Tomcat Combat



Warming up for their upcoming studio stint with Charles Austin at Echo Chamber, Tomcat Combat are pleased to entertain you at The Attic this Friday, December 21 (with Jon McKiel Band and Boy For Sale). "Early January we are in the studio with Charles Austin and we've never been in a studio before. Thankfully, we've recently hired Brad Lahead (The Got to Get Got). He has studio experience and he's worked with Charles before at the Echo Chamber," says Noel Macdonald, guitar. Macdonald, along with Alex Mitchell (moog), Brad Lahead (guitar), Dan Nightengale (bass) and Gary Staple (drums), make up the band. "I've always felt that the point of our music is to take simple chords and riffs and try muster up as much power behind them as possible. This is why we decided to be an instrumental band right from day one. We don't want anything to get in the way of the overwhelming power that can be made with guitars, drums and synthesizers. To me, that's the most exciting thing that our band can try do for an audience," says Macdonald. "We try and bypass people's hang-ups and come out with both guns blazing and hopefully people will forget about the fact that no one is singing. It has always turned us on to know that people are interested or excited about our music." Those interested and excited will be happy to get their hands on the new record, due out in March. "We know what we can create live, but that has yet to be told on any recording of ours," says Macdonald.

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