HPX 2011: Wednesday treats

Cold Warps, Bloodhouse, Sheer Agony, Cousins, Thee Oh Sees


Fresh from finishing up our HPX guide, I booked it over to the CKDU lobby to see The Weekend Dads and Cold Warps play live (on radio and in person). I missed Weekend Dads because I'm a worky workerson but got there in time for The CWs. New songs were amazing ("Slimer"! OH MAN), it was drummer Lance Purcell's birthday and people were feeling happy. Including the dudes!
Cold Warps feelin' fine - STEPHANIE JOHNS

Then I ate dinner. I had a cocktail at the Carleton, but not one of the fun ones named after old Halifax bands. I had the one with espresso in it because it was going to be that kind of night.

I walked home, realized I had locked myself out, ran to get my spare key, ran home, had a handful of painkillers and then took off for Reflections. I was so stoked for the whole bill, Sheer Agony, Bloodhouse, Cousins and Thee Oh Sees. Dream bill. Bucket list bill.

Sheer Agony relax - MARK BLACK

If you missed Sheer Agony, I feel bad for you. Here they are watching the hockey game.

Bloodhouse goofin' - MARK BLACK

Bloodhouse gave a lot of percents. Alex wears his guitar up high, but not as high as John Dwyer.

Bloodhouse on stage - MARK BLACK

I have no pictures of Cousins or Thee Oh Sees due to battery power and its limitations. But I can assure you they were both as amazing as you figured. I was in music nerd heaven. Singing along and watching John Dwyer and Brigid Dawson made my whole year. Thank you, Pop Explosion. It was a magic time in Steph's world.

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