ardmore Tea Room experience. Ardmore is where you go when you want an authentic diner atmosphere that takes you back into the '50s, right down to the portion sizes.

Ardmore invites you into its booths to indulge in that classic Canadian breakfast that your stomach has been aching for, and you can have it anytime with their all-day breakfast option. (Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?)

Top your visit off with some blueberry pancakes or out-of-this-world milkshake, and if you feel like you're stumbling out, you did Ardmore right.

Ardmore is simple because it can be, and you'll be thinking about your breakfast here all the way home. Ardmore is the Halifax experience. You'll be sad to leave, but Ardmore will always be waiting for you when you return.
Ardmore Tea Room, 6499 Quinpool Road

An oasis of Oddfellows

Just finding Oddfellows is part of the fun. - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Just finding Oddfellows is part of the fun.
  • Submitted photo

You wouldn't know it to see it. First you've got to make your way through the board boutique that is Pro Skates, then hop through some obstacles and voila! Once you find Oddfellows Barbershop, you'll be glad you went hunting.

This quirky living room-style barbershop likes the idea of being tucked away; it's part of their charm. When you happen upon them it's like a fun game, and if you make it through, you're in the club for life. Oddfellows intrigues you with its super-secret location, and totally delivers with that extra care to make sure your trim is just right.

This relaxing environment also offers you the full therapeutic shaving experience, with straight razor shaves, beard trims and men's grooming products. You'll walk in as a stranger, but leave feeling like a friend.
Oddfellows Barbershop, 6451 Quinpool Road

Hole wheat

You'll hear Gerry singing an ode to his unforgettable bagels, and as you start getting closer, you'll spot his spinning sign and infamous bagel song and dance. Once you've made it this far, there's no way you haven't smelled the intoxicating rising sourdough. If you are still resisting going inside East Coast Bakery on Quinpool Road, you've been eating the wrong bagels, friend.

This bakery has created a special hybrid bagel for all us east coasters by breeding local wild yeast with a flour-and-water mix, and thus their sourdough was born!

The bagels are baked in store every day, and to make your dozen you can mix and match between the onion-all-in, sesame, pretzel and more. You can also dress your bagel up by grabbing a bagel-wich at any of the 11 local restaurants that serve East Coast Bagels. Carb lovers have a special thing coming for them.
East Coast Bakery, 6257 Quinpool Road

A magic patty ride

Put your phone away, close your eyes and let your senses awaken to the ultimate burger experience. Relish Gourmet Burgers uses traditional French culinary techniques, all while using locally conscious ingredients, to bring you the best gourmet burger in town. Your taste buds will be thanking you.

From vegan to beef options, Relish likes to spice up the patty so that you'll never get bored. You won't be able to keep up with their ongoing burger specials like the famous Donair sliders, Chips n Dip burger, or the Big Wack. These guys are Burger Week champions for a reason.

Everything at Relish is made right there; try the kale Caesar salad's house made dressing with veggies from Common Roots Urban Farm just across the road. This way, you can finish your burger, and then walk over and see where the kale was grown! Just bite the burger already, and get ready to say hello to your new favourite burger joint.
Relish Gourmet Burgers, 6024 Quinpool Road

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Guided Tour: Spring Garden

As thriving home to over 360 retail, corporate and professional businesses, it’s clear why the Spring Garden Road area is recognized as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Posted on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 6:12 PM


Spring is humming

With its core bookended by the award-winning Halifax Central Library and world-renowned Halifax Public Gardens, you can have a world of experiences when you step foot in the Spring Garden area. Grab lunch, do some shopping and stroll through the streets with friends. So go out and explore your favourite neighbourhood, and celebrate the uniqueness of Spring Garden. Halifax Public Gardens, Spring Garden Road at South Park Street, and Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road

Printed matters

Let's go back to the days of leisure, and meet up with some old friends along the way. Grab your minimalist pal Kinfolk for a trendy coffee, or pick up that Archie comic that used to bring you such joy. Take some time and get lost in one of the last independent newsstands in Canada, where you can satisfy that travel itch without leaving home. Atlantic News is the perfect destination spot to reconnect with those old flames of yours. With 5,000 magazine titles, you'll have a hard time leaving here without full arms. Brace yourself. Someone will have to physically drag you out of this adult candy store. They even have some of the best cards in the city. You'll take one look at Nova Scotian artist Rude Love's custom cards and feel like someone finally understands your humour. So why not spend a few hours to yourself? Your adventure is waiting for you. Atlantic News, 5560 Morris Street

On the Mappatura

Take a picturesque stroll through to the "other side" of the Public Gardens, where you'll find the enchanting atmosphere of Mappatura Bistro. Let yourself be transported out of the country with their Italian-inspired bistro flair that is sure to feed your soul. Their welcoming staff will have you smiling the minute you walk in, which is all part of your culinary experience at Mappatura. You'll start with the crispy calamari appetizer with spicy tomato, black olives and pickled vegetables, and feel like you could leave happy right then and there. But it doesn't end there—and you'll be itching in your seat to get a taste of your main course. You'll get a taste of Mappatura's bourbon and chicken confit crema on your ravioli, and want to bottle it up take it home. Leave some room, and finish your experience with a traditional espresso and a dark chocolate crème brulee...or two. Mappatura Bistro, 5883 Spring Garden Road

A world of tastes

Pop over to your home away from home, and let Pete's Fine Foods be your open pantry. Grab something out of the Best of Britain section, and then pair your dish with some of the local Nova Scotian offerings. At Pete's Fine Foods you can have the best of both worlds, and everything between—they've been bringing you the freshest and finest for 25 years. Stop into Pete's when you want to make your next unique recipe. From vegan options, local produce and custom cut meat, to finding those Marks and Spencer biscuits you fell in love with on your trip to England—there's nothing you can't find here. Pete's Fine Foods, 1515 Dresden Row

Fitness that's fun

Get funky with your fitness and dare to flip your world upside-down. Literally. After shopping at Pete's, head on upstairs to Studio in Essence to have a little acrobatic fun, all while increasing your strength, flexibility, and self-confidence. Studio in Essence has fitness classes for all ages and body types, and has highly qualified instructors who listen to your needs.

They can even help you bring fitness and fun together for a way to bond with your bridal team: Just book a pole dance, burlesque or aerial class for your next bachelorette party. But you don't have to be getting married to fly with your friends. Studio in Essence hosts birthday parties for adults and children, and offers youth circus classes and summer camps where your little monkey can put their energy to good use. Let your feet off the ground, and fly out of your comfort zone. Studio In Essence, 1535 Dresden Row, Suite 203

Join the pub

After a long day at the office, there's nothing like grabbing a co-worker, and sitting down at your favourite neighbourhood pub. The kind of place with a classic sitcom pub vibe, like The Fickle Frog Pub. One visit, and soon enough you'll find yourself recommending it for every gathering. At The Fickle Frog, you can let all of your worries slip away into your pint—the hardest decision you'll have to make is picking between 26 of the beers on tap.

The Fickle Frog is always hopping, and it never makes you wait until the weekend for the good stuff; they have plenty going on for all of you weekday crawlers. Get your amateur lungs ready for the Tuesday karaoke night, or put your liberal arts degree to good use with Fickle Frog Trivia Night Wednesdays. With their juicy burger deals, perfect pizzas and munch-worthy appetizers, there's plenty to hop about.

The Fickle Frog Pub, 5675 Spring Garden Road

The wheel deal

Are you looking to change your body? SPINCO Halifax is ready to help you create the change in your mind. Jump on your bike, and go along for the ride. One team. One bike. A 50-minute journey. SPINCO is reinventing the wheel to help create the change you've been looking for. 

SPINCO is nothing that can be defined through a written text—there's a feeling that riders are overcome with the minute they walk through the doors. The lights are kept low, and the beats are as high as you'll feel from the endorphins. You won't be able to shake this feeling; it lingers long after the class is over. 

Don't risk missing out—book your bike today for their opening day. Your spin family is excited to ride with you, and is waiting for you to say yes to life without limits. 

5481 Clyde Street, Suite 104 (off Birmingham Street)

Your stylist awaits

This high-energy team is ready to give you an exclusive experience. Sit back, relax and let the stylists at Thumpers Salon do what they know best. Thumpers Salon has some of the leading stylists in the city, so no matter whom you go to, you'll be walking out feeling like a brand-new you. The stylists are accommodating and knowledgeable, and for all you curly-girls, you can trust them with your frizzy hair—don't worry, they can manage.

Thumpers Salon offers some of the most prestigious products from New York City, LA, Miami and London, and carries lines like Oribe, Bumble and bumble, R+CO, and more. The Salon has also set up online purchasing for their products, so you can take that post-salon confidence wherever you go. Bring your new 'do to the next level, take advantage of Thumpers' high-quality service and fall in love with getting your hair done all over again.

Thumpers Salon, 1445 South Park Street

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guided Tour Downtown Halifax

Some buildings have grown taller, and the construction feels endless, but in that there is hope. There is renewal, growth and opportunity for more. Walking down Barrington, you can feel the resurgence of energy happening in downtown Halifax.

Posted on Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 6:33 PM


Get Inkwell soon

Sometimes it feels like you can't keep up with all of the occasions happening in your life. Maybe you even dread that awkward birthday moment where you'll read three of the same card and have to smile out of politeness. But then, you open up that one card that is exactly you.

Inkwell Boutique is the solution for all of your moments of holiday writer's block, and somehow knows exactly what you want to say to your quirky mom on Mother's Day. They know the way to your dad's punny heart, and their card designs will make you wish you had never given up on art.

With the opening of their new light-filled location, Inkwell has made room to display its 96-year-old letterpress, and has expanded on both local and international handmade products, adding even more to their jewellery, apothecary, home ware, accessories and baby collections. Make gift-giving fun again, and let Inkwell do the thinking for you. Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio, 2011 Brunswick Street

Medicine tailored to you

Figuring out what is right for your health can be a challenge. Whether you're looking for teen counselling, naturopathic medicine, health coaching or even more specialized services, Bespoke Clinic fills in the gaps to help you understand what is really going on with your health. Their diverse team goes beyond treating your symptoms and focuses on educating, guiding and inspiring you to live your full health potential.

By being in the pedestrian-friendly downtown neighbourhood, the clinic is accessible to those living or working in the area—they'll have you beginning your health journey just by going to your appointment.

The Bespoke Clinic team believes in the freedom of health. Their strength comes from their ability to work together to create a customized treatment plan that provides you with lasting results. If you're looking for support for your health, Bespoke is where you'll find it.  Bespoke Clinic, 1809 Barrington Street, Suite B100

This is the Life

Experience Life SalonSpa, where the services are customized and focused on individuality. They dare you to be your authentic self and treat you like the unique individual that you are. Continue your experience at home with a vial of your own custom-blended aroma. You'll leave feeling beautified, purified and stress-free. 

Life SalonSpa artists use natural pigments and blend them together to create the perfect hair colour that is only yours. Even their Aveda brand begs you to be original. Take a little aroma journey through your chakras during your next facial, pedicure or during a hot steamed towel while you enjoy a scalp massage at the back bar. They even feature Aveda barbering services for your modern grooming needs! Freshly moved into a gorgeous new downtown location, Life SalonSpa is here to recharge you and bring Life to Barrington. Life SalonSpa, 1592 Barrington Street

Your piece of the coast

Amos Pewter's handcrafted jewellery, ornaments and home decor designs are inspired by maritime nature and surroundings. These creations are sure to leave you pining for the ocean and wanting to take every bit of it home with you.

Want to see the process of how they cast their products from molten pewter? You can just ask the artisans, they'll be happy to show you. Like the Amos Pewter locations in PEI, Peggys Cove and Mahone Bay, while you're visiting the harbourside downtown Halifax location, you can take part in a hands-on experience. This year, visitors can hand-finish a Canada 150 coin or the signature sand dollar, where with every purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to the Bluenose Costal Action Foundation.

Pick out a beach treasure that makes you think of your stroll along the seashore, or a lighthouse to remind you of your tour. Amos Pewter knows leaving Nova Scotia can be a painful experience, so why not take a piece of the coast wherever you go? Amos Pewter, 1521 Lower Water Street

The visionaries

Walking into Ocean Optometry is like going to visit friends—well, more like your fashion-savvy friends who you desperately need style advice from. The owners and optometrists will look after your eyes, and the professional opticians are there to tell you which frame suits your face, or which colour doesn't complement your hair. The Ocean team gets to know you first, and helps pick a pair of glasses to fit your personality later.

The styles of frames are moving away from the dark, boxy trend and into the light. There's no such thing as too much colour with these vintage frames. You can match purple with teal or play around with an angular yellow pair. If colour isn't your style, how about a classic pair with a modern twist? You can pick from a variety of handmade frames, some even made from natural materials, like 100 percent wood. They can even make a one-off custom frame just for you. So be picky, there are plenty of fish in this Ocean. Ocean Optometry, 5240 Blowers Street

Flowering downtown

Take a look around at the four drawings hung on the walls of The Flower Shop and you'll see a little bit of history. The flowers have gone in and out of season, and the buildings have changed, but this shop has been a part of downtown Halifax for 80 years. 

The greenery around the new location shows off the shop's organic style, complemented by high ceilings and newly exposed brick walls. Grab a friend and try out one of The Flower Shop's macrame workshops, or just pop by to take in the sweet smell of fresh, local, in-season peonies and delphiniums that come right from The Humble Burdock Farm. 

You can take your time and custom make our own bouquet, or pick from the array of ready-made bouquets for all of you busy bees. With the new addition of a walk-in cooler room, the shop stores an even larger supply of plants for your choosing. The Flower Shop, 1887 Granville Street

Supplies surprise

Dip your brush into cadmium yellow, alizarin crimson or cerulean blue, and paint. Whatever colour you need, whether oil, acrylic or watercolour, the NSCAD Art Supply Store has it in stock. All you need to supply is inspiration. Shop for yourself or the artist in your life. You don't have to be a NSCAD student or grad to browse and dream. The aisles are filled with new materials for you to test out during your next artistic spree. 

New artists, don't be shy—the store carries beginner-friendly materials too. Pop in and pick up some cottons or silks for dyeing; yarn for knitting or weaving; or a sketchbook, charcoal and pencils to capture the world around you. The store has a wide selection of fine art and craft materials, and creative gifts including toques, aprons, pastels and paint sets. You can spend hours looking around and dreaming up what you'll make next.  NSCAD Art Supply Store, 1874 Hollis Street

At your service

This family owned business has been serving your home-cooked meals since 1983, and you wish you could take the credit. The only complaint your guests will have about Rudy's Catering is that they wish they could eat more.

Rudy's makes planning your next event, party or wedding stress-free, and they aren't afraid of a large guest list. They'll have your food ready on time, made fresh, and serve you like you're family. You'll get your first taste of Rudy's at an event, but you'll be stopping by their downtown location every day for lunch to satisfy your craving.

Stop in for Turkey Dinner Thursdays, grab a free soup with your sandwich purchase or be surprised by one of their daily specials. If you're stumped, just ask Rudy to recommend something, he's always behind the counter to make sure that your belly is full and that you're always leaving with a smile on your face. Rudy's Catering, 1681 Granville Street

Fabulous frites year-round

The days of tasting savoury steak frites have been extended, and you'll never again have to go without in the winter months. This fabulous food truck has parked itself for good right in Scotia Square mall.

Tin Pan Alley frites shop is a real mom 'n' pop shop, where owners Karl and Jill Warmé are serving Dutch-style fries inspired by visits to Karl's mother in Holland. The two spent their first years serving from the Tin Pan Alley food truck, where they could satisfy our foodie cravings on the go, but only six months of the year.

With their permanent position, they are able to do what they love and share their artfully presented, hand-cut frites all year long, and you still feel like you're ordering from their truck. Eat outside the box with their new and innovative recipes like crispy skinned duck confit poutine, or keep it local by indulging in some freshly caught fish and crispy chips. You ask, and they'll answer. Tin Pan Alley, Scotia Square, 5201 Duke Street

Haskapa community

The world's first Haskap Berry Powder is making itself known, and moving on into the wellness world. You don't have to look far; Haskapa is bringing this super-berry right to you in Bishop's Landing.

One hundred percent pure, you get to hold onto 94 percent of the nutritional value and outstandingly high antioxidant content. It can be used in smoothies to crank up your daily nutritional intake, sprinkled over ice cream while indulging on a hot summer's day or as a way to add flavour and visual appeal to your morning oatmeal.

Haskapa is embracing and creating a wellness community. Whether you're taking a yoga class or participating in a health and wellness workshop in their newly renovated event space, or joining them at their sampling bar for a taste of traditional preserves, it's a community for you. From farm to table, Haskapa offers something for everyone! Who knew health could taste so sweet? Haskapa, Bishop's Landing, 1477 Lower Water Street

Breakfast, burgers, Bistro

There's no better way to describe Elle's Bistro except with the phrase "Treat yourself." Two years ago they filled a void in the downtown neighbourhood, and they are continuing to fill our hearts through our stomachs.

Elle's does milkshakes the proper old-school style, right down to getting you that extra bit of shake from the metal can. Don't be surprised if you find yourself making a few trips to the bistro to pick between the S'mores, Rolo, Creamsicle or 20 other milkshake flavours. And let's not even get started on Elle's baklava cheesecake, drizzled with honey, or blueberry stuffed French toast. Is your stomach grumbling yet?

Sweet tooth aside, the options at Elle's are endless and offered at a reasonable price. Pick from 12 different locally sourced beef burgers, or 17 kinds of eggs Bennies. Take your time, and sit back on their brand-new patio—with Elle's all-day breakfasts, there's no rush to decide. Elle's Bistro, 1678 Barrington Street

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Guided Tour - Bedford

It’s got some of the best walking areas in the city, businesses are booming and the pubs and stores are popping up. The growth happening in Bedford is incredible. No wonder it’s been named the fastest-growing community in Atlantic Canada.

Posted on Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM

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  • Izzy’s Bagel Co.

Community spirit

Councillor Tim Outhit's favourite spot in town is up on the Bedford waterfront, where he goes with his wife, daughters and black Lab to enjoy the sparkling blue view and to breathe in the salty sweet air. The representative for District 16, Bedford-Wentworth, says that the community is looking to go even further with the waterfront and incorporate a larger public library.

The increasing number of facilities in the Bedford area includes building two new fire stations, where the existing one will become a larger police station. With the amount of growth happening, HRM is adding several new bus routes, implementing a park and ride, and working with VIA Rail and CN on a possible commuter rail to help improve existing traffic conditions. Along with the tremendous amount of growth happening, councillor Outhit says that even Bedford's small-town spirit is growing. There's no way Bedford is losing its community feel.

Contact Tim Outhit at 902-490-5679 or tim.outhit@halifax.ca

It's in the bagel

Before you go for that warm mid-morning stroll, you'll need to carb up. What better place to do so than at Izzy's Bagel Co., where they never say no—no matter how outrageous the request.

Is it a chocolate chip bagel with zesty cheddar cream cheese that your heart desires? Why don't you even throw some salmon on top? Izzy's got it. With 18 different bagel flavours and nine types of cream cheese, you could stop by every morning for an entire year and still have a completely different combination each time. If you get bored with traditional breakfasts, then this is the place for you.

Izzy's has their own style of bagels that are made with no preservative or additives. So, you don't need to feel bad about the French toast bagel with caramel apple cream cheese—it's made completely natural. Their bagels are so delicious, even the holes taste good.

Izzy's Bagel Co., 1180 Bedford Highway

Taste of tradition

Go back to basics as you enjoy traditional Acadian food made from scratch. Cafe l'Acadie takes their time making your favourite dish so that you don't have to. You won't mind the wait when you catch a whiff of grated potatoes with salted green onions, summer savory and chicken. Do you remember that smell? It instantly transports you back into your mother's kitchen. That's right, you'll feel like you're eating her rappie pie. It's one of the oldest dishes in the culture and connects you with your Acadian roots.

At the cafe they like to call the area their Little Village, where they celebrate Acadian traditions through music and food, as well as cook up some Canadian comfort food like seafood chowder and homemade bread. That's what Café l'Acadie is all about. It's about creating that magic in their dining room and making you feel like you're part of the ever-growing Acadian community right here in Bedford.

Café l'Acadie, 636 Bedford Highway

Really big deals

Are you looking for a new stainless steel stove, or are you sprucing up your cottage look? Bedford Buy and Sell has all that you need, and everything in between. Don't be deceived by the name—this Bedford destination has evolved over the years into a major force for discount appliances. This family owned business has been around Bedford and serving surrounding communities for 24 years.

All of Bedford Buy and Sell's appliances are detailed to perfection, with a 90-day warranty guaranteed for refurbished appliances, and up to one year warranty for brand-new ones. A recent addition to the company is signing with PurewashPro—an innovative and green product that helps wash your clothes without the use of any laundry detergents. Whether it be high-end Electrolux-Frigidaire stainless with a scratch that you can get for half the price, or an excellently refurbished appliance for an income property, this is the place to scout out for the deal.

Bedford Buy and Sell, 1743 Bedford Highway

You've earned a Resto

It's been a long day of walking around Bedford, and maybe you even had to head to work for a bit. You forgot your lunch too? Well, it's a good thing Resto Urban Dining is better than your home-cooked meal—and the food is even made in-house!

Resto Urban Dining controls what goes into the food, and making from scratch helps Resto cater to customers with allergies. Instead of defaulting to salad, because it's the only thing you can have on the menu, let the staff know your needs and they'll whip up something just for you. They want to make sure everyone has the same great experience. You wouldn't want to miss out on their smoked sausage and chicken pasta or maple Cajun fettuccini, would you?

Grab a seat on either of the two patios and lounge around with your sweet tooth. Say goodbye to debating between your two favourite desserts with their sample board, because at Resto, you can have it all. 

Resto Urban Dining, 1516 Bedford Highway

Relax to the max

You deserve a break from all that food, so get back on your feet, but not for too long. The best workout is to get some cardio in while shopping at the full retail store located in Mudwraps to Manicures. Treat your feet with some FitFlops, Keds, Toms or Sorel shoes. After all, those feet have worked hard. Better yet, pop over after your shopping splurge and get a pedicure. Yes, you can shop and spa all in the same place.

Mudwraps to Manicures wants to do everything, and succeeds. They specialize in advance skin-care with micro needling, dermaplaning and endermologie—a cellulite reduction treatment. Pair that with one of the best-airbrushed tans in the HRM and you're golden. Since they're fully licensed, you can even sip on a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the view that overlooks the water. If you weren't relaxed before, you should be now.

Mudwraps to Manicures, 1083 Bedford Highway, suite 201

Affordable fine dining

Finish out your Bedford tour with some more tasty local food and drinks. You can't pass up a visit to The Butcher's Block Pub & Eatery—it'll be the cherry on top of your great day. The Butcher's Block makes you feel like an upper-scale member of their special club as soon as you walk through the doors. From the decor to the food to the service, you will be getting a fine-dining experience at an affordable cost.

Join The Butcher's Block Privilege Club by leaving your name and email with your server and voila! You're in. You will receive a monthly newsletter and possibly be the lucky dinner of a dinner for two.

Four nights of the week you can enjoy live entertainment, unique dinner specials and even wing-night Wednesdays. You may come for the crowd-pleasing burgers, but you'll stay for the five-star experience.

The Butcher's Block Pub & Eatery, 540 Southgate Drive

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