It's Like Five Days of Birthday, But Louder

Halifax Pop Explosion 2006, part 1


Just one more sleep until the 2006 edition of the beloved (in my books) Halifax Pop Explosion gets underway. I'm all a-frantic trying to get everything ready for this annual rockstravaganza (and also filmstravaganza, zinestravaganza, craftstravaganza, etc. ad nauseum). Best to make a check list to calm myself before bed:

Earplugs? Check!

Notepad? Check!

Camera? Check!

Flash? Check!

Batteries? Scattered about the house, some charged, some not. Might be best to pick up a few back ups.

Five-day pass? I'll have my staff pick it up tomorrow (and by "my staff" I mean me).

Schedule? Printed out and heavily marked up.

Gilbert Switzer pin? You betcha.

Let's do this.

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