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42Ks in 42 Days

Day 10 – Jogging Buddies, part two, three and four



So I am currently sitting at home, eating copious amount of chocolate covered peanuts while listening to Faith No More’s classic album (well, classic if you’re a Faith No More fan) Angel Dust. I know that I shouldn’t be eating junk food, but I needed a snack, and peanuts sounded much healthier than all-dressed chips, which were my second option. Besides, as my good pal Jamie says, “If the fire is hot enough, it’ll burn anything,” and right now my body is a raging furnace of exercise. I wonder if someone would deliver me a cheesecake.

Now that the moment of weakness has passed, let’s recap. After two failed attempts at a Running Room workout, I finally cleared my schedule for their Wednesday run (they actually have runs all week, but the Wednesday and Sunday activities are free to anyone who shows up). It’s pretty much outside of my office door, so you’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to make it, but the combination of overtime and my general laziness means I usually go about six times a year. Hopefully I can up that quota in the coming weeks.

I arrived about 10 minutes before the start time to find 40-50 people of various ages, shapes and sizes wandering and stretching around the room. Before I knew any better, I used to judge a runner’s speed by their body shape, clothing style (latest running fashion=speed) and age, only to have a misshapen 50 year old man in odd coloured socks cruise by me in a ten kilometer race. Now that I am older I realize that natural ability and blazing speed doesn’t even matter, because every person who enters a race crosses the same starting and finishing line, no matter how long it takes (I still wince when I am passed by 50 year old, though). Hopefully I’ll remember this when I am limping through the last section of the marathon.

I ran with the 10K group and quickly found myself chatting with Andrew, Jerry and Mike. I never met them before, but we were all bound together by the task at hand and easily immersed ourselves in a running dialogue. All of us were training for races – Andrew was two weeks away from a trip to the Chicago Marathon, Jerry was planning a half marathon in PEI later this month and Mike was a few days from running a local five or ten k – so we kept our slow pace slow and the conversation brisk. As I noted before, running is a social sport.

I will admit one thing, though. When I told them about my upcoming marathon, I neglected to mention how much training I had put in thus far. I don’t know those guys beyond what I learned about them tonight, but most experienced runners would think I was crazy for attempting this feat. I am very aware that what I am doing might be criticized in some circles – jumping into a training program without building some sort of base mileage is a perfect way to get injured – but I am confident enough in my body’s ability to take a beating that I am willing to try. Hopefully if they stumble across this blog they’ll forgive me.

Tomorrow I am back at the track, and if this shitty weather keeps up (it’s raining and windy right now) I will have a hell of a time finishing the workout. If conditions worsen I might even resort to the treadmill, which I don’t even want to think about right now. Ten miles staring at a LED screen, anyone? No thanks.

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