Debra DiGiovanni's in Bloomer

Late Bloomer Tour hits the Rebecca Cohn January 11


DiGiovanni is immature too, just like you!
  • DiGiovanni is immature too, just like you!

Comedian Debra DiGiovanni’s smart (and funny and poignant) mouth has gotten her prime spots on Comedy Network's Match Game and Video on Trial on MuchMusic. Finally, Just for Laughs took notice and DiGiovanni is making history as the first ever female that Just for Laughs has toured across Canada with her Late Bloomer Tour. You read that right. FIRST EVER. “I couldn't believe that I'm the first. Of course, the touring company is only about 11 years old, so this actually makes a bit more sense,” says DiGiovanni [Ed. note: :\ ]. “Now that comedy is becoming much more female friendly, I think this is going to be a normal, regular type thing. It's nice to be the first, but its a bit bittersweet because that just shows you where we are in society. 2014 and women are still under-represented.” Still, better late than never, I suppose.

DiGiovanni’s jokes will make you awkwardly laugh-cry (it’s a genre) Saturday, January 11 at the Rebecca Cohn auditorium (7pm, $37), and if you’re expecting a ponytail and/or vomit, well, don’t bother. “I have a few superstitions or rituals before a show,” says DiGiovanni. “Number one: Do not eat. I can't understand comics that can eat before they go on stage—I'm always worried about vomiting, sorry, and I usually drop stuff on myself. Number two: I can't wear my hair in a ponytail on stage. Not sure why, just a weird comedian thing.”

Quirks are DiGiovanni’s stock in trade, recently she taped her first American TV special for Showtime, Single Awkward Female, and proudly flaunts her status as “best comedian to see after a messy break up.” “Misery loves company,” she says. “I think I'm able to cheer people up with my energy and since my life is probably a bit... sadder... than yours, you're bound to feel better. A good belly laugh always helps.”

The Late Bloomer Tour is named after DiGiovanni’s personal experiences. “I think people think it’s because I started comedy at 28, but it's actually because I feel about 15 every day of my life. I find it odd that I'm a grown woman in my early 40s and yet I'm still super immature and insecure.” “I think the world thinks that women always have their shit together no matter what. We're able to produce offspring therefore we must be pillars of maturity. Not so! I'm a bit tired of men getting the easy end of this. It's time we take back immaturity! Who’s with me?” I’m so in, just let me finish this game of GTA 5.

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