...for the local talent involved

Tara Thorne presents four Fringe Festival plays you should see...



Six in Under Sixty: For our money ($6 in this case), the best bang and talent pool for your buck. This play, which reminds us of film experiments like Paris je t'aime and 09/11/01, brings together six of the city's best directors to produce, as you might have inferred, six plays in under an hour. They include: Luna/Sea's Martha Irving, 2b Theatre's Anthony Black, DaPoPo's Garry Williams and Christian Murray. (August 30, September 1-2 and 8 at Neptune Studio, 1593 Argyle)

A Bar Scene: The always game Foghorn Theatre returns to the festival—after a successful 2006 with Fringe hit The Shawl—staging an original work by local playwright AA Amirault that's inspired by David Mamet (natch) and Kevin Smith (innnnnteresting). (August 30, September 1-3 and 5-9 at the Khyber, 1588 Barrington)

La Famille Divine: Starring students from the Ecole du Carrefour, this comedy by Joel Arsenault is based on Greek mythology. We've seen some scenes, and though our French is meh, the kids are great, the costumes are fab and we laughed more than a few times. (September 1, 3 and 8-9 at Neptune Studio)

Righteous/Adonis Rising: Halifax multitalent Cory Bowles—he dances! He sings! He acts! He writes plays!—presents two new works about men as filtered through issues of race and masculinity. Yes, there will be dancing. (August 31-September 3 and 8-9 at DANSpace, 1531 Grafton)

...because they're by awesome writers

This is a Play: Written by Daniel MacIvor, this show is helmed by Jackie Torrens and stars Kevin Curran and Mauralea Austin So essentially it's a mainstage professional theatre production being offered to you for six bucks. These kinds of opportunities are rare, people. (August 30, September 1-3 and 8 at the Imperial Room, 1593 Argyle and September 4 at the Khyber)

Tough: Written by edgy Canadian scribe George F. Walker, this is a coming-of-age story involving teenage pregnancy. (Trivia: It was last staged in the city in 2000 by Bunnies in the Headlights Theatre, which is now 2b.) (August 30-September 3, 5-6 and 8-9 at the Khyber)

The Lover: Um, Harold Pinter, anybody? Starring Vanessa Walton-Bone and Phil Reid, this is a story of modern relationships (coughopenmarriagecough). Remember that nothing is what it seems. Especially in Pinterland. (August 30-September 3 and 8-9 at the Imperial Room, 1593 Argyle)

Lunduntown: You might remember Oakville's Glyn Jones and Alain Mercieca (AKA Stag Nation) from such Fringe shows as the awesomely titled My Heart is a Police State. This equally well-monikered comedy follows a Haligonian in London, England. (September 7-9 at the Imperial Room)

...based on their promo blurbs

The Truth According to Morro and Jasp: "Outlandish! Absymal! Something has gone all wrong...but who is to blame? Is it Morro or is it Jasp? Or better yet, is it you?" Us? How is that even possible? We'll find out because they also use the word "funtastical." (August 30-September 3 and 7-9 at DANSpace)

Dance in a Can: "It's condensed! It's good for you! And it's available for a limited time only! Grab your spoon and dig into this hearty little dish of dance, humour and a side serving of tasty tales. Sweet 'n' spicy Sue Gertridge slaves over a hot floor to bring you a little burst of entertainment just to get you through the day." (August 30-September 1, 3 and 7 at DANSpace)

Love and Life: "Tender moments of contemporary dance, furious rages of misunderstanding, the intensity of the guitar and sensual passions of the tango..." We're gonna stop you right there because we don't even care what the plot is. You had us at "furious rages," Artists Play Collective. (August 20-September 3 and 8-9 at DANSpace)

Magical Thinking: "In psychology and cognitive science, Magical Thinking is non-scientific causal reasoning. Like science, magic is concerned with causal relations, but unlike science, it does not distinguish correlation from causation." We're not really science people, but magic is always a worthy way to spend one's time. Magic...it makes learning fun! (August 30, September 1-3, 5-9 at the Khyber)

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