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America just doubled down on the war on drugs

Stephen Colbert thinks it’s related to Donald Trump’s war on Black people.


Donald Trump doesn't have this version of the #MAGA hat, but you can grab one on Etsy. - SMOKIESTOKECOUTURE
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  • Donald Trump doesn't have this version of the #MAGA hat, but you can grab one on Etsy.

When California started 2018 by formally legalizing weed, it felt like a blow to Canada’s cool cred. California has more people and a bigger economy than Canada, and it made legalization happen January 1, while prime minister Justin Trudeau is already losing his nerve for what had seemed a firm July 1 deadline. That’s weak, Canada.

Luckily for Canuck pride, with Donald Trump in charge the USA can always go weaker.

Yesterday America’s attorney general Jeff Sessions issued a memo doubling down on the war on drugs. Reminding US prosecutors “that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that marijuana activity is a serious crime,” he told them to forget about the Obama administration’s decision to let individual states go their own way around recreational and medical pot use. Citing five Obama-era memos on the subject, Sessions writes that “previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately.”

Criticism has come fast, and from both parties, uniting American politicians against Trump in a way that even the threat of nuclear war with North Korea hasn’t been able to. So that’s good?

Stephen Colbert’s x-ray vision take is Sessions thinks targeting pot advances the bigger Trumpian war on Black people. Apparently Sessions doesn’t realize white folks are really into weed. Watch Colbert below.

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