Polaris to Purity Ring

Four easy steps to being exhausted


Polaris panel may not have appeared exactly as shown.
  • Polaris panel may not have appeared exactly as shown.

Because I can't get through a single Pop Explosion without saying something silly into a microphone, I decided to be proactive and get it out of the way early by participating in the Polaris Record Salon yesterday at The Carleton. Hosted by Polaris founder Steve Jordan, The Chronicle Herald's Stephen Cooke, McNutt Against the Music's Ryan McNutt and I sat on tall chairs and discussed our juror experiences, Feist, what we liked for 2013 nominations, among other things. Later I was described as "demure, deferential and whispery" (OH COME ON) and "looking like Britta from Community". You can tell I made a big impact. Also, an old classmate from junior high was there, that was fitting with HPX's heavy nostalgia kick this year.

Then Allison and I made Steve and Ryan join us for Weirdo Click at Reflections, who put on the most endearing, adorable, high-energy set I've ever seen an opening band do. Also there's a new member of Weirdo Click and he's awesome. Go see them soon.

We got to The Bus Stop just in time to see Freak Heat Waves, who BLEW MY GOD DAMNED MIND. Their live show was hypnotic, tight and probably changed my entire life (not an exaggeration) (ok it's a bit of an exaggeration). Each Other also changed a lot about my brain patterns. That shit was locked in. The vocals! Such weird brothers.

A few stumbles away was Purity Ring at the Marquee, what a mob! I was lucky to get in for so many reasons. Being inside the Marquee again was a trip in itself and Purity Ring's inspired light set up (plus, seriously are they playing futuristic alien instruments? Lamp drums?) and otherworldly songs were a great end to the night. But I would bet anything that 40% of the crowd had never been in the Marquee before so the cool nostalgia wave I was riding wasn't for everyone.

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