Jack & Diane

Girl meets girl, rips her heart out



A little ditty, about Jack and Diane — two teenagers in New York who are also lesbians. Their blooming romance eclipses personality gulfs, but frightens Diane, who's also kind of a werewolf.

Mellencamp tributes aside, this off-kilter film is mostly comedy that seems to think it's heavy drama and sometimes falls into scenes of horror. In that respect, the movie's a perfect encapsulation of the awkward beauty and soul-crushing terror of first love.

Juno Temple and Riley Keough perform in a mumbly, airy haze that's full of hyperbole and selfishness. Which is largely irritating until you remember that's basically how teenagers are.

An atmospheric soundtrack and some typically gorgeous animation by the Brother Quay add to the film's dreaminess, while Kylie Minogue shows up for some reason as a tattoo artist.

Aside from a tremendously out-of-place rape scene, Jack & Diane skates admirably along as a silly, emotional romp through teenage romance. A trip that doesn't shy away from showing love as the bone-wrenching, blood sucking monster it can be.

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