Monday video round up

Some old, some new, all for you



Today is a Monday. Monday starts with M. Know what else starts with M? Music, as in music videos. Here are five of them—multiple minutes of musical magnificence in the marvelous medium of video.

Glory Glory, “You Need A Heart To Live”

Masked and mysterious. An interpretive dance duet. Sinister but at the same time compelling.

ISAAC, “About the Music”

Mental. This one definitely flew over the cuckoo's nest. And when it did, it was All. About. The Music.

Cousins, “Jules”

Mesmerizing. Body-less jeans, headless hair and pizza. A holy trinity of epileptic amazement.

StOP mOTiOn MaSSAcRE, “Gimmi A Ride”

(There are no M-word synonyms for “refined” or “sophisticated”) This is golf as it was surely intended. Oh, how far we have strayed...

Hey Mother Death, “Desert of Trees and Water”

Menacing (but in an artsy way). Other descriptors include ominous, eery, and post-apocalyptic. Unfortunately they do not start with M.

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