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A Rough Start



Wooooo! It's the eve of the Pop Explosion! I'm very excited to finally be able to see all the bands I want and not be so broke that I end up eating cheese and crackers for two weeks afterwards. However, I am ultimately foolish and perhaps undeserving of this honour. Y'see, I was really hoping to be well-rested and feeling good before going out and pummelling body, brain and eardrums for five consecutive nights (and some afternoons, and mornings.) Unfortunately I chose to spend this past weekend walking around outside, drinking too much rye, smoking cigarettes and eating pizza and chocolate for breakfast when in fact I should have probably been sleeping and jogging and drinking herb teas and other things that healthy people do.

My gift: an extended hangover, a cold, and an inability to laugh or sing without coughing and rasping like Phyllis Diller. However, I WILL NOT kowtow to bodily frailties and admit that I might be too old to stay up late and drink adult beverages at rock shows, dammit! I'll get through this week if it kills me!

Anyway, here's a silly list in the meantime, and a photo of a terrifying cat.

Top 5 Bands I Would Like To Invite Home For Tea in my Kitchen

5. Emm Gryner (I feel she would make good conversation and I would have a lot of the music she likes.)4. The Inbreds (I have exactly three chairs in my kitchen, so no one would have to be left standing awkwardly against the counter, picking at their cuticles. Numbers don't lie.)3. Monotonix (For five minutes. We could laugh and chat until they take off their pants and set my stove on fire and I'm all like, "What the fuck, you guys?")2. Al Tuck (because he could play guitar very quietly as we sipped and clinked saucers and cups together and it would be very a mood-appropriate and nice time where we can both think about our lives.)1. Spiral Beach (because they are little mod vampire dolls...we could take pictures of each other in silly faux-domestic poses. Oh, and how we would laugh.)


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