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In December we told you about Andrew Hines, the local filmmaker who turned a carjacking into a dramatic short called This One Night.... Hines made the film to help him deal with the experience, even setting the film's violent act in the same alley, beside the Blowers Street Paper Chase, where he was held at knifepoint last year. He also used it to apply to the masters program in directing at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and two weeks ago found out he had been accepted as one of just 28 students.

"They tell me it's seven days a week—I don't know what to think of that," says Hines, who leaves Halifax on August 15, of the three-year stint. "It's gonna be intense. Class from Tuesday to Friday and then you shoot Saturday, Sunday and take everything back on Monday and start again."

The prolific Hines is a photographer about town (dad is legendary Nova Scotia documentarian Sherman), blogger ( and director of videos by Smile Smile and Museum Pieces, with Rebekah Higgs on deck. A couple years back he made a short about climate change, The Changing Tides, which was the film he applied to AFI with last year. This One him in.

Some of his favourite filmmakers attended AFI, including Darren Aronofsky and David Lynch. Terrence Malick "is my ultimate favourite," says Hines. "And he graduated in their first graduating class, in '69. He's still involved in it. They all are.

"This is sort of the beginning of it for me," he says. "I'm not going to one of those guys who went off to California and tried to make it and just disappeared and never came back. It's a sneak preview into the lion's den, if you will, and I'm going to gather all the information I can and then come back here and keep making films in Atlantic Canada. Nobody really believes me when I say it, but I guess they'll just have to see me when I'm back here.

Will Ferrell makes a Picnicface

The kids at Picnicface got a nice hand from Will Ferrell this week on his website (home of the ubiquitous The Landlord). Ferrell highlighted two of the local comedy troupe's videos, "Powerthirst" and "Near Death Experience." Check it out by scrolling down a touch and hitting Ferrell's recommendation column on the right. (Ignore desperate attempts at being hip from Jimmy Fallon and Jenna Elfman. Man.)

Candy's shop

"People say to me all the time, "You should move to Toronto. If you lived in Toronto, you would be big already,'" says comic Candy Palmater. "I think if more people stayed in Halifax and more people supported Halifax, you know, artists, entertainers, infrastructure would follow."

Palmater's doing her part with The Candy Show, a variety show she hosts featuring a monologue, interviews (including Palmater's personal trainer Devin Sherrington) and musical performances (Charlie A'Court in the past, Ian Sherwood and The Stolen Minks this round) that films on June 8 at the Marquee Club.

"The idea for my music set is it's a replica of my high school bedroom," says Palmater. "Pink bed, my metal posters, a bong and stuff like that. I always had this dream, "If Motley Crüe were right here in my bedroom with me...' This is kind of like my little dream come true. My musical guests join me in my bedroom and sit around on my bed and I interview them."

The first official show was taped some weeks back, also at the Marquee, and can be seen on the Halifax-based internet television station, where the new ep will be posted in the coming days. Palmater hopes to attract the interest of a TV network and turn The Candy Show into a weekly destination for the rest of the country, but especially for locals.

"There's this whole underbelly of Halifax," she says. "There's this whole layer of Halifax that's so ultimately cool and then there's this conservative layer smogging everything up. It's 15 bucks, you're gonna spend that at McDonald's, so come out and support your local artists."

The Candy Show tapes Friday, June 8 at the Marquee Club (2037 Gottingen) at 8pm. Advance tix are $15 and be picked up at CDPlus or Musicstop, otherwise it'll cost you a cool $20 per person at the door.

Who would you invite into a replica of your high school bedroom? Email:

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