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2011 AFW Emerging Designer Showcase

So. Many. Clothes.


The 2011 AFW Emerging Designer Showcase was presented last night to a group of appreciative folks who faced down the weather for a chance to see the work of new designers both local and from away.
All My Fashions - DANNA STOREY

Summery, wearable designs by Amy Negus’ All My Fashions began the show. Her airy, embroidered linen sundresses in muted colours made the audience forget they were still drying off from the day’s downpour.

Next Margaret Goodhew’s winter/fall dresses came next. In black and white, with a 50s party dress silhouette, her designs were punctuated by tiny jewel-toned felted berets.

Sarah Sowerby - DANNA STOREY

Sarah Sowerby showcased a very cohesive and impressive collection of futuristic pieces for the city dweller using exaggerated silhouettes and flamboyant, detailed headpieces.

Stephanie Rybczyn - DANNA STOREY

Stephanie Rybczyn, a grade 12 student (UM, what did you ever do in grade 12, right?) showed her collection of redesigned t-shirts and skirts. It had a colourful Stevie Nicks, early 80s punk vibe.

Lycheelime - DANNA STOREY

Brittany Naugler’s Lycheelime line flooded the runway with bright white pieces, tempered with shocks of colour, peacock feathers, sparkles and lace. If you have a night out in Miami planned, hit her up.

Lena Kroeker - DANNA STOREY

Lena Kroeker, a former music student at Dalhousie, made the refreshing choice to have all the models in flats, something that suited her casual designs well. Kroeker uses vintage fabrics sewn into deceptively simple designs that forced me to restrain myself from punching a model and stealing them. And believe me, I could take them.

Adrien Labreque, owner of Spree Designers Market on Brunswick Street, rolled out glamorous evening dresses. His richly toned gowns and clever accessories (not nearly enough people use fans in this town) made me wish I had someplace nice to go. I’m poor.

Vanessa Furlong, of Nes'Pas and Three Sheet fame, presented an eclectic collection of pieces. From gauzy tops, lace bodysuits, high waisted shorts with suspenders (those suckers are NOT falling down, dagummit), gold chains, scandalously short minidresses, zipper trim and baggy pants ensured there was something for everyone. Her mesh sports jersey material dresses made me think of sports, and then I thought about how I was missing Game 7 and then I was sad.

The Clutch Culture line was next. Although some models seemed confounded as to how to showcase the purses, the designs stood out all the same. Sizeable clutches and across the shoulder purses (perfect for the stylish biker) displayed acidic colours, turquoise leather and 60s and batik graphic prints.

John Michael Brewer’s Drunk Gurl line closed the show. His t-shirts featured images of Brewer giving the viewer a saucy look with the word “EVIL” underneath and an embroidered kiss on the back. His line also sported some really awesome looking skirts and the boldest makeup of the night.

And then glitter was sprinkled on those in the front row and all was good.

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