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42 Ks in 42 Days

Day 25 – Running - It’s a gas!


This is the first time since I started writing this blog that I’ve written my thoughts in a notebook. It’s a little more work, but I am doing laundry right now and I don’t have room in my hands or on my back for any more large items. I probably need to practice my penmanship anyway. Based on these chicken scratches, I could probably qualify as a doctor.

If I was a doctor, I would know better than to eat unfamiliar foods before working out. I met a friend for lunch on Thursday, and before I knew it I was ordering a veggie quesedilia and I side order of bean salad. I don’t usually eat bean anything, but it was either that our couscous, and I know even less about couscous than I do about beans, so the beans seemed like a safe bet.

Beans, however, have a certain chemical property that, um, active the stomach area. That, couples with a spicy quesedilia, left my mid-section in a rather angry state, perfect conditions for my scheduled workout: mile repeats.

My first reaction to the discomfort was that I picked up the Norwalk virus, but that thought was quashed once I remember the contents of my lunch. Confident I wasn’t dying, I put on my short shorts and a gray cotton t-shirt (I wore a white shirt last time I worked out at the gym, but I looked like the last place contestant at a wet t-shirt contest), and hopped on a treadmill.

The repeats started fine, but my rumbling tummy wouldn’t let up. Finally, after six increasingly uncomfortable miles, my innards kicked into overdrive, sending stabbing darts of pain throughout my guts and nearly knocking me off the treadmill. I finished the repeat, but had to take a, er, break before ran my last four miles. Not exactly a high point of my training career, let me tell you.

Now for some good news. Right now I am on pace for an eighty kilometer week, and I am also one long run away from my taper. A taper is basically a reduction of miles before the marathon so your body can repair the damage inflicted over the months of training and rest in preparation of the race. Sure, I’ve only been training for a little over three weeks, but I am still looking to a less hectic schedule. Anyone want to celebrate with a few drinks?

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