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A Slow Start



I don't know what it is, but I'm really slow on the take today. So slow that I actually watched Holmes on Holmes tonight for the first time. (This was after I suggested getting rid of our free cable. Duh.) Did you know that if you own a house, there's a good chance you'll get screwed by a contractor? Who needs that shit? I am also now convinced that my bathroom is really a petri dish filled with invisible moldy goo. So it's a perfect time to spend all my future house-owning cash on Pop Explosion beer, and my nights in public washrooms, hoping to god I don't bring the Pop Ex scent with me to work in the morning (at least Alison also prefers eau de Marquee).

Anyway, Alison's started this blog off so cleverly, as I knew she would, that I am going to cheat and follow her lead.

Here are five bands that I would like to see in my kitchen, followed by a photo of a drunken pony, Fat Boy, who fell into a pool last week. True story.

5. Boxer The Horse. This young PEI band was recommended to me by a few people whose musical opinion I respect. Then I heard their album, and fell in love with the fun '60s vibe. I'd feed them fermented apples and watch them fall in the imaginary pool.

4. Jay Reatard. A few punches and guy gets a reputation. Well, if you stopped chucking shit at him, perhaps he could get through a show in peace. If not, he's welcome here for a big carb dinner first, and a lesson in high kicking.

3. White Cowbell Oklahoma. Maybe they can put that chainsaw to good use and build me a new bathroom.

2. Kill Krinkle Club. Swedish-Irish arty-pop duo from Dublin--it's like Once meets The Concretes meets a glockenspiel. I'm thinking clothing swap.

1. Laura Barrett. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but I don't think Bob Wiseman and the Music Room piano will fit in my kitchen, but Barrett's thumb piano will. And she's fabulous.

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