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A Common problem

To the editor,

I am so sorry that a woman was viciously beaten in the Common a few nights ago. The police can only do so much; but it is not easy for them to do a job when they know that the law protects the offender while it leaves the victim hanging on for dear life.

I am not surprised that some youths have chosen to take their frustrations out on innocent people. It was the lawmakers in Ottawa that made this mess in the first place.

Common sense should have told these lawmakers years ago that the Young Offender's Act, which was later replaced with some other foolish law, was nothing more than a total waste of paper! The young person does not have to take responsibility for his or her actions until they are 18. They do not have to worry about another community finding out about their law breaking action/s because the media is not allowed to publish their name or their pictures. They are not being held accountable for their actions but instead are protected. No wonder some of our youths are having a field day beating up people, defacing property, disrespecting their elders. The list goes on and on! The laws that are in place now are not helping parents to be parents but rather have created a generation of youth with no boundaries to follow. No respect for themselves or others.

I have said it before and I will say it again…the laws must give back parental rights to discipline their child without the fear of having the police haul their asses off to jail because little Johnny got a whack on the butt for stealing. Those fools in Ottawa created this mess. Let's see them fix it!

By Shazza Laframboise

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