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AlterEgos has new menu


After five years in the coffee and tasty panini biz, Alteregos Cafe (2193 Gottingen) is looking to shake things up: they've launched a new menu. "We have a lot of regular customers, so people want to see some change and movement," points out owner Michelle Strum. The cafe's offering a slew of new paninis (one has tuna, olive and artichoke; another's made with baby tomatoes, garlic, pesto, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil). Other new developments: Alteregos now serves Pad Thai. They've also crafted the perfect antidote to Monday malaise: once-dreaded Mondays are now "sushi Mondays" at the cafe, and feature Japanese eats like miso soup, and salad with miso dressing (and sushi, naturally). "We had this idea that it would be neat to think about some of the things that people love to get but can't get in the Gottingen Street area," says Strum. Plus, four different versions of the cafe's famous breakfast sandwich, the Alte