5 Questions: Bloodhouse

They take a break from their precious NHL 10




You may recognize Bloodhouse from the majority of my answers in the Coast's Best of Music survey, but if you didn't catch my personal ballot, please click the handy highlighted link to transport yourself to a shack in the woods swirling with pot smoke and fantasy hockey league stats. They are playing a show on February 27 at 2627 Connolly Street (final basement blowout show) with Bad Vibrations, Genetic Angry and Tongan Death Grip (8pm, pay by donation).

Scene & Heard: What are you up to right now?
Bloodhouse's Alex Mitchell (guitar, vocals): Hanging out in the woods. Burning aluminum siding to keep warm. And slowly working our way through recording the songs we've been playing for almost a year now. Yikes.

S&H: What has been your best band memory so far?
AM: Probably just spending time with two of my best buddies out in the area Gabe (Wallot-Beale, drums) and I grew up in. Oh, and that outdoor show with York Redoubt, Bad Vibes and Old Joy, that day was so rad, I like to look at pictures of it when I'm feeling blue. We've got to do that again next year, with tents and sleeping bags this time.

S&H: What has been your worst band memory so far?
AM: Worst band memory... um, I really want to write something about that dude from Degrassi Jr. High's band to get some sort of mud slinging going but, um, I don't think there's been a sour moment. Let's say when we got called a math rock band by some unnamed Halifax ex-pat. And luggin' gear. No fun.

S&H: What is the meaning of life?
AM: The meaning of life is... well, right now, me, Brendan Neima (bass) and Mark Black (pal) have a pretty good dynasty going with the Halifax Spartans, my created player just won the Calder Trophy so that feels pretty good.

S&H: What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
AM: "You should check out this band, Thee Oh Sees" - Professor Chest

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