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42Ks in 42 Days

Day 8 – Jogging Buddies


Long runs and wedding receptions don’t mix. I arrived at yesterday's party parched and starving, and the first thing I saw was a tray of appetizers and wine. Next thing you know I’ve downed two glasses of white and handfuls of bacon wrapped scallops. I didn’t get boozed or stuffed (I wanted to, believe me), but it wasn’t exactly part of my diet plan. Hopefully the 20 + K in the morning offset my many moments of weakness.

After a week of running alone, I finally managed to find someone who wanted to run with me (most people just run away from me, but that’s a story for my therapist). Jamie Blanchard is his name, and for those of you who don’t know him, Jamie is the current record holder for the Bridge Mile and at one point was on the of the province’s top 800 and 1500 runners. These days he spends most of his time working on drumming up customers for his new business, but every once in a while we hook up for a casual run or a workout.

Jamie was fresh from a trade show trip and in the mood for an easy outing, which was fine with me and my tired body, so I sauntered my way over to his doorstep. He was ready when I arrived (which probably had more to do with my snail pace than his eagerness to run), so we exchanged pleasantries and made our way down the street.

Anyone who runs distance knows that some of the best conversations happen during long, easy outings. The pace is slow enough to chat freely, and unless you’re really focused on form or your general surroundings, there’s really nothing else to do. It’s therefore no surprise that your most consistent running partners end up being some of your closest confidants.

Jamie and I were fast becoming friends before we started training together, but our weekly easy runs really sped the process along. Once the initial small talk was out of the way we’d chat about work, our girlfriends, things that were pissing us off (sometimes one and the same), and what exactly we were going to do with our lives. Not all of our conversations were deep – I am particularly adept at turning most songs into extended dick jokes – but I bet Jamie and I know each other better than we care to admit.

Today’s run was more of the same. Jamie brought me up to speed on his new business venture while I updated him on my latest round of weekend adventures. The conversation was decent enough that we ran at least two kilometers more than initially planned (I finished with eight), and we parted ways with the promise of a track workout later in the week. Good stuff.

Tomorrow is another planned day off, which may be a good thing because my girlfriend is currently coming down with a cold. A short rest might boost my immune system enough to fight off her girl germs for a day or two. If anyone has some proven cold-fighting tactics (aside from moving out of my house), throw ‘em my way.

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