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Something is in the air, because all this new music is coming out all of a sudden. Pretty neat. Some of these tunes are free and some of them will be on sale at various shows and the like shortly. Have a listen, have a taste, get in the Chrizzy spirit and buy something.

Make No Gains — End of History 7”

Brand-spanking new pop-punk buns, fresh out of the oven, ready to be buttered and jammed. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for someone to write a song called “First World Problems” and this trio went ahead and did it. If you want to order a physical release, it’s only $5.

Nap Eyes — Nap Eyes

Merry early Christmas, and here are some dreamy grooves and literate whim-poems sung in a beautifully somnolent voice, made by members of Quivers, the Mighty Northumberland and Bird World. If you’re a fan of Lou Reed and/or smiling, go forth and grip.

Dance Movie — Ladycops EP

Have you downloaded this yet? Really, you should. This is a tasty little treat before the band’s next album comes out. These songs are finely-wrought and a little gritty, like sand running through your fingers. Cop Ladycops. Now.

Bloodhouse 7"

You can listen, but you'll have to wait to get your own copy of this little morsel until Saturday, when the band releases this on vinyl at No Reason for the Season III.

Outtacontroller - Graveyard Kid

Young guns makin' good. Listen and buy the full album "Don't Play Dumb" in January. Believe me, you will.

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