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The Brand Review hauls out all the fun of a game show with the added pep of sports, silliness and pop culture



We love a good milestone at The Scene. Relatively new local podcast The Brand Review uploaded their 10th episode, and there's no time like the present to get in on the ground floor with these dudes. Recorded every Tuesday, The Brand Review is funny and clever, featuring Matt Brand and Maclean Comstock playing a bunch of cool games that might go well with drinking. Inspired by open format funny guy podcasts like Pod F. Tompkast and Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, paired with a love of sports and ESPN podcasts, Brand and Comstock crack wise and/or issue mini-challenges.

"Our show is essentially a non-competitive game show, co-hosted by myself and my girlfriend Maclean, where we play four games every week. There are about 10 games total that we play randomly week to week. Titles of the games include: You Probably Shouldn't Have Said That on Twitter, Engage a Celebrity on Twitter, That Shit Cray, Where Was it Made, Let's Pretend We're Going Somewhere. Most of the titles explain what the games are. For example, in Engage a Celebrity on Twitter, we'll pick a celebrity for the week and we have five tweets to try to get them to interact with us—Sinbad and Shaq are the only bites we've had so far."

If you also love baiting Shaq on Twitter and shenanigans of that sort, you'd do well to stream the show every week from or download from iTunes and add a bit more local into your podcast mix. "It's meant to be entertaining without taking itself seriously. There are always mistakes, which is perfect," says Brand. "And we talk about the mistakes, explore them, proudly wear our blemishes. We're self deprecating, which I think is important."


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