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42 Ks in 42 Days

Day 26 and 27 – Two days of temperance


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It’s 10:52PM and I am watching Desperate Housewives while surfing the net. My legs are a mess from my last long run before the marathon (more on that tomorrow), and my brain isn’t working quite as well as it should. Therefore, putting together a blog about my activities on Friday and Saturday is turning out to be quite a pain in the ass.

In terms of training, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot to chat about. Friday was my scheduled day off, and Saturday’s 5K wasn’t much better. Then again, when you have a 30+ kilometer run scheduled for Sunday, you don’t exactly feel like burning rubber the day before. A short, easy run will do just fine, thank you.

Instead, I spent the last two evenings trying not to get myself into too much trouble. For someone who usually parties all weekend, it’s quite difficult. Friday night I sat at home with my friend Bethany and watched an amazing movie called The Corpse Grinders. Basically, the plot revolved around a cat company who uses human cadavers as its main ingredient. This special ingredient led to a rash of cat attacks, which led a nurse/doctor team to investigate. You’d think I’d have to be drunk to watch crap like this, but I only had a couple of drinks of rum. Then again, I have terrible taste.

Staying sober on Satuday was much more difficult, as I had a wedding to attend. The wedding itself wasn’t a problem (I left my flask at home), but the dinner and reception were exercises in restraint. The wine was champagne were flowing freely during dinner, and most people were imbibing copious amounts of alcohol (including all of my friends), but I politely declined. Instead I drank plenty of ice water and ate twice my weight in crème brule. See? Being sober is easier than I thought.

Wow, I’ve turned into a totally boring person. I need to learn how to be a jackass without booze. Until this, is anyone up for a game of pacheesi?

P.S. I don’t actually have a flask, and if I did, I probably wouldn’t bring it to a wedding. Well, I would, but I wouldn’t drink from it in the church. Jesus would get so pissed.


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