Rodeo drive

A neutron bomb of riffolicious fury.



"Halifax faces a rock'n'roll supernova: A neutron bomb of riffolicious fury that will descend on the city like the coming of the rockocalypse. An armada of guitarists and boogie-woogie shock troops bringing you sin and salvation. Everybody gets laid at the White Cowbell Oklahoma show. We don't understand these powers we have, but they are a gift from above that we must use as we see fit." So says Clem, lead guitarist (one of many) in White Cowbell Oklahoma. As if that manifesto wasn't enough, WCO's show this Saturday, November 17 at The Attic ($6, 11pm) also serves as a release for their new CD, Casa Diablo.

The southern rock of WCO is full of bravado, moonshine, classic riffs, sex, trash and zaniness. An expansive collective of party animals (10 full-time members, 23 former members and counting), this show might be enough to push you over the edge, quit your job and become a honorary roadie. If you'd like to start now, their website ( includes a PDF of their tour poster and simple, brilliant instructions: Put up posters, email a photo of you putting up said posters, get free WCO merchandise. Business savvy doesn't get in the way of their capacity for rock, however. Clem explains, "We're gonna knock the town down in a way that'll make other historical explosions seem like firecrackers and kids' trinkets." With The Motorleague and Myles Deck and the Fuzz, who are releasing their vinyl record, Beware! The Fuzz.

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