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A little Black Sabbath for a friend

Here’s why Gus’ Pub bouncer Jim Meade inspires a benefit show.


Jim Meade: Your favourite neighbourhood bouncer needs your help. - BECKY DAVENPORT
  • Becky Davenport
  • Jim Meade: Your favourite neighbourhood bouncer needs your help.

Last month, Jim Meade, the bouncer and doorman of Gus' Pub & Grill, suffered a stroke that'll keep him off work for awhile. As he recovers, Gus' is hosting the Black Sabbath Jim Benefit Bonanza on Saturday night—13 bands covering songs from the British gods of dark metal—to help alleviate Meade's financial costs like rent and caring for his beloved pit bull. Those proceeds will add to $5,000 in contributions from a very successful GoFundMe campaign. In case you've forgotten why Meade is so special, here are some reminders: 

"I have known Jim for 10 years. He's reliable. He knows how to read people and he treats people with respect. He got a little emotional when he heard about all this financial support. I told him that people were just being kind and respectful to him, like he had been to them. He didn't think that they noticed, but they did."—Dimo Georgakakos, owner, Gus' Pub 

"One night, Gwen [Westell] and I were setting up for Bodywork. There was an army guy having beers and he started saying rude homophobic shit to the dancers. I told Jim and he immediately threw the drunk bro out of the bar. That was when I knew Jim was on our side. He had our backs. I want Jim to know that we have his." —Katie MacKay AKA DJ Swayback

"As someone from 'away,' it can get boring standing alone at shows. My first time at Gus', I struck up a conversation with Jim. He said, 'You're Matt's friend? OK.' From then on, I was 'OK' to Jim. My favourite Jim quote, to someone at the door: 'Why didn't you bring ID? That idiot is from Moncton and even he knows ya gotta bring ID.' (I was that idiot.)" —Billy LeBlanc

"I've never walked home without Jim stopping to say hi to me. It's not really a story, but it always makes me feel like my neighbourhood is my home, and Jim is my neighbour." —Kathleen Higgins

"I was working the bar when my ex called. She said there was a big drunk mutant passed out on our front stairs and she was trapped. I couldn't leave the bar, so I called Jim. Between his two jobs, Jim hardly has any time to himself, but without hesitation, he went and chased the Yeti away. That's beyond the call of duty of a bouncer. That's an awesome fucking friend." —Jake Thurgood, Gus' bar manager

Black Sabbath Jim Benefit Bonanza
Saturday, November 28, 9pm
Gus' Pub & Grill, 2605 Agricola Street
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