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2010 Sex Survey: Results

Get down and dirty for Valentine's Day with the revealing results of our BIG online survey of Haligonian's sex lives.


More than 1,200 people took our sex survey over the last few weeks, anonymously sharing all kinds of information about their kinks, fetishes and experiences from their bedrooms to the great outdoors (Brightwood Golf Club 13th tee, we're looking at you). But probably the most important thing the survey revealed is that Haligonians are sexy lot and they want the world to know it. The 2010 survey was the first The Coast has done in a bajillion years, but it won't be the last.

Those of you with a fetish for statistics will want to know what our sample size means. You hear about opinion polls on the news all the time, like this one from Corporate Research Associates about how city residents think council handled the sewage plant debacle. Those professional pollsters talked to 330 people and say the results hold true for everybody in Halifax "95 out of 100 times" within plus or minus 5.4 percentage points. By the same measure (calculator here), the sex survey results accurately reflect the whole city 95 out of 100 times, within plus or minus just 2.8 percentage points. That's more accurate than the pros, because when it comes to polling, size definitely matters. And ours is way bigger.


The results:



56% Female
41% Male
2% Transgendered
1% Other, Chihuahua, Fluidly fashionable, Hermaphrodite, I don't like these options. I'm trans, but not in a third-gender kind of way

Your sexual orientation is

77% Straight
7% Bi
7% Past outmoded labels
6% Gay
2% Not sure right now
1% Queer, Bi-curious

Your relationship status is

35% Single
26% Serial monogamist
20% Married
10% It's complicated
5% Open relationship
2% Divorced
2% Separated

In your relationship you are

38% Happy
23% The luckiest person on the planet
18% N/A
12% Restless
4% Lost
2% Get me outta here!

Your age is

Politically you'd vote

40% NDP 22% Liberal
12% Green
7% Progressive Conservative
6% Marijuana Party
4% Stephen Harper Conservative
3% Anarchist
3% Other
2% Libertarian
1% None

You first became sexually active

56% Under 18
39% 18-24
3% not yet
1% 25-35
1% 36-over

Number of partners

57% 1-10
33% 11-50
4% I lost count a couple years ago.
3% 0
2% 51-100
1% 101 and up

You live in

18% The north end
17% Out of town
15% The south end
14% Quinpool/west end
12% Dartmouth
9% Clayton Park/Fairview
7% Downtown/ Barrington/ Waterfront
5% Cole Harbour/ Eastern Shore
3% Bedford

Your occupation is

33% Professional type
28% Student
22% Full time wage slave
12% Part-timer
5% Unemployed


Have you ever had a one-night stand?

60% Yes
27% No
10% Once or twice, but that was a long time ago
3% One-nights are pretty much all I do

Are you attracted to someone first by looks or personality?

73% Gotta be a combo of the two
20% Looks
7% Personality

Where do you like to meet potential lovers?

55% I won't limit myself to a single method
23% Introduced through friends
9% Through my hobbies and personal interests
6% Internet
4%Through my work
3% At clubs or bars

Do you believe in love?

80% Yes
17% Not sure right now
3% Sometimes, as the sweat dries

Historically your best sex has been with

57% My longtime partner/lover
24% My fuck-buddy/friend-with-benefits
11% My ex
7% Someone I met the same night


How far would you go?

At 4am Saturday night?

37% Makin' sweet love on a bear rug
18% Oral in the backseat
25% Huggin' and kissin'
20% Playfully platonic

On a first date?

19% Makin' sweet love on a bear rug
12% Oral in the backseat
39% Huggin' and kissin'
30% Playfully platonic

A few weeks into a relationship?

47% Makin' sweet love on a bear rug
22% Oral in the backseat
20% Huggin' and kissin'
11% Playfully platonic

How important is oral sex to your sex life

42% A nice menu option
34% Essential: It's a dealbreaker
16% I have an oral fixation
5% OK occasionally
2% Not important
1% This mouth will never touch your genitals

Haligonians' top five favourite parts of sex

Anal sex is

40% OK once in awhile
25% I've never tried such an act
16% Eww!
11% Attempted only on my/ my honey's birthday
8% All butt and nothing but the butt

Top five favourite sexual positions

Honourable mentions:

It's illegal in kentucky, they call it the Tango de la Muerte
Spiderman versus Venom!
The Bert and Ernie
The Lotus
The Reverse Trombone
With a strap-on. (Pretty fucking het survey so far...)

A selection of your signature moves in bed

A secret that involves a combination of things. I never met two women who liked all the same thing; and even with the same partner it has to be changed up.
A hand gently caressing the scrotum
Dropping down to her/his sweet spot
Holding off till she's had her fun 3-4 times.
I am a signature move
I am double jointed
I call it the Locust Hound
I do this one thing that involves a banana, two rubber gloves and a Siamese cat, but you wouldn't want to hear about it...
I'm not giving my secrets away
I'm submissive... I do what my Dom says
Just to pound away, with my big head
Leaving a mark on their body to remember
Lots of noise
Mexican Avalanche
"Riding the disco stick".... aka listening to Gaga as we do it
Stellar blow job/ prostate massage skills
The "What in the Jesus" tongue hurricane on her clit
The Clamp
The Crimson Fist
The Grind
The John Hancock
The Oval
The Pile Driver/Wheel Barrel
The Shocker. 'Nuff said
The Swirl
Um, I'm pretty good at getting an entire ball sack in my mouth
You'll have to buy me dinner before you find that out

Your feeling on porn and/or erotica

53% Works for me solo and in the relationship, too
19% Porn and erotica are two different things
13% I just don't need it
12% A must when I'm single
3% It's a problem, for me and for society

The top 5 kinkiest things you've ever done during sex

Honourable mentions:
Asked repeatedly for a good spanking
Been mummified in saran wrap
Breastfeed - even that grosses me out a bit
Cooking pancakes at the same time
Dirty talk... in Spanish
Doggie style so we can still watch the hockey game together
Double penetration with my partner and a toy
Drew blood, he wanted it and it was hot
Girlfriend likes being called ex-gf's name
Got pegged by my gf
Had my partner ejaculate in my mouth than made out with him as it was dripping down my chin
Hot wax and handcuffs
I had an orgy with seven guys
If I told you then everyone would be doing it
It involved donuts
My ex and I used a carrot for double penetration
Pastrami sandwich ring any bells?
Pearl necklace
Pokemon foreplay. I choose you Pikachu!
Shoved an ice cube up his butt with my tongue and let him drink shooters out of my foreskin
This survey is making me realize how vanilla I am... gahhh!
Tied the girl up
Urinated on partner


Being Single is...

39% Getting boring after so long

26% Sweet freedom
18% A nice break between marriages
17% I'm afraid I will choke to death on a submarine sandwich

A selection of the sexiest things you've done in the last year

Almost-foursome in a backyard hot tub
Arrived at his place in lingere and a trench coat
Banged on a beach in Cuba
Been caught by the cops while having sex/ arrested & handcuffed while half naked
Being watched getting blown on webcam
Broke the chair and kept going
Everytime I have sex it's sexy, what do you mean? LOL!
Gave my boyfriend a wicked BJ in our car at Bishop's Landing
Had amazing sex while pregnant
Had sex in a bathroom
Had sex in a classroom
Had sex in a junior high school
Had sex in an office
Had sex on a balcony of Park Vic
Had sex while driving down the bedford highhway
Had sex with my friend's girlfriend while he watched
Let my husband hang me from the ceiling and flog me
Made out with my former school bully at a party. What sweet revenge
Stuck my whole hand up my bum
Threesome? Strap on? Anal sex? It's been a big year
Touched myself while thinking about Darrell Dexter
Went up to a stranger at a bar and told them how bad I wanted them
Your mom

How satisfying is your current sex life?

32% Pretty hot but there's always room for improvement
24% I'm not having sex at the moment
16% Needs some spice
14% The best ever
10% About average
3% Totally unsatisfying

An open relationship is...

47% Better on paper than in practice
26% Awesome, if you can swing it
25% Totally dysfunctional
2% The only way to be tied down

Favourite sexual fetishes

1. Lingerie/underwear
2. Watching
3. Being watched
4. Piercings/tattoos
5. Hair
6. S&M
7. B&D
8. Leather
9. Body fluids
10. Feet/Shoes
11. Hands/Gloves
12. Food
13. Latex
14. Cross-dressing
15. Fur
16. Group sex

Honourable mentions:

Army boys
Bug being crushed
Glasses, I tottaly dig girls with glasses
I love watching guys fuck each other
Libraries, not librarians, just libraries
Lycra, speedos
Pony play
Sharks, especially divorced great whites
Water. I like water.

Have you ever had a sexual experience beyond your personal sexual orientation?

42% Ah, no
22% Sure, back when I was experimenting
21% I'm curious, but I haven't acted on it
11% Yes, regularly. I don't like to restrict myself
4% Once, and I won't be doing that again

The top five things you want to do sexually before you die

Honourable mentions:

A big beautiful orgy with women and men, with others watching
A guy from at least 5 different countries
A Jonas Brother....or have sex in a NYC taxi cab
A mother and daughter. To hell with twins, I want two generations, both really hot!
Act out rape fantasy (IN A SAFE, CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT)... maybe also try E.
Actually have a guy give me an orgasm via vaginal intercourse, rather than by oral
Be adored by multiple men at once, my elusive dream
Be completely at ease with my desires and learn to express them easily (lame I know)
Be double penetrated
Be on my knees and suck multiple cocks at once
Be seduced by someone I don't know
Be with another woman
Bein' tantric like only Sting can be!
Die while having sex!
Female ejaculation
Fuck in a photobooth
Fuck in midair after jumping out of an airplane
Fuck John Stamos
Fuck my ex
Fuck on a horse
Fuck the Queen. Hahaha, no. Not at all. Ick.
Fulfill my/Master's fantasy of being the centre of a gangbang
Get my erections back!
Have sex while covered in paint and glue and other art supplies
Have sex on a bear skin rug in a ski chalet
have sex on the mckay bridge
Have sex with a cougar!
Have sex with two straight men at once
Have two men doing oral on me at once
I really want to nail the Pope
I want to finally be worn out by a man!
I'd like like to be covered in chocolate and then be licked clean
Inter-racial tri-gender orgy
Join the Mile High Club
Reproduce! Ha ha!
Sex in a glass elevator
Sex with a girl on a camel
Sleep with the editor of The Coast (when and if it's a female), rock her world, take over the company, and fire whomever came up with these questions.


The top five most do-able Haligonians

* The overwhelming number of votes for "me" were disqualified.

The top five best places to pick up

Where do you go for a first date?

Inevitably, we like to go to dinner on a first date, the number one answer. We also like movies as a good thing to do, but that stumps us. As much as we like movies, what are you going to learn about a potential beau or amorata from sitting beside them in a dark theatre for two hours? Of local restaurants, the number one choice is the ever-popular Economy Shoe Shop (1663 Argyle Street, 423-8845) with its beloved nooks, crannies and nachos. Also very popular is Tom's Little Havana (5428 Doyle Street, 423-8667), The Fireside (1500 Brunswick Street, 423-5995) and Brooklyn Warehouse (2795 Windsor Street, 446-8181). And for a lunch or more cazsh first date, we like to go for coffee, with various locations of Tim Horton's and Starbucks popular choices, though if things are going well and you want to move from mocha to merlot, there's also Perk's (1781 Lower Water Street, 429-9386), which is now licenced.

Where is your favourite place to have sex outdoors?

Anywhere else? Tell us your spot

1. Point Pleasant Park
2. Citadel Hill
3. The Commons
4. Chocolate Lake
5. Crystal Crescent Beach

The official Coast map of outdoor sex in the HRM

View Larger Map

Lawrencetown Beach
Long Lake
Fort Needham Park
York Redoubt
Flemming Park
Peggys Cove
Shubie Park
Tea Lake
The Dingle
The Wave
Victoria Park
Sacred Heart playground
The Bathroom at Tribeca
Against the NSCAD Port Campus
Ashtray Rock
Behind the Dal Arts Centre
Behind the Value Village at Bayers Lake
Brightwood Golf Club, 13th tee
Cole Harbour Nature Trail
Duncan's Cove
Eastern Passage Boardwalk
Lake Banook

Did we miss a hidden inspiration point? Let us know in the comments below.

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