Walk in some silly wind, see some amazing media art courtesy of CFAT


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Video still from Claire Seringhaus' Billington Prep
  • Video still from Claire Seringhaus' Billington Prep

Brave the absolutely insane winds tonight and be handsomely rewarded for it at tonight’s Out of the Centre screening, an evening devoted to showing off the work created by the 24th annual Centre for Art Tapes media scholarship recipients. For six months, local artists John Hoar, Leigh Kirkpatrick, Susan McEachern, Dave Ron, Jonathan Rotsztain, Joshua Salter, Claire Seringhaus, Anna Taylor, Karen Thorsen and D'Arcy Wilson threw themselves into the world of media art and made the most of their support from CFAT. But they didn’t have to go it alone, as scholarship recipients were paired with mentors Becka Barker, Luckas Cardona, Andrea Dorfman, James MacSwain, Eva Madden-Hagen, Ariella Pahlke, Lukas Pearse, Lukas Steinman, Tim Tracey and Khanhthuan Tran.

According to CFAT, “Works produced by this year's scholars present the mythical, introspective, and hilarious. Using a range of techniques from hand-drawn animation to interactive audio installation, OUT OF THE CENTRE explores our sense of place, our relationship to nature, and our past.”

In a nutshell, it's the best bet in town if you’re looking for an evening of fresh, thoughtful and exciting media art.

“The thing about the program is how diverse it is, in terms of all the different ways video and digital media get used by the recipients. I think a lot of assumptions tend to get made about digital media, but what's always struck me with this program is how it demonstrates what the range of creative digital media possibilities can be—and how stuff made with these tools can be intimate, or feel hand-crafted,” says mentor Becka Barker, who was paired with Anna Taylor. “I haven't seen all the pieces that'll be shown, but there is always a huge range, a surprise or two, and someone you've never heard of, but will wind up being a name you'll hear more a few years down the road—like Ariel Nasr, who was in this program in 2005, and is now up for an Academy Award.”

Spatz Theatre, 1855 Trollope Street, 8pm. Advance tickets: $10 general admission, $8 students. At the door: $12 general admission / $10 students. Free admission for students of Citadel High with valid student ID

Tickets are available for purchase online Spatz Theatre 8pm

Tickets are also available at the Centre for Art Tapes, Venus Envy (cash only), and Eyelevel Gallery (cash only). All proceeds help fund the CFAT Media Arts Scholarship Program.


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