Take On Me packs it in


Take On Me, a featured band in our November New Music issue, are calling it quits, to much sobbing and gnashing of teeth from the all-ages community. Their final show is taking place this Saturday, at The Pavilion, with some of the bands that the group has shared bills with in the past. 

The reason for this untimely demise? 1) Nothing good lasts forever. 2) Drummer is moving. “Chris Wilson, our drummer, is moving to Alberta for six months to work. We toyed around with the idea of replacing him but decided it wouldn’t be the same,” says Andrew Neville, the band’s vocalist. “We also don’t feel like going on a six-month hiatus, it would just kill the momentum too much. Ultimately we just kind of realized we’d done just about everything we could have with this band.” 

Lots of other projects are on the go for the fellas, however. “Amir Sabanovic is currently in the legendary xENVISIONx. Chris Wilson has been playing in a band called Last Laugh and will continue that once he gets home,” says Neville. “Myself and Alex Fountain are starting a new band with Pete Gielen, formerly of Cape Breton’s One Day Late.” The band also hopes to have another recording ready for their final show, which would be a nice little final document, I think. “We recorded two new songs on January 10 and with any luck they’ll be available to the masses before our last show,” says Neville. “We’re trying to find time to record two more songs before Chris moves, so you may see a postmortem EP from Take On Me.” Just like Tupac.

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